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  2. Just a matter of time before the inevitable happens...An Ohio school faculty member who was part of a state-approved concealed carry plan left a loaded gun on her desk and then left the building. A first grader got ahold of it and held another student at gunpoint. Police haven’t brought charges. https://www.dispatch.com/news/20190819/first-grader-pointed-loaded-gun-at-student-in-school-office-email-says
  3. That just makes for good game week talk. Not a big deal. We getting them spy’s in at Carthage. LOL
  4. And Carthage will likely get MH, Van, and Sealy on our side if we are fortunate enough to make it. I don’t see LH getting past the Regionals this year.
  5. whats the over/under number on how many pages out of 70 that would cover the actual football talk on this thread lol. Place your bets
  6. As long as that one loss trend continues for you this year we will be happy
  7. You are correct there is lots of football to still to be played. LV will likely have to face Paris and Argyle in the playoffs, the road back to Jerry world will not be easy.
  8. Governor Cuomo, DEMOCRAT, actually expanded the original tuition bill. You can read about it here: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-directs-higher-education-services-corporation-broaden-interpretation-merit And, the two aren't related in any way related to your meme.
  9. We was a once loss team with several freshmen and sophomores as well.
  10. What happened to LH at jerryworld came as no surprise to this football fan. Even nailed the 2 td point spread. But to be fair, and some folks can vouch for me here, i'm afraid my Dawgs may have suffered the same fate had we gotten past LH. In other words, yes La Vega is good. Real good. Hope to see ya'll this year. That's a long way off yet though...
  11. I understand having confidence in your team, but it’s too soon for that type of prediction. Well.... unless of course you’re bringing back a loaded team and the road to state isn’t full of great teams or at least teams that are better than you, such as LV and maybe even North Shore this season. As good as Longview was last season, they still needed luck and things to go their way in order to win it all.....same with NS. You have to stay healthy too. Just too early for that type of statement imo. Plus...Region 2 will probably be the toughest region in the D1 bracket.
  12. Agent Orange has the DT’s.
  13. Yall had yalls part in that too. Dont try and blame it on just Dfield. Yall had 1 play for a score and the qb was supposed to have been blowed dead but the refs let him step up and throw a wish up
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFW_nA12zG8 He sure thinks he is! Love the look up to the heavens...
  15. Holmes doesn't need his best team ever to win state. I doubt every Carthage team that won state was better than it's previous one. It just needs to be better than all the teams he meets in the playoffs. With that said, its a very bold statement. JT has to replace alot from last yr.
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  17. Everything should be all Gladewater now.
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