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Sideline to Sideline State Championship Show

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28 minutes ago, Gsquared said:

2 out of 3 of us picked Canadian

I’m just messing around. I was talking about giving up 38 points. It should be a great game! Thanks for giving us something to listen to every week!

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17 minutes ago, mikehoncho said:

Coach X with the Lindale pick over Argyle! I like it.  It can happen. I don't know if it will, but it would be incredible if it did.  

Ole Last Place X will never shut up about it if Lindale wins

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Just now, TxBroadcaster said:

BTW You can hear Coach X and know he is a real dude with our 3A and 4A state Preview shows for each game. He will be on with me to break down the teams and the games

Interesting. The Myth becomes reality.  I will be tuning in. 

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32 minutes ago, jubilant said:

Thats an awesome question.  Lmao

I have a friend that lives in Gunter. He just texted me and said there is definitely a town in Texas called "Canadian"

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