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I think Lindale is good enough, to win this game, well coached, and if Gilmer continues the  penalties, and bad snaps, this game could go either way, if the Bucks can play mistake free, look out..this

It's easy to root for a kid like that. Glad to hear he is such a class act. The injury theory could explain what apparently we both noticed. Just not the explosiveness I expected. 

Man this 8th grade team all I can say is WOW 

3 hours ago, regaleagle said:

Sounds like them Gilmerites are intoxicated with glee over what they see on the field this season for the Buckeyes.  Maybe Gilmer is gettin' ready to explode, Huh?

Sounds that way. 

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This was a great game. 2 really tough teams. Lindale won the 1st half and Gilmer definitely took the 2nd half. I am proud that Lindale kept fighting though and only lost by a touchdown. Lindale just needs to figure out how to finish a game. This is the 2nd week in a row that they had a 3 touchdown lead at the half. Barely made it out with the win last week and just couldn’t pull it out this week

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Gilmer needs to get our First Half game going. The last 3 games have started off rough. Turnovers and penalties seem to hover over us still. This game was crazy forsure. I was looking for my blood pressure medicine at half time lol. I'm glad the Buckeyes fought back and overcome the deficient. Heck of a game that will make us stronger. #22 for Lindale is a beast though. Makes those runs look easy. Always had positive yards. Yall will be fine in 4A. Good luck next week. Now it's time for us to prepare for Carthage.

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Couple of quick observations:

1. Lindale RB is the real deal. Great speed, big, and tough to bring down.  He should get a LOT of touches this year, especially when district starts. 

2. Gilmer kept trying to get the screen game going in the first half, and it wasn’t working. Once they started pushing the ball downfield to the wideouts, the offense opened up. Mason Hurt and Dylan Fluellen had monster games on the outside. 

3. Gilmer defense clearly played better in the second half. I don’t know if adjustments were made or what, but the defense seemed in better position in the second half. 

4. Both teams need to cut back on the mistakes. The difference in the game was clearly the 2nd half turnovers by Lindale. But Gilmer was in that hole because of 1st half turnovers. 

really enjoyed this game. Glad to see Gilmer come out and play with such fire and intensity after being 21 down. That’s really encouraging to see

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Learned a lot about our current Buckeye team last night. Showed who had heart and drive. We might have been the downed dog, but we kept scratching with gameness. It was hard to think we were down 3 scores and not 100 percent sure we were going to overcome it. I'm proud to see the Buckeyes not give up. This will be a game we all remember. 

Carthage is next and they are the top dog right now. To be the best you have to beat the best. We need to start off strong and play our best game yet. 

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Hats off to Lindale, your discipline and coaching is solid, I think in the first quarter, you knew Gilmer's scripted plays, better than they did, and that certainly speaks of the advantage, Gilmer coaches have to understand, these good D cord.s, scout them very well, hopefully we dont come out to script this week, because talking with a friend who saw the Kilgore game, Carthage's D is legit, hard to tell on one game but, we have to mix it up early this week and score every time we have the ball, serious congrats to our kids for showing the heart, and battling back to a great win and a great ball game to watch...in the second half!  Tennison game ball!


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