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Who's Going To Jerruh World?

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9 minutes ago, Hawknation03 said:

I believe Pewitt been there before I dont recall if they won or lost I think the have a runner up.

1993   2A - Goldthwaite 21, Omaha Paul Pewitt 8 

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59 minutes ago, futfan said:

If I can get outta work, I want to go see tha Dawgs. Are y'all home or visitor?


We are home team.👌

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1 hour ago, cotton84 said:

$15..........parking is $20 credit card and $25 cash

I parked across the street at Walmart, ridiculous prices

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15 minutes ago, LLIONPRIDE said:

You’ll be lucky if it’s there when you get back. They will tow!

Tow truck better be ready because it was a ton of families doing the same

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