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5A Division I Region II Semi-Finals: Longview vs Denton Ryan

Longview Lobos (9-2) vs Denton Ryan Raiders (11-0)  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Longview in a blow out
    • Longview in a close one
    • Denton Ryan in a close one
    • Denton Ryan in a blow out

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I think Ryan gets the win. I seriously wonder how Carthage would Match up against both these teams? I know they’re smaller but damn Carthage was really good this year!

I'll defer to Anti/LoboFan, but my snap assessment is:  Allen: most system experience Grant: most overall talent Tutt: best passing mechanics 

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3 minutes ago, gtee2 said:

One player away this whole season...


Shame we’ve wasted the last two years with the defenses we’ve had.

This season all came down to QB, and we knew it. Jordan didn’t step up today when we needed him.

Bring on the Tutt era I say.

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5 minutes ago, JohnnyFootball said:

Thanks for the play by play. Be safe!!!

No problem thank you

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1 minute ago, JohnnyFootball said:

He's big and bad now that he can hide behind a great team to beat us.

Leave him and Lufkin alone. They’ve nothing to do with this game.

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Lobos will be more than fine. You have to have a QB go do more in this class, and we don’t have one this year.

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Well, DR is a really good team, especially defensively. Their front seven is awesome and I think their best players are Sanders and #96, Bear Alexander.

People like to talk about Bowman Jr and he is good as a WR and DB, but the Bear was super disruptive on for that Ryan DL.

I feel like Longview just wastes a lot of their talent like Halle. I think Halle is probably a better athlete and player than Bowman, but folks may never know it, because he is not used like he should be. 

Shame. The Lobo offense is a double edged sword as it can dominate lesser teams. When you get deeper into the playoffs you usually run into a team that can shut down this very run heavy, super vanilla and conservative offense. One of the Longview guys said today King is scared to throw the ball going into the wind and another said the team has been scared to do anything outside the tackle box.

When you play that kind of offense against a great defense you’re playing right into their hands and just making it easier for them. 
My opinion on Ryan is they will lose to Highland Park next week. Ryan is awesome, but HP will throw it on them and honestly, when Longview threw the ball today they did have a little success. HP will find plenty of success through the air.

Another solid season for Longview, but today was really just sad, because DR is not so much better than Longview. Longview could’ve won this game, no doubt. 

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1 minute ago, JohnnyFootball said:

He's big and bad now that he can hide behind a great team to beat us.

Too funny.

But anyway, we knew back in February when we saw this stacked region that we could lose any given week. It happened today.

Definitely got outcoached today. Way too conservative after that first quarter....I mean they had no answer for Jalen Hale but we went away from him for some reason. No outside runs with Meredith....just nothing outside of the tackles all game. I also expected JH to be matched up with Sanders on defense but...I guess not. But whatever. 

We loss to a good team today. Like @LoboFan07said about the only thing that really #### is it was back to back years of a SC caliber defense that was wasted. But oh well, take it on the chin, learn from it and move on. That's what we do. We got a lot of great youth on the way up so the future is bright, Jalen Hale is only a piece of the puzzle. 

At least the people get what they always wanted, Ryan vs Highland Park.

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