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Matt Langley leaving Maud High School...
Tuesday, 26th February 2013 - 3:45PM
Matt Langley is leaving Maud High School to get involved in another business (his statement is listed below). Langley won a district co-championship in his one year as AD/Football Coach at Maud, before losing to Mount Enterprise in the second-round of the playoffs.

Langley told David Smoak, "Maud will be doing great things in football and athletics immediately with some great classes coming through the system. I prayed on this a lot, but it's an opportunity I can't pass up and I have so many people to thank who embraced me over the last year."

Matt Langley's Statement:

Words cannot express the gratitude that I and my family have for the opportunity to serve the kids in Maud ISD for this past year, as well as the many people who have gone above and beyond to make our athletic programs successful. It is with very mixed emotions that I inform you that I have accepted a position outside of the teaching/coaching profession. The opportunity to spend much more time with my family was presented to me and after much prayer and consideration, I have decided itís a position that I canít turn down. I got into teaching/coaching because my heroes growing up were coaches. Coaches are still my heroes today and many of them are the best men/women Iíve ever known. Although much of my heart will always have a whistle in it, my time for now will hopefully be filled with taking my kids fishing and to the movies instead of chasing a state championship trophy. I will soon begin a career change as a sales representative of East Texas Sports Center.

Iím sure that many will form their own opinion about my decision to leave this job at this time, with that being fair, I have just made the decision that I feel is in the best interest of my family. I have never felt anything other than total support from the administration, as well as the school board, and community. The kids and coaches here are some of the best people that anyone could ask for, which is what definitely made this the toughest decision of my life. I have truly felt the Lordís hand in every move my family and I have ever made, and this change of paths is no different. It was a normal afternoon in the office when a friend of mine who is a salesman explained to me that they would have to hire a position on their staff. This is the first thought I have ever given to getting out of coaching, and a few weeks later I feel confident that itís best for my family. After attempting to reason a way to stay for a few more years, I finally came to the conclusion that Godís timing doesnít wait for district championships or for my own agenda. My role is to be obedient and faithful, and the decision to follow this opportunity is just that.

The last 10 years coaching have been an amazing experience for me, and there are so many memories/relationships I truly cherish. I am proud to have worked with so many great people and have been blessed to develop lots of lifelong relationships with players, coaches, administrators, and teachers. The show will most definitely go on without me on the sidelines, but one of the reasons that made it so tough to leave this position is the success that I know is ahead for the programs here at Maud, as well as the people who give so much of their self to the program. With that said, Iíd like to thank Mr. Peavey specifically for giving me the opportunity to bring my family to Maud and work for the best administration in the state of Texas. Somebody will take over a gold-mine of a job all the way from the faculty at Maud ISD, the ladies in the admin building, the parents we have here, the coaches, to the talented athletes that are returning for the future. Iím thankful for this new opportunity, and sad to leave a wonderful position at the same time. Our coaching staff has worked tirelessly since my 1st day on campus to give our student-athletes the best opportunity to succeed possible. This staff is some of the best people and coaches that you can find in this business, and would be proud for any one of them to coach my own kids. I just want to take a second to also thank them for a job well done, and give them some much deserved recognition. Much time/preparation behind the scenes goes into running an athletic program, and although I may not hold a coaching position anymore, there is definitely one more coaching advocate in the community. Once again, thank you so much to the many people who have made my time here as Athletic Director a truly enjoyable one.


Matt Langley
AD/Head Football
Maud High School

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