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Best East Texas Baseball players and teams in the 80's

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I would have to say that Hallsville had a nice run in the early to mid-80's. Multiple 20+ win seasons. There were at least 3 in that time frame that went pro (minor leagues); Ronnie Gideon, Linty Ingram, and Matt Benson. There were several more that went on and played college ball as well. Ronnie is still involved with the Colorado Rockies organization. Linty played at MCC and at Arizona State pitching in 2 College World Series. If I am correct he was also the Pac-10 Player of the Year as well as making the All Decade Team. The coaches at that time were first Mike Cox and then Connie Cochran. The '82 team had the best raw talent that I have ever seen. With a little more coaching this team could/should have won it all.

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