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U.I.L. Girls Basketball State Tournament...
Saturday, 18th March 2017 - 8:30AM
U.I.L. Girls Basketball State Tournament:

Thursday, March 2nd:

Class 1-A Semifinals:

8:30pm (33-1) Nazareth vs. (25-9) Slocum
10:00am (31-3) Dodd City vs. (27-6) Garden City

Class 3-A Semifinals:

1:30pm (27-4) Buffalo vs. (32-5) Mount Vernon
3:00pm (31-3) Canadian vs. (29-7) Goliad

Class 5-A Semifinals:

7:00pm (29-3) Canyon vs. (34-4) Barbers Hill
8:30pm (36-2) Mansfield Timberview vs. (29-9) C.C. Flour Bluff

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2016 Girls Basketball State Championship
Thursday, 7th April 2016 - 12:54PM
2016 U.I.L. Girls Basketball State Tournament
Thursday, March 3rd-Saturday, March 5th
@ Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas

Class 1-A State Championship:
Lipan 54 Nazareth 43

Class 2-A State Championship:
Weaimer 52 Panhandle 47

Class 3-A State Championship:
Wall 24 Brock 21

(7:00pm) Class 4-A State Championship:
Argyle 53 La Vega 43

Class 5-A State Championship:
Canyon 41 Frisco Liberty 34

Class 6-A State Championship:
Duncanville 76 Spring DeKaney 42

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U.I.L. Softball State Tournament
Saturday, 6th June 2015 - 7:29AM
U.I.L. Softball State Tournament
Wednesday, June 3rd-Saturday, June 6th:

@ Red and Charline McCombs Field, UT-Austin

Thursday, June 4th:
Class 4-A Semifinals:

Huffman-Hargrave 2 Snyder 0
12:00pm (32-7) Needville vs. (18-6) Pleasant Grove

3:00pm Class 2-A Championship Game
Shiner 3 Harleton 0

6:00pm Class 3-A Championship Game
East Bernard 8 Halletsville 1

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U.I.L. Girls Basketball State Tournament
Friday, 13th March 2015 - 5:02PM
2015 Girls H.S. Basketball State Tournament
@Alamodome, San Antonio:

Saturday, March 7th:

Class 1-A State Championship
Nazareth 56 Lipan 40

Class 3-A State Championship
Sunnyvale 52 Shallowater 37

Class 2-A State Championship
Martin's Mill 49 Gruver 36

Class 5-A State Championship
Canyon 48 Dallas Bryan Adams 41

Class 4-A State Championship
Argyle 46 Abilene Wylie 25

8:30pm Class 6-A State Championship

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2014 U.I.L. Girls Basketball Tournament
Monday, 28th April 2014 - 4:06PM
2014 UIL Girls Basketball State Tournament

Feb. 27-March 1, 2014
Frank Erwin Center (Austin, TX)

[b][u]Saturday, March 1st:

Class 1-A, Division I Championship: Plains 57 Kerens 41

Class 3-A Championship: Waco La Vega 47 Argyle 42

Class 2-A Championship: Wall 48 Brock 44

Class 4-A Championship: Canyon 49 McKinney North 42

Class 1-A, Division II Championship: Nazareth 82 Calvert 41

Class 5-A Championship: Manvel 58 Duncanville 53

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