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2008 Team (Special Teams)
Thursday, 21st July 2011 - 10:54AM
2008 Team (Special Teams)
1st Team:

XP/FG Kicker: Ryan Bustin, Kilgore, no stats, 39-43 XPs, 10-15 FGs, three misses were 40+, Long of 45, GW in final seconds against Whitehouse, 10-touchbacks

Punter: Taylor Rosson, Huntington, Jr., 34-punts for a 47.2 average, with 4-punts of 60+-yards

Deep Snapper: Codey Rodgers, Frankston, 5-9, 190, Sr., Sam Wells head coach, One of the best Ive ever coached in such an underrated position.

Coverage Man: Austin Lunsford, Garrison, 6-4, 290, Jr., blocked 9-kicks, 3-FGs, 6-XPs

Kick Return: LaVocheya Cooper, Arp, Jr., 3-KO Returns for TDs

Punt Return: TaCoyus Walker, Grapeland, averaged 19.5 yards per return, 2-TDs, (83, 68)

2nd Team:

XP/FG Kicker: Justin Bergstrom, Frankston, 6-3, 175, Jr., 20-21 XPs, 7-8 FGs, Long-47

Punter: Collin Bradley, Hallsville, averaged 41.6 yards on 31-punts, All-State

Deep Snapper: Jaylyn Turner, Big Sandy

Coverage Man: Keylan Hunter, Athens, 5-blocked kicks
Kick Return: Steven Greenroy, Scurry-Rosser, 3-KO Returns for TDs, averaged 29.6 on 19-returns

Kick Return: Steven Greenroy, Scurry-Rosser, 29.6 average on 19-returns, 3-TDs

Punt Return: Jeremey Chappelle, Brook Hill, 6-4, 205, Jr., 4-PR TDs

3rd Team:

XP/FG Kicker: Justin Hollingsworth, Rivercrest, 39-39 XPs, 9-10 FGs, Long of 42-yards

Punter: Justin Bergstrom, Frankston, 6-2, 170, Jr., averaged 36.5 yards per punt, with 11-inside the opponents 20-yard line, All-State

Coverage Man: Jamar Roberts, Nacogdoches, 5-7, 160, Sr., 9-special teams tackles

Kick Return: Corey Davis, Gladewater, 5-11, 175, Soph., 3-KO Returns for TDs

Punt Return: Derrell Tate, Tyler Lee, 5-11, 165, Sr., averaged 15-yards per return, including a 58-yard TD


XP/FG Kicker: Saul Martinez, Pittsburg, 5-10, 160, Soph., 7-8 FGs, including four of 40+-yards, longest of 46-yards, and 14-touchbacks, All-State

Punter: Telvin Darden, Overton, Jr., 41.7-average on 35-punts

Coverage Man: Kirby Hayes, Quitman, 4-blocked kicks

Kick Return: Preston Seaton-Knox, Bullard, 3-50+-yard returns, District Special Team POY

Punt Return: Bradley McClain, Maud, returned 2-punts for TDs
Justin Bergstrom, Frankston, 6-2, 170, Jr., 20-21 XPs, 7-8 FGs, Long of 47-yards

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