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Queen City is thankful for Prairiland administration for making them look good and showing them how dumb they could have looked. Queen City didn’t even mean it when talking about hiring the basketball

Seems like Prairiland would be perfect place for the Slot T offense. 

From all the dealings I’ve had with Weddle he’s a good dude. I’d think he would do what’s right for all sports. 

Geez guys I told yall what the story was...no rumors or guesses...the bb coach is going to be the AD and they are looking for someone that will take the FB position only...many will not go for that...as they have discovered...but sooner or  later someone will be desperate enough to take it. As someone noted above, this set-up normally does not work very well...for the kids sake, I hope they get a quality guy to take it.

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On 2/12/2020 at 8:41 PM, texas2019 said:

What’s the knock against the basketball coach?? Y’all fill me in. 

I don’t think it’s anything against this particular basketball coach. The consensus is that it is extremely difficult to hire a top-notch football coach at the small school level when the AD position isn’t attached to the job. 

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12 hours ago, dillonpanthers said:

? Recently?

Yes, whoever posted it said they were the BB coach/AD (that had been discussed in other post) and this would be his one and only post about the subject. It went on to say that the concern about other programs (FB) was unnecessary because he wanted ALL the programs to improve and was a big fan of football...the interesting part of the post was his other statement that said he had been offered (and accepted) the AD job and the head FB job had been offered and filled also?? This was Thursday or Friday I believe...maybe someone decided not to take the FB position after all and he had to pull the post or maybe the poster was an imposter?? Not sure...just thought it was a little strange.

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