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How in God's green earth did not only Grapeland and Lovelady not only end up in different districts, but different Regions?!?!?!?

Lovelady is in Region III with Alto, Cushing, Douglass, Groveton, Apple Springs, Kennard, and Wells - District 21

Grapeland is in Region IV with Centerville, Leon, Latexo, Slocum, and Oakwood - District 25

Good lord Region IV is packed...

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Well, our district (Mineral Wells 4A) improved... The issue is that we get worse...  

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I agree the alignment for the next two years did change some things up especially in Region 3.

With Lovelady staying in Region 3 while most of the district went to Region 4.  Heck District 25 will be easily won by Leon for sure.  Grapeland is losing there stud pitcher Caddie Currie on the mound due to her graduating and Good Luck to her as she goes off and plays at the next level.  Hate that she missed out on her senior year like so many others did.  

Lovelady should do well in their new district and I see them winning that district.  Alto and Douglass will be younger.  They will have some key older kids but mainly young-ins in starting roles.  Cushing will put the ball in play but will struggle on the mound unless they have someone moving in or going to be a freshman.  Groveton not to sure about them, I did watch them in some scrimmages but they had 6 kids gone to a convention.  

For District 22, this will be an interesting district.  Joaquin only lost 1 senior and was poised to make a run this year with a record of 14-1 before the closing of the season.  Beckville is losing their stud pitcher and hitter due to graduation, but Beckvile is a team you can never take for granted.  They always have athletes and will compete.  Garrison will still have Reneau on the mound but really not sure what else they will have.  Watched them played a couple of games and it looks without Reneau and the catcher they where pretty weak.  I definitely see these 3 teams go at it for a district title.  Also in this district is the black horse Timpson, Timpson has enough athletes to get you when you are sleeping.  With adding Shelbyville to the mix who went from making the playoffs, to possibly fighting Timpson for that fourth spot.  And honestly you do not want to finish in that fourth spot playing Lovelady in the first round. 

Just some other notes:

District 23 while still be a battle between Woden and West Sabine, but I can see West Sabine getting that district title this next year.  Not really sure about Colmesneil, they usually have some athletes but not really sure they can compete with Woden or West Sabine. Unless there is something their that I do not know.

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