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Week 4 Hughes Springs @ Tatum

Hughes Springs @ Tatum  

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I watched hs play Winny last night and I can confidently say hs might not cross the 50,not even gonna speak about them scoring. They are awful. And I watched them play against a not so good Winny team

42-14 Tatum if hs has a few long drives if they don’t 70-7

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17 hours ago, Eagle8 said:

Man....4 or 5 rounds deep. Playing in a big venue. Walking into the stadium, you see attire from all sorts of east Texas teams there to watch your team. Sit down, take a sip of your hot chocolate, rearange your hand warmers in the pockets of your coveralls in the 31° crisp night air. Make sure the ole lady got the blanket outta the car, you're gonna steal it later when she goes to sit in the car with the heater when her feet get cold lol. Packed stadium. Man what an atmosphere. There's nothing like football in December. 

It don’t get no better 

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1 hour ago, Eagleborn said:

HS ain’t a terrible team. Looking at who they’ve have played and how the games went they aren’t terrible. I’d probably compare them to a White Oak or someone about that caliber. 

So they are terrible then👀

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24 minutes ago, StangtilDeath said:

I see that you're bitter, I understand that. Especially after what happened to yall the last time yall made the way over to Hughes Springs. 

Y’all beat a 3-7 team and they reason y’all beat that team left after that season. 

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