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Atlanta 30 Gladewater 8 Final

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Atlanta played very well and the coaching staff, in my opinion, is what won the game for them. The first half they ran the ball almost the entire time and Gladewater was stopping it. Then on there first touchdown they went to the longball and it worked very well. They then were throwing the ball more which opened up the running game for them.


Gladewater's defense kept them in the game as long they possibly could but there offense wasnt getting anywhere. I cant count how many times Gladewater ran the QB draw. It was alot and it never worked. On the defensive side of the ball the safety was hustling at all. Once the recievers got past him it was like he just gave up.


Another thing I noticed was that niether team's fans really got in the game much. It's the playoffs yall should be loud and proud that your team was there.


Also I heard many Gladewater fans complaining about Coach Callaway's coaching tonight and that he wasnt going to last long if this kept up. I honestly dont know how bad the coaching was the entire year, but I can almost bet that there is a reason that he is out there coaching and the fans are in the stands complaining.


Anyways, enough rambling, congrats to the Bears on there season and good luck to Atlanta.

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Bclove05, I can assure you those real men of genius bleacher coaches. Don't speak for all Bear fans. Probably don’t have a say in who stays and goes. I have heard these same ones for years. The smart fans will wait. Till Callaway and staff have a full year with these young men. These guys have played hard all year long. I for one am proud of them. They got beat by a better team last night. Good luck to Atlanta the rest of the way.

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Yeah, the Bears defense looked great the majority of the game. The game against Gilmer and this game showed that the defense is coming together. Now they'll go and pound those racks in the weight room and I can guarantee you they will be bigger, stronger and ready to be on the field again in the fall.


Our offensive game faltered--usually our stronger suit. Just didn't have it, wasn't our night, call it whatever fits. We tried to throw...pressure and interceptions. Tried to run it...got stuffed too many times.


To anyone who was a bleacher critic, I'll admit I'm no football guru, but aren't those your two usual options? I mean, you've got your different plays, but....you either THROW it, or you RUN it, right? So....if we just weren't clickin' on all cylinders against a very good team, what exactly were the other options??


Look at a greaseboard and draw up a play...isn't every play a TOUCHDOWN if every single player executes and gets their job done??


I don't think Gladewater is planning on making any changes. Give those boys some offseason time with the coaches that are there, and you're going to see a bright future.


Best of luck to Atlanta in the coming weeks!

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Coaches did a great job, but are there any real horses on the way? Numbers were down, no 9th grade team for first time I can ever remember, what were records in lower grades?, not knocking anyone just being a realist, Is there enough athletes to bring the Bears back to the glory days?

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i don't see that at all right now....


i see an Atlanta Brownsboro/Kaufman match-up next friday night and the rabbs needing to focus soley on that one! otherwise we're going to be out of the play-offs.


we wernt too tough for gladewater last night. they took it too us for 4 solid quarters. we were very glad to get out of there with a win.


we're going to have to get more focused and more serious or we're going to be in trouble next week for sure!

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hey! i definitely want to hand it to the bears. those guys loaded up and came ready to play and play they did!!!


that was one of the most physical and hard nosed ball games we've played all year. they didn't have any quit in them even when we had gotten up by 30 on them.


i just wish their crowd had have showed up better for them. their kids deserved better than that. i know it wasnt a state championship game but it was a play-off game and those guys worked hard to get there and i expected more.


hopefully as thier new coach gets this new system in place and they continue to have success, their fans will turn out more for them.


anybody know ANYTHING about brownsboro or kaufman? lol

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