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Hitler would be so proud, Gov. Cuomo goes after synagogue for wedding

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Gee....and I though we had the right to free assembly and freedom of religion. Guess not in NY. Should have burnt down some businesses and looted then it would have been OK.

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He also won an Emmy for his daily press conferences on the Wuhan.  This after killing thousands of seniors in nursing homes by moving infected Wuhan people.  So it's okay to kill people in nursing homes, but young people can't go to a wedding ?  

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36 minutes ago, AllGoodNamesRGone said:

I could see him writing a book using OJ Simpson as inspiration. 

If I Did It is a book  by  Gov Cuomo the Elderly slayer

your worse off than I thought 

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2 minutes ago, AllGoodNamesRGone said:

Are you seriously denying this?  Come on man.... his policies killed hundreds.

I'm not denying anything.. im talking about what goes on in that head of yours 

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