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I've thought about this for many years, but I think this might be the year we pull the trigger on having a specific beat-reporter for each of the 140-plus high school programs in my coverage area, or for as many programs as possible.


This would be someone very close to the program, but not too close to lose objectivity.


This could be someone of any age, a current or former student, a current or former student-athlete, another member of the media covering a specific school or area, or a fan of the team.


This person needs to email me the following information, and I'll go through each "resume" and decide who will be that school's beat-reporter on Smoaky.com and KTBB Sports Talk.


*Real Name

*Mailing Address including Zip Code

*Email Address

*Contact Numbers (Home, Office, Cellular)

*A short paragaph explaing why he/she should be that school's beat-reporter.


There is no pay involved, but perhaps experience, and the excitement of being the school's connection to my talk show, plus each person selected will receive a free Smoaky.com hat.


I want to have fun with this, but also professional.


The "beat-reporter" will be asked to keep us informed on possible story-lines, player features, and inside information about the previous and/or upcoming games.


The "beat-reporter" will be asked to file a short thread each week, and might make an occasional appearance on my afternoon talk show about an upcoming game, etc.


Please don't make any comments on this thread...all resumes and any questions or suggestions need to be emailed to me at "[email protected]", or "[email protected]".


Thanks for your time, interest, and support, and I hope to start receiving your resumes very soon.



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