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Yall can use this for McClure when the game's over Friday!

When you can't block, chop'em down. 

They gotta make sure he gets on the bus first. 

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58 minutes ago, kooldown54 said:

Can a MOD put a pole up please?

Poll is up

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3 hours ago, AtlantaFan04 said:

It's probably time someone looked at the coaching profile (playing experience and coaching experience) of our football staff. Not that we are or ever will be in the same league as Gilmer but look at their coaching staff. Their assts have success and experience. Have played post-high school at the D3, D2 or D1 level. I think we have one coach that played past high school.

I know some people gotta get experience somewhere but you can't have a staff full of guys who just one day decide they want to be a coach.

Carthage does okay without ex college football players as coaches. 

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On 10/18/2020 at 9:56 AM, BlackShirtD said:

If the Rabbs lose this one ATL may implode.    

ATL already imploding. It not good here. My boy said lots of posts by coaches and parents on facebook talkin about all kinds of inspirational things. Let me tell you how it is. ATL has not won a district championship since 2006. Somebody told me this is the longest drought ATL has ever had getting a district title in football. I bet not a coach 1 of ATL has been here this long without winning a district championship. Idk if that's true but I do know we haven't won it since Coach Sharnberg. People in ATL thinking this is okay is no different than the people of Queen City cheering for playing close games when they went 0-10. If you complacent with this, then don't expect greatness... Ever............

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And to add to that 4 out of 6 teams going to the playoffs and you here again 2 years in a row fighting to TIE TO GO TO PLAYOFFS. No excuses. Miss playoffs 3 out of last 5 years, lucky to get in back in 2017 just to lose in the 1st round. 

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