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If you want this new forum to survive the threads/posts will have to be both on topic and of a reasonable standard of quality.


From the Smoakhouse Rules (please note the last paragraph):


8. Off-Topic Posting


The main purpose of the Smoakhouse Forums is to provide discussion forums for subjects defined by the individual forum titles. Topicality is expected and will be enforced Within the these individual forums, topics designed to get hundreds of posts with little or no content, topics that have nothing to do with the board's category, and other "off" topics replies are not allowed.


####-Chat, in any form. Examples would be: "Where's so-n-so?", "Check your u2u!". Don't use our forums as an Instant Messenger program - download and install AIM, Yahoo! or whatever and ####-chat on your own bandwidth.


Especially annoying and off topic is the act of posting nonsense in a new forum for the purpose of claiming "first post" - these will be removed ASAP!

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