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My prediction is that Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio will cancel Fall Sports and every other district in Texas will fall in line like good little lemmings.  Just like they did when school was cancelled in the Spring.

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I did my own research from what the CDC has given us:.4% of the US population has contracted COVID-19.The death rate of 30-39 age group accounts for .2% of all deaths from COVID-19.The next age group

This whole shenanigans about locking down the country had nothing to do with “health”.  It had everything to do with saving face since we are one of the world leaders in medical research and treatment

I don't think over 40,000 deaths in less than 2 months could be labeled as "stupidity"  but that's another conversation.  Almost every country in the world has had some form of lockdown....so we aren'

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I disagree with your prediction. If everyone from Trump on down is going to make sure all schools remain open - and they are, in fact, saying all schools must open for on-campus instruction - there is no reason not to play football. In fact, football is way safer than attending classes because most of the time you're outdoors.

This just in: 


Fauci can pound sand. I wonder why he thinks anyone listens to a word he says after his "don't wear a mask" fiasco of a few months ago.

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