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Sulphur Springs/Terrell Scrimage

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Controlled scrimage


SS - 3

Terrell - 0


Live half


SS - 7

Terrell - 14


SS started the night out strong, defense looked really good. Shane Mcqueen broke a 70 yd TD run breaking 5 or 6 tackles. Lee and the WR's are just a click off on timing but made a lot of good plays, but had some bad passes and some mis reads. Nothing that can't be fixed.


McQueen came out of the game with a sprained ankle and was missed. I don't think it was serious and he should be ready to go next Friday.


Terrell scored their last TD with 1 second left against the 2nd team D, but it was a great play and their WR just went up and took it. Terrell may have a good season this year, they played with a lot of energy.


SS doesn't seem like they are playing till the end. There was a lot of bright spots and there is lot that needs to be worked on.


I am impressed most with the defensive play, 110% improvement over last years defense. I feel that they will keep us in the game this year and make up for the losses that we have offense. Offense can move the ball, but we won't be a score at will offense like we had last year. This is more balanced team and it should be another great season.



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I thought SS d line looked good. Linebackers look a lot faster than last year and really contained the outside running. DB's got beat a couple of times deep, but the one receiver Terrell had was very tall and made some good plays. Offense looked ok. Had a couple of dropped ####. I think Friday we will see a better game on both sides of the ball. Go CATS.

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