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Barrel Cleaning Shotgun Shells???

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I was in academy earlier today picking up a new dove belt and saw 12 ga "cleaning shells"... looked like you load and fire them and they are supposed to basically do the job of a bore snake. Anyone seen these or used these before? Just thought it was interesting. I got in the habit of stripping and cleaning my gun after every time I shoot it, so my barrel snake (just 2 months old) is already a bit beat up. So these shells seemed like something worth checking out if they actually do the job. Also I've realized I don't need to clean everytime I go to the trap range, maybe just clean the barrel.

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I was in Academy in Tyler yesterday and about the only thing they had in stock was oddball rifle cartridges and shotgun shells.  In have never heard of those shells. How much were they?  If they aren't that expensive and worked, they might be a time saver to use once in a while.  I seem to always never find what I'm looking for ammo wise these days.  I can't find CCI .22 Stingers anywhere for the past year.  You can get them on gunbroker.com being auctioned at anout 50% over normal retail.  I stocked up on most all the ammo i need a few years ago ... but i use a lot of Stingers ... i could use some replacement stock ....


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