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Booster Clubs Need Support

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Athletic and band booster clubs need support from parents, relatives and fans of all students. These volunteers staff the concession stands at games, rarely getting a chance to see their own kids perform in the band or play in the game. The money raised through sales of booster items and concessions at a game support the organizations by helping to purchase uniforms and pay for other expenses.


Concession stand volunteers start about 2 p.m. setting up, and are there until nearly midnight selling concession items, cleaning up and counting money. After expenses are paid, the profit is nominal, but every little bit helps when it comes to supporting our young people.


Athletic and band booster clubs provide college scholarships to graduating seniors. Some clubs require athletic scholarship recipients to have family or friends who are active members of the booster clubs, at least by paying the $20 dues, or whatever the amount designated by the organization.


Support our athletes by joining your booster club. Even if you never spend a long, exhausting night in a concession stand, your $20 membership dues will help fund the program. These athletes and band members work hard...they practice before and after school to represent your town and your school. Show your pride in your team and your band by joining the booster club and volunteering to help with any activities that are planned.

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