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Mount Vernon vs Gladewater

Who wins this tickle fight?  

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  1. 1. Who wins this tickle fight?

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That’s fine. GW was a case of covid away from being 2nd. 

#1 seed. Imagine dropping down a division and going 0-10. Sheesh. 

Lol they’ve only loved y’all the last few years. Us it seems like a lifetime lol

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56 minutes ago, BearFan13 said:

Honestly our last game at Sabine there was no way that was half capacity. Both stands looked full lol

I wouldn't be surprised if there was more people there than 50%

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I went to GW school to buy tickets for my boss yesterday afternoon around 2:45 and had no issue getting any so they werent sold out as of then.... They are supposed to be on sale today 1-3 and tomorrow 1-3 as well. I doubt GW would send MV any of our tickets until we have had the chance to sell them... Now if there's say 400 tickets left as of end of day today yeah I could see GW making half of those available to MV but even that isnt likely... Besides, who cares? 99% of high school crowds dont effect the game this aint college where you have 80,000+ fans all screaming at the same time... 

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1 hour ago, GWBears01 said:

Y’all are usually better at basketball than us. We will be glad to let y’all get started 😃 Game Day Go Bears!

True, but y’all could use the extra practice so we will try to let you get a head start 

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25 minutes ago, Tatum_DirtyBird said:

Winny will have 5 drives all game and Tatum will have 6 IF we get first kickoff. 🤣🤣🤣

Shoot you know yall going 3 and out first drive 

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This game will be Livesteamed by NFHS tonight......it's one of the better Round 1 games to watch this week.  I don't think any of the schools have any Livestreaming rights in the playoffs........but I could be wrong.  I just know that Argyle didn't, but was no big loss to not see last night's epic mismatch.  But this game should be worth tuning in to watch.  

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