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The New Season Is Here for 4A and below........It Starts Today

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Today is the beginning of a new chance for those teams that made it this far this season.  It's been a tough time getting here for everybody.......the players and coaches, the student bodies, bands, drill teams,, and cheer squads, the parents, and the fans........even the school administrators.  It's almost like a time to give thanks and some reflection for just getting to this point, but the human spirit is such that it fights to persevere despite any and all obstacles.  We march forward into the light fearing not any darkness that may come our way. Football in Texas is a form of coming together as a community........a bond that brings us all closer in a common belief that this game is really more than just a contest between all the different schools in this great state that participate.  Today I am thankful to be alive,  and I'm thankful to be a Texan and have Texas High School football as a part of my spirit.  I'm thankful that I've been able to share these feelings and emotions along the way with so many others that feel the same as I do about what this game represents to so many of us.  Good luck to all of those playing in Round 1 playoff games this week.......you are part of something that will stay with you forever. None of us can know if we will walk this path again, so enjoy your walk knowing that it is really special.  Let the games begin!!

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