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Metroplex Striders: The biggest winners at state

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I know we all get tied up in our school participation but there's a group of kids out there who really made their mark at the state level this cross country season.


The Metroplex Striders are a training group in the DFW area. Of the 10 individual titles contested at the UIL state cross country meet this year, Striders took 5 of them:

Jillian Rosen(5A)

Samantha Means(4A)

Catherine Loden(3A)

Addison LeMaster(2A)

Cody Hughes(2A)

Add to this 4 more top ten finishers


In TAPPS, Striders won 4 state titles.

Kensey Ferrin(6A)

Brock Simmons(5A)

Carolyn Bell(3A)

Bailey Belvis(2A)

There were two more in the top ten.


These kids train 6 days a week, 50 weeks a year regardless of heat, rain, snow etc. When they workout together, they push each other beyond imaginable limits. This is one amazing group of young people.

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Congratulations! This just proves if you want to be the best you have to train or play with the best. That's why we drive to Dallas sometimes twice a week to play basketball. Hey "Iminthetruck" this makes all those long trips to Dallas worth it. Keep training and we'll be watching during track season.

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I second the congrats to Catherine and her Strider teammates. I know that was the payoff to a LOT of hard work and that there will be more payoffs down the road. We look forward to joining the team in December. (We met with TJ at the regional meet.)

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