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Please be aware that the standard forum rules are very much in effect in this forum.


If you are asking for or suggesting a new feature, forum, etc... remember that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Be precise and polite!


If you have a complaint, issue, etc... the same thought (as above) applies. Just be sure to include all details.


NOTE - Issues that involve disagreements or disputes with Administrators or Moderators or discussions about the forum rules in general are NOT to be posted here. Take that up privately, through u2u, with another Administrator or Moderator. If you post that here you will have an issue with another Administrator to deal with on top of everything else!


This also goes for appealing bans or suspensions - take it up privately!


Why was my post moved/deleted? Same as above - take it up privately with an administrator or moderator.


As stated in the rules - we do not owe you an explanation as to why your post was moved or deleted.


Thanks, in advance, for your comments and/or suggestions! :)



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