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BLM Leftists SHOCKED After Professor Says Chinese Word That Sounds Offensive, Get Him Suspended

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This is a very true story about that “word.”

in the business that I am in I deal with Chinese on a consistent basis as well as traveling to China periodically.

Several years ago when I first became exposed to this “word” I was taken aback!

One of our Chinese employees was at our factory in East Texas and we were talking. Naturally English is his second language and as we were talking he would occasionally say that “word”. We immediately told him that he could not say that “word”!  We eventually figured it all out and have to explain it to this day.

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I don't know if it matters, but I learned the word for "that" to be na ge and the word for "this" to be zhe ge. 

Na ge is pronounced Nah ge so this wouldn't be a problem with the cry baby students.

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