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Lol, a Rusk County dude mocking Shelby County dudes.  Sincerely, A Rusk County dude. 

Well you know the game was meaningless for Utah when they didn't make the playoffs. It's the same thing that happened to Georgia last year.

I guess they showed the nation how bad the SEC was too all year. 

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1 minute ago, Hookemhorns88 said:

Look for me on the Texas side in the corner of the end zone (Utah labeled) in the pie section on row 13. I am wearing glasses and have a black UT hoodie on

I'll get out my zoom lens online......LOL.

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Longhorns escape a disaster when the Utah back bobbled and dropped the swing pass......he was wide open and would have taken it at least 30 yds. Utah punts and the Horns start at their own 7 yd line.

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