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Texarkana ISD Sup to same position for Lake Travis ISD

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Paul Norton is moving to (metro) Austin.

Don't know if this will at all affect THS football (doubt it) or the same at LTHS, but it's still interesting to see the ripples Texarkana continues to make across America's second biggest/most populous state since the past decade or two.:


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3 hours ago, BlackShirtD said:

TISD has had good things going for a while under Norton.   Think they will stay in house?

norton was an inside hire so i figure they will look there. i know one of the pricipals has been there for a while not sure if hes interested but very similar to norton.

this is very good job in east texas so i figure theres a big applicant list. 

doubt it has any impact on athletics though. 

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Congratulations to him.  That is a nice step up.

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