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What’s up strangers! How’s everyone..... hope all is well..... wish my 2 studs were in Texas playing for those Tigers this year.....unfortunately we won’t have football in Va until February...my whole coaching season has flipped..And no attendance in school until Nov 13th on a 2 week trial period. 
Y’all keep my Srs this year up here in your prayers that they don’t lose their Sr year of football. 

Now onto to Arp Tiger Ball.... Arp is gonna be ok this year. They only have 3 srs so they’ll be really young. I’m told they will be ok though and very competitive. Expect them to look more the way Your used to seeing Arp up until the last couple years. I think Arp will go to what they’ve always done that worked so well for years.... play defense and control the ball..... 

Good luck to all you guys. Expect to see jj and his boys at a few games this year. 

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They should 

Smallest school by far in the district. WR and Harmony will be 1 & 2. WR's number and Harmony's number will be way higher than every else on Day 1. GS, Winona, Troup and Arp are basically playing

West Rusk should be the early favorite in my opinion. 

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