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2008 (Offense)
Thursday, 21st July 2011 - 11:04AM
2008 (Offense)


Drop-Back/Spread QB: Tyrik Rollison, Sulphur Springs, 6-3, 185, Sr., completed 315-428 passes for 4,728-yards, 74% completion rate, 53-TDs, 15-Ints, and rushed for 1,094-yards and 14-TDs, District MVP, All-State

Dual Threat QB: Pat Faulk, Kerens, 5-10, 175, Jr., 204-carries for 2,094-yards, 30-TDs, and completed 90-164 passes for 1,534-yards, 14-TDs, 6-Ints, All-State

Running Back: Dwight Smith, Carthage, 5-11, 222, Sr., 239-carries for 2,820-yards, 41-TDs, averaged 11.8ypc, caught 15-passes for 273-yards, 2-TDs, broke single season school record for rushing yards and TDs, District Co-MVP, All-State

Running Back: Traylon Shead, RB, Cayuga, 6-3, 210, Jr., 391-carries, 3,540-yards, 52-TDs, averaged 8.91 ypc, Class 1-A Offensive POY, All-State, District MVP

Running Back: Matthew Tucker, Chapel Hill, 276-carries, 2,306-yards, 28-TDs, District MVP, All-State and Class 3-A Offensive Player of the Year

All-Purpose Back: Ryan Young, Sulphur Springs, 5-8, 175, Sr., 28-carries, 2,314-yards, 28-TDs, 55-catches for 563-yards, 7-TDs, All-State

Fullback: D.J. Burleson, Paul Pewitt, 296-carries for 1,849-yards rushing, 32-TDs, District 12-2A Offensive POY, All-State

H-Back/Lead-Back: J.J. Moseley, Carthage, 5-10, 220, scored 7-TDs, but spent all season as the lead blocker for record-setting tailback Dwight Smith

Tight End: Trevor Murphy, Carthage, 29-catches for 407-yards, 9-TDs, 97%-blocking grade

Athlete/Utility: LaVocheya Cooper, Arp, 6-1, 185, Jr., 190-carries for 1,520-yards, 17-TDs, also caught 2-TDs, District MVP

Wide Receiver: Jace Jackson, Sulphur Springs, 6-3, 190, Sr., 105-catches for 1,550-yards, and 19-TDs, All-State

Wide Receiver: Darrius Rogers, Edgewood, 83-catches for 1,219-yards, 17-TDs, All-State

Wide Receiver: Trey Metoyer, Whitehouse, 6-2, 185, Soph., 74-catches, 1,105-yards, 14-TDs

Wide Receiver: Cobi Hamilton, Texas High, 64-catches for 1,071-yards, 14-TDs

Wide Receiver: Tayler Gabriel, Mesquite Horn, 5-9, 170, Sr., 90-catches, 1,354-yards, 13-TDs, and ran for 55-yards on 6-carries, completed 3-3 passes for 37-yards, 1-TD, District 11-5A MVP, All-State

Offensive Tackle: Hunter Hogan, Tyler Lee, 6-2, 295, Sr., started at center, guard, and tackle due to injuries, 91%-blocking grade, 32-pancakes, All-State

Offensive Tackle: Kyle Wiseman, Cayuga, 6-3, 255, Sr., 50-pancake blocks, and 90%-blocking grade, also among the lead blockers in Traylon Sheads 3500+ rushing yards, All-State

Offensive Guard: Bryce Redman, Longview, 6-2, 265, Jr., 87%-blocking grade, 96-knockdowns, All-State

Offensive Guard: Ray Burns, Maud, 6-1, 285, Sr., 108-knockdowns, 38-pancakes, District MVP, All-State

Center: Kendrick Henderson, Carthage, 95%-blocking grade


Drop-Back/Spread QB: SiDarius Blackshire, Carthage, 6-1, 220, Sr., completed 164-257 passes for 2,726 yards, 37-TDs, 7-Ints, and rushed for 3-TDs, playing on an injured knee from the season opener, District Co-MVP, All-State

Dual Threat QB: Darian Godfrey, Gilmer, 6-1, 205, Jr., completed 181-316 passes for 2,929-yards, 34-TDs, 9-Ints, and ran for 919-yards on 159-carries, 21-TDs, District MVP, All-State

Running Back: Nate Jeffery, Caddo Mills, 249-carries for 2,357-yards, 38-TDs, 16-catches for 224-yards, 4-TDs, District MVP, All-State

Running Back: Tyler McCray, Longview, 6-0, 180, Jr., 210-carries, 1,727-yards, 26-TDs, All-State

Running Back: Cedric Wade, New Boston, 5-8, 195, Sr., 320-carries, 2,419-yards, 27-TDs, all school records, District MVP, All-State

All-Purpose Back: Seydadrian Da Da Brown, Tyler Lee, 5-8, 165, Jr., 212-carries for 1,235-yards, 12-TDs, and caught 12-passes for 183-yards, 1-TD

Fullback: Orlando Humble, White Oak, 6-0, 255, Sr., 187-carries for 1,458-yards rushing, 24-TDs, also lead blocker for 2-other 1,000-yard running backs, 50-knockdowns, 18-pancakes, 89%-blocking grade, District Offensive MVP, All-State

H-Back/Lead-Back: Braylon McCarty, Kilgore, 5-10, 215, Jr., lead blocker for 2,000-yard runner Frank Reddic

Tight End: Ryan Calendar, Caddo Mills, 40-catches for 592-yards, 6-TDs

Athlete/Utility: Darius Jones, Sr., Marshall, 6-0, 185, Sr., played multiple positions for Marshall as the Mavs tried to get him the ball as much as possible, Jones best stats were rushing with 88-carries for 784-yards and 7-TDs

Wide Receiver: Cordell Roberson, Jefferson, 6-3, 185, Sr., 54-catches for 867-yards, 9-TDs, District Offensive Co-MVP, All-State

Wide Receiver: Quinn Trimble, Lufkin, 6-4, 175, Jr., 55-catches, 1,146-yards, 12-TDs, averaged 20.8 ypc

Wide Receiver: Logan Lawrence, Lindale, 5-11, 180, Sr., 73-catches for 982-yards, 4-TDs, District Offensive Co-POY

Wide Receiver: Chris Jones, Daingerfield, 6-0, 165, Jr., 42-catches, 1,045-yards, 12-TDs, also averaged 16.1 yards per carry for 340-yards and 6-TDs

Offensive Tackle: Jake Russell, Sulphur Springs, 6-3 215, Sr., 36-knockdowns, 11-pancakes, 88%-blocking grade, allowed only 2-sacks in 428-passing attempts, All-State

Offensive Tackle: Zarkevian Williams, Daingerfield, 5-11, 280, Sr., gave up one sack in 240-attempts, 87%-blocking grade, All-District, All-State

Offensive Guard: Dakota Hagler, Gilmer, 6-1, 285, Sr., 142-pancakes, 95%-blocking grade, All-State

Offensive Guard: John Swanson, Kilgore, 6-3, 300, Sr., 53-knockdowns, 76%-blocking grade, District Offensive Lineman of the Year

Center: Taylor Carlow, Maud, 5-11, 200, Sr., 175-knockdowns, 24-pancakes, All-State


Drop-Back/Spread QB: Brady Attaway, Whitehouse, 6-2, 200, Sr., completed 245-420 passes for 2,891-yards, 25-TDs, 14-Ints, District Offensive Co-POY

Dual Threat QB: Charlie Moore, Bullard, completed 142-265 passes for 1,915-yards, 20-TDs, 8-Ints, and ran for 1,141-yards on 171-carries, and 19-TDs, District Offensive MVP

Running Back: Daniel Thompson, West Rusk, 5-10, 175, Sr., 225-carries for 1,903-yards, 18-TDs, 4-catches for 57-yards, 1-TD, District MVP, All-State

Running Back: Frank Reddic, Kilgore, 6-0, 195, Sr., 334-carries for 2,004-yards, 22-TDs, 8-catches for 48-yards, District Offensive MVP, All-State

Running Back: Kevin Navetta, T.K. Gorman, Sr., 195-carries, 2,012-yards, 21-TDs, 18-catches for 312-yards, 4-TDs, completed one pass for 20-yards, All-State

All-Purpose Back: KyOrdrick Black, John Tyler, 5-9, 190, Jr., 146-carries, 978-yards, 7-TDs, caught 30-passes for 220-yards and 5-TDs

Fullback: James Dunbar, Maud, 6-5, 290, Sr., 85-carries for 617-yards, 11-TDs, 7-2XPs, District MVP

H-Back/Lead-Back: Doug Franklin, Tyler Lee, 6-2, 220, Sr., 8-catches, 197-yards, but also played H-Back as an extra blocker as much as tight end

Tight End: Braylon Williams, West Rusk, 6-4, 245, Sr., 4-catches for 60-yards, 1-TD, and 5-2XP, and a powerful blocker for 1,900-yard rusher Daniel Thompson, including 84-pancakes, 30-cutblocks

Athlete/Utility: Marlon McClure, Tenaha, 33-catches for 635-yards, 12-TDs, and ran for 745-yards on 84-carries, 15-TDs, District Offensive Co-MVP, All-State

Wide Receiver: Daniel Howard, Bullard, 59-catches for 912-yards, 9-TDs, ran for 408-yards on 68-carries, 6-TDs

Wide Receiver: Trent Overly, Lone Oak, 5-9, 155, Sr., 67-catches for 1,165-yards, 14-TDs, All-State

Wide Receiver: Joe Jones, Carthage, 6-1, 190, 55-catches for 904-yards, 10-TDs, averaged 16.4ypc

Wide Receiver: Malcome Kennedy, Cayuga, 6-0, 190, Jr., 47-catches for 763-yards, 10-TDs

Offensive Tackle: Jacob Jenkins, Gilmer, 6-3, 260, Jr., 90%-blocking grade, 84-pancakes

Offensive Tackle: Jazz Reeves, Longview, 6-3, 270, Sr., 85%-blocking grade, 95-knockdowns, All-State

Offensive Guard: Mason YBrabo, Sulphur Springs, 6-2, 305, Jr., 23-knockdowns, 42-pancakes, 87%-blocking grade, allowed only 3-sacks in 428-attempts

Offensive Guard: Kendrick Robinson, Chapel Hill, 5-10, 240, Sr., 94%-blocking grade, 52-pancakes on a team averaging 351-yards rushing per game, All-State

Center: Cory Perry, Cayuga, 6-0, 210, Sr., 95%-blocking grade, and helped lead Traylon Shead to 3,500+-yards, All-State


Drop-Back/Spread QB: Weston Jameson, Edgewood, completed 245-379 passes for 3,320-yards, 39-TDs

Dual Threat QB: Nate Sorenson, Texas High, completed 148-250 passes for 2,077-yards and 25-TDs, 5-Ints, and ran for 660-yards on 98-carries, 6-TDs

Running Back: Ted Burns, Pittsburg, 5-8, 180, Jr., 226-carries, 1,681-yards, 15-TDs, 20-catches for 264-yards, 2-TDs, broke single-season and single-game rushing records, All-State

Running Back: Kevin Pope, Mount Enterprise, Sr., 171-carries for 1,766-yards, 24-TDs, 10.3 ypc, District MVP, All-State

Running Back: Chris Whaley, Madisonville, 187-carries, 1,914-yards, 24-TDs, averaged 12.4 ypc, All-State

All-Purpose Back: Doug Gentry, Mexia, 6-0, 180, Soph., 195-carries for 1,858-yards, 19-TDs, 10-catches for 155-yards, 1-TD, All-State

Fullback: Ronny Chalk, Big Sandy, 6-0, 175, Sr., 121-carries for 1,124-yards, 11-TDs, 9.43 ypc, 8-catches for 69-yards, All State

H-Back/Lead-Back: Brandon Pyle, Hallsville, 6-2, 230, Sr., 15-carries for 82-yards, 11-catches for 187-yards, great lead blocker

Tight End: Devan Mayfield, Grapeland, 30-catches for 497-yards, 5-TDs

Athlete/Utility: Derrell Tate, Tyler Lee, 5-11, 165, Sr., 19-catches, 247-yards, 2-TDs, and ran for 436-yards on 60-carries, 5-TDs

Wide Receiver: Trevor Dean, Leveretts Chapel, 6-5, 195, Jr., 53-catches, 1,350-yards, 30-TDs, District Offensive MVP

Wide Receiver: Brandon Rascoe, Mabank, 5-10, 160, Soph., 64-catches for 1,032-yards, 9-TDs, and threw 1-TD pass for 69-yards

Wide Receiver: Shane McQueen, Sulphur Springs, 47-catches for 972-yards, 15-TDs

Wide Receiver: TaCoyus Walker, Grapeland, 5-8, 165, Jr., 54-catches for 922-yards, 10-TDs, and 18-of those catches were for 20-yards or more

Offensive Tackle: Andrew Kelley, Texas High, 6-3, 324, 90%-blocking grade, 85-knockdowns, 45-pancakes

Offensive Tackle: Bryant House, Maud, 6-4, 270, Sr., 78-knockdowns, 30-pancakes, District MVP

Offensive Guard: Taylor Tarr, White Oak, 6-0, 260, Sr., 85-knockdowns, 28-pancakes, 86%-blocking grade, District Lineman of the Year, All State

Offensive Guard: Matt Kirkland, Pittsburg, 6-0, 260, Jr., 93-blocking grade, 33-pancakes, 88 second and third level downfield blocks

Center: Trevor Murphy, Jefferson, 6-2, 255, Jr., 86%-blocking grade, 42-pancakes, gave up only one sack

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