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I'd like to stop for a moment and thank the membership of

Smoaky.com again.


Please take the time to read this once, if not twice, and respond to me

Accordingly, via email at [email protected]"


I spend a great deal of time on this website discussing issues of the day, but more of my time is used compiling and feeding information, than on the forums.


Right now, I've started digesting information and compiling stats and

Beginning the update our next edition of the "HS Football Historical Section", which will include the 2003 season and also reorganize teams based on the latest realignment. I'd like to think this information should be completed slowly but surely by August 1st. You might see the changes being made each day, depending on what programs you follow.


Updating the historical section is a tremendous undertaking, but one I'm excited to start working on. It can't be as difficult as the initial section, because now we'll just need to update it, instead of creating it.


I want to thank so many coaches, players, and other members for your

feedback and influx of updated information on coaches records, yearly

results, and other additions to our all-time lists of all-state players and NFL players.


I also want to thank our Webmaster, Daffydd Morgan, and the numerous

Moderators for their time, interest, and support.


I want to thank the nearly 4,300 members for your constant feedback,

and support.


This site has grown more than I could've ever imagined, and I'm proud that Smoaky.com has become "some" of our members every day information surge, adrenalin, and habit.


As I've said many times, I started this site to help feed information,

current and historical to the thousands of East Texas sports fans.


I too have learned about the "hot topics of communities", facts, etc., along the way. I've been led to many stories, and I feel I've created many of my own for communities to discuss.


Smoaky.com has become a major source in my daily preparation for Sports



"We're" learning from each other.


We break stories, we create stories, and we make each other think about the important issues of the day, week, or month.


I have coaches, athletes, faculty, administrators, fans, and whoever is left tell me Smoaky.com has become their source of "what's happening" in East Texas sports, and I'm proud to be involved with so many schools, programs, and communities.


However, having said that, I'm very concerned about the direction too many stories have taken when it comes to personal attacks on administrators, coaches, and athletes.


I'm not against members or fans questioning a coaching style, decision, or even philosophy...I'm not against members arguing which team is better, or which athlete is the best at whatever position, sport, or event...but why do we have to get into personal attacks.


Again, I'm not against feedback (positive or negative) of decision-making by coaches, administrators, sportscasters, etc., but the personal attacks have gotten out of hand.


I'm not against opinions on coaching searches, school board decisions,

because in my opinion, that can only be healthy.


But we shouldn't EVER cross the line and personally attack anyone.


Names are fair game...personal attacks on people...people like you and me are uncalled for and should be unacceptable.


I'm contacted once or twice a week by coaches, administrators, athletes, parents, or others about concerns they have about personal attacks on people.


I realize as the membership grows, the ability to control all posts and

thousands of topics is nearly impossible.


Smoaky.com has the potential to grow more and more, not because of the

number of members of hits we receive, but because of the quality information and discussion it produces on an everyday basis.


Although the membership is well over 4-thousand, and we've received over 2-million hits since January 1st, unbelievable, something I never dreamed of in my wildest dreams.


Yes, we've created controversy, but we've also solved controversial topics too.


We've dismissed unfounded facts and rumors, and we've clarified other

misinformation that needed to be.


You've fed me, and I've fed you.


I've always wanted to make a difference to East Texas sports fans, and I feel as though I accomplished that during my several years in television (1981-2001), radio (1990-current), and now Smoaky.com (2002-current).


But, I'm always hungry to do more, get better, and make even more of a

difference in becoming a well-respected sports website.


I love the history of East Texas sports, and I'm just as excited about its future.


I'm thrilled to watch another generation of East Texas athletes come down the pipeline, some of them sons and/or daughters of athletes I covered during my first years in broadcasting.


Yes, that makes me feel old.


Yet, it also makes me proud to watch one generation feed another, and then another.


But while we grow, and while we continue as "one" to make a difference in East Texas.


Let's do it one way.


Let's do everything with class and integrity.


Thank you for your time, interest, support, feedback, and membership.


David Smoak

Owner, Smoaky.com

Sports Director, KTBB/ESPN Radio

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