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Since we are in the midst of the dead season ( NBA,NHL,etc..) i was wondering what baseball...football cards some of you guys have collected...which ones are the most valuable to you.


1. Barry Sanders Rookie ( Mint )

2. Derrick Thomas Rookie ( Mint )

3. Brett Farve Rookie ( Mint )

4. Eric Dickerson Rookie ( Mint )

5. Emmit Smith Rookie ( Mint )


1. Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie ( Mint )

2. Jeff Bagwell Rookie ( Mint )

3. Sammy Sosa Rookie ( Mint )

4. Barry Bonds Rookie ( Mint )

5. Craig Biggio Rookie ( Mint )


And the entire Pokemon Set....lol Kidding


I've heard several horror stories of mothers selling cards in Garage Sales for next to nothing.got any of those stories?


"When Excellence Becomes Tradition, Greatness Has No Limits"

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Randy Johnson rookie (mint)

Jeff Bagwell rookie

Deion Sanders football rookie (mint)


Plus: a 1984 Astros autographed ball

and a Nolan Ryan autographed ball


and yes, there have been plenty of garage sale snafoos by mommy, including a Biggio rookie and a Reggie Jackson autographed bat that I got at an all-star game in Arlington in the early 90s. She sold it to some little kid that probably played baseball with it. Makes me sick to this day.

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'too many to mention & "value" has nothing to do with $$$ in my book (of cards)


BTW -- are there any Card Shops still open in the Tyler area ??


There used to be 2 or 3 -- now I have to go to Ground Zero or the Evil Empire (Wal*Mart) to get my 9-pocket sheets.

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Funny i don't see $$ mentioned in either post.

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‘was not directed toward any of the posts that preceded me -- I ALWAYS make that point because 95% of collectors I run into do it more for the $$$ and less for the passion ;)


Now, my this is NOT the "dead season" comment WAS directed toward you !!! :whome:



Ah -- WTH . . . to show what a good sport I am, I will post my five favorite Baseball Cards:



1. 1976 Topps # 564




2. 1975 Topps #407




3. 1977 Larry Fritsch Cards One-Year Winners #1




4. 1977 Topps #265




5. 1957 Topps #321

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In no particular order........

Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Ryan Sandberg rookie, Roger Maris 61 season, autographed Cal Ripken Jr., Gil Hodges, Johnny Bench, Ken Griffey Jr. rookie, ...............that's all I can think of off the top of my head.


Of course, I have the entire '89 Cubs team that one the NL East.

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