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2020 H.S. Football Pick 'Em Contest Weekly Winners...

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Week 1:

East Texas: Kade Cox (15-2-3)
Central Texas: John Pendergrast (18-2)

Week 2:

East Texas: Ronnie Sartors (15-2-2)
Central Texas: Mark Rogers (15-4-1)

Week 3:

East Texas: Tony Lee (13-3-4)
Central Texas: Brent Price (16-4)

Week 4:

East Texas: Richard Tucker (15-2-3)
Central Texas: Jimmy Irvin ((14-3-3)

Week 5:

East Texas: Michael Cotton (16-3-1)
Central Texas: Andy Little (15-4-1)

Week 6:

East Texas: Jimmy Irvin (17-2-1)
Central Texas: Brock Jacobs (16-3-1)

Week 7:

East Texas: Randy Boley (17-1-2)
Central Texas: Kathy Ogletree (14-2-4)

Week 8:

East Texas: Cliff Van Horn (17-1-2)
Central Texas: Frank Adams (18-2)

Week 9:

East Texas: Louis Ray (18-1-1)
Central Texas: Parker Charlton (19-1)

Week 10:

East Texas: Tony Riley (15-3-2)
Central Texas: Wendy Gonzales (16-4)

Week 11:

East Texas: John Fountain (17-3)
Central Texas: Brian Helman (12-3-5)

Week 12:

East Texas: Randy Boley (17-2-1)
Central Texas: Ryan Faulknor (16-3-1)

Week 13:

East Texas: Richard Tucker (16-3-1)
Central Texas: Kevin Crane (17-2-1)

Week 14:

East Texas: June Yoakum (15-4-1)
Central Texas: Brian Nichols (16-3-1)

Week 15:

East Texas: Alvin Doerscher (18-1-1)
Central Texas: Franklin Compton (17-2-1)

Week 16:

East Texas: Joe Blissett (18-2)
Central Texas: Dustin Nemec (17-3)

Week 17:

East Texas: Jim Crews (16-3-1)
Central Texas: Carey Harwood (16-3-1)



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