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WEEK 3: Marshall (1-1) Vs. McKinney North (0-1)

Marshall Vs. McKinney North  

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  1. 1. Who you got?

    • North by a little
    • Marshall by a little
    • North in a blowout
    • Marshall in a blowout

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To be fair LoboFan, they were missing their starting qb and 2 starting ol. Then during the game their starting rb, backup rb and te were injured also. We did not get their best by any means. I still think we out score them as they couldnt stop us but it would have been much closer.

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We won last week Vs New Caney.   0-3 can’t happen. 

We can’t ignore some of the perfectly thrown but dropped passes our WRs have had.  TBH.... headed into the season I was 1000Xs more concerned about the offense and settling on a QB than I was the

Finally getting some housekeeping done on the Mav page. MAIN PAGE UPDATED: https://www.marshallmavericks.net/ Finally got the Roster posted: https://www.marshallmavericks.net/roster Var

Our passing game has really come alive. Burris has great poise in the pocket. Making some great passes.  WRs making some good catches.  A few drops... but with 400 yards... how do you complain?  You don’t!  

I’m a little worried about our running game. North’s Defense is terrible and we still struggled to rush the ball in the second half. (First half we did much better rushing).  The blocking just wasn’t there.

The defense bends..... gives up some yardage.  Then seems to make the plays when the opposition gets close.   End of the day... they made the plays when it mattered most.  But they are giving up some real estate.  

We had a couple of busted coverages on the 2 long pass plays (almost half of Norths offensive output).  That can be fixed.  Take those two plays away and you have a huge blowout.  

Penalties  penalties  penalties.  Some of them were easy calls against us.  Some of them kinda ticky-tack and maybe a bit of home cooking.  Not sure I ever recall 17 flags against us in any game.  It killed at least 3 of our drives.  And kept 2-3 of North’s alive.   Also fixable.

Overall.... gotta feel good about it all. A long road trip..... a comfortable win.  Offense doing some good things. Defense doing its thing.  Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Lots of things are correctable. 

Great job players and coaching staff  

On to Pine Tree! 

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