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2006 Upper Deck WBC Baseball Cards

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Man, I love sets like this. Very cool.

1. Derek Jeter, USA
2. Ken Griffey Jr., USA
3. Derrek Lee, USA
4. Dontrelle Willis, USA
5. Alex Rodriguez, USA
6. Jeff Francoeur, USA
7. Roger Clemens, USA
8. Johnny Damon, USA
9. Chipper Jones, USA
10. Mark Teixeira, USA
11. Chase Utley, USA
12. Jake Peavy, USA
13. Michael Collins, Australia
14. Justin Huber, Australia
15. Jason Bay, Canada
16. Jeff Francis, Canada
17. Justin Morneau, Canada
18. Guogang Yang, China
19. Wei Wang, China
20. Chia-Hsien Hseih, Chinese Taipei
21. Chin-Lung Hu, Chinese Taipei
22. Wei-Lun Pan, Chinese Taipei
23. Yung Chi Chen, Chinese Taipei
24. Mike Piazza, Italy
25. Albert Pujols, Domicican Republic
26. David Ortiz, Domicican Republic
27. Jose Reyes, Domicican Republic
28. Miguel Tejada, Domicican Republic
29. Ichiro, Japan
30. Nobuhiko Matsunaka, Japan
31. Toshiaki Imae, Japan
32. Kazuhiro Wada, Japan
33. Shunsuke Watanabe, Japan
34. Jung Bong Team Korea
35. Jong Beom Lee, Korea
36. Seung-Yeop Lee, Korea
37. Vinny Castilla, Mexico
38. Oliver Perez, Mexico
39. Jorge Cantu, Mexico
40. Andruw Jones, Netherlands
41. Carlos Lee Team, Panama
42. Carlos Beltran, Puerto Rico
43. Carlos Delgado, Puerto Rico
44. Ivan Rodriguez, Puerto Rico
45. Bernie Williams, Puerto Rico
46. Bobby Abreu, Venezuela
47. Miguel Cabrera, Venezuela
48. Johan Santana, Venezuela
49. Victor Martinez, Venezuela
50. Omar Vizquel, Venezuela

    some complaints:
  • no Cuban cards
  • no South African cards
  • no Akinori Otsuka card
  • no Sadaharu Oh card
  • no Daisuke Matsuzaka card
  • no Shairon Martis card
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I like the design of these cards with the flag in there.....better than UD's regular set offering, which I found to be very bland. I purchased one pack of 06 UD yesterday and was disappointed to say the least.

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Originally posted by Living4Christ




06 UD = bland

I could not agree more . . . :yawn:


I love they way that Topps -- who seemed to be "left behind" in the "premium" overkill of the 1990s, has consistently produced the superior cards over the past five years :thumbsup:

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