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East and Central Texas "Player of the Week" Polls
Wednesday, 25th September 2013 - 8:28PM
Central Texas "Players of the Week" Nominations:


Lloyd Alcorn, QB, Vanguard College Prep, 16-carries for 136-yards, 2-TD's, 4-6 passing for 74-yards, 2-TD's, W/Killeen Memorial 54-26.

Kristian Brown, QB, Waco Connally, 17-carries for 209-yards, 1-TD, 6-11 passing for 68-yards, 2-TD's, W/Mexia 30-20.

Witty Busby, QB, Wortham, 20-carries for 190-yards, 2-TD's, 5-9 passing for 73-yards and 1-TD, 2-2XP, W/Cross Roads 36-14.

Harris Coleman, QB, Lorena, 25-carries for 181-yards, 5-TD's, 7-11 passing for 73-yards, W/Grandview 50-29.

D'Marcus Cosby, RB, Mart, 12-carries for 65-yards, 1-TD, 3-catches for 77-yards, 1-TD, L/Rogers 37-36.

Dante Crist, RB, Madisonville, 33-carries for 275-yards, 3-TD's, W/Crockett 33-14.

Michael Davila, QB, Robinson, 21-28 passing for 315-yards, 6-TD's, 4-carries for 34-yards, W/Whitney 58-7.

Jacobe Essary, RB, Milford, 129-yards rushing, 1-TD's, 2-Receiving TD's, W/Avalon 58-8.

Eric Evans, QB, Milford, 95-yards rushing, 2-TD's, 48-yards passing, 2-TD's, W/Avalon 58-8.

David Feliciano, RB, China Spring, ran for 123-yards and 2-TD's, W/Alvarado 33-22.

Jacob Gallegos, QB, Fairfield, 16-25 passing for 244-yards, 3-TD's, W/Center 58-21.

Ayorinde Gibson, RB, La Vega, 19-carries for 131-yards, 2-TD's, L/Stephenville 56-23.

Brett Gilchrist, QB, Whitney, 27-42 passing for 253-yards, 1-TD, L/Robinson 58-7.

Trey Henderson, RB, Hubbard, 15-carries for 152-yards, 1-TD, W/Italy 20-7.

Brady Holleman, QB, Dublin, 13-20 passing for 290-yards passing and 3-TD's, 1-carry for 12-yards, W/Valley Mills 42-0.

Jake Kee, RB, Gatesville, 29-carries for 252-yards, 2-TD's, 4-catches for 36-yards, W/Taylor 23-13.

Zac Law, WR, Robinson, 10-catches for 154-yards, 3-TD's, W/Whitney 58-7.

Spencer Lord, RB, Jonesboro, 17-carries for 217-yards, 3-TD's, W/Zephyr 39-20.

John Love, RB, Teague, 24-carries for 282-yards, 5-TD's, W/Groesbeck 56-22.

Preston Macik, RB, West, 13-carries for 106-yards, 2-TD's, W/Clifton 31-13.

Daniel McCants, RB, Killeen, 30-carries for 279-yards, 3-TD's, L/Round Rock Stony Point 36-33 (OT)

Michael Milburn, RB, Axtell, 8-carries for 124-yards, 3-TD's, and 1-TD catch for 45-yards, 2-2XP, W/Dawson 39-0.

LeVonte Owens, RB, Robinson, 18-carries for 121-yards, 1-TD, 1-catch for 21-yards, W/Whitney 58-7.

Adnan Razzaq, RB, Vanguard College Prep, 8-catches for 137-yards, 2-TD's, 1-1 passing for 39-yards, 1-TD, W/Killeen Memorial 54-26.

Larry Rose, RB, Fairfield, 15-carries for 231-yards, 2-TD's, W/Center 58-21.

Carson Skala, RB, Rogers, 15-carries for 200-yards, 3-TD's, W/Mart 37-36.

Seth Spinn, QB, Holland, 13-carries for 178-yards, 3-TD's, 4-7 passing for 35-yards, W/Bartlett 19-14.

Josh Terrell, RB, Connally, 20-carries for 112-yards, 1-TD, W/Mexia 30-20.

De'Nerian Thomas, QB, Mart, 31-carries for 207-yards, 3-TD's, 6-9 passing for 112-yards, 1-TD, L/Rogers 37-36.

Kaylon Watson, RB, Mexia, 112-yards, 2-TD's, L/Connally 30-20.
Robert Worley, RB, Frost, 11-carries for 137-yards, 2-TD's, W/Itasca 49-20.

Javarius Young, QB, Chilton, 175-yards passing and 2-TD's, 135-yards rushing and 1-TD, W/Bosqueville 31-28.


Lloyd Alcorn, Vanguard College Prep, 14-Tackles, 1-CF, 1-XP Blocked, W/Killeen Memorial 54-26.

D'Marcus Cosby, SS, Mart, 17-Tackles, 1-CF, 1-FR, W/Rogers 37-36.

Eric Evans, Milford, 17-Tackles, W/Avalon 58-8.

Walker Love, LB, Mart, 16-Tackles, W/Rogers 37-36.

Matt McNew, LB, Robinson, 12-Tackles, 4-TFL, 1-Sack, W/Whitney 58-7.

Paul Prnka, S, Robinson, 6-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-PBU, W/Whitney 58-7.

Jared Simpson, DT, Robinson, 9-Tackles, 5-TFL, 2-Sacks, W/Whitney 58-7.

Logan Snoddy, LB, Jonesboro, 18-Tackles (7-Solo), 4-TFL, 1-PBU, W/Zephyr 39-20.

De'Oryen Thomas, Waco Connally, 15-Tackles, 1-Sack, W/Mexia 30-20.

Ricky Thompson, DE, Robinson, 9-Tackles, 4-TFL, 3-Sacks, W/Whitney 58-7.

Dawson Vardeman, Blum, 6-Tackles, 1-Sack, 2-TFL, W/Abbott 34-16.

Charles vonRosenberg, Vanguard College Prep, 8-Tackles, 1-CF, 1-FR, W/Killeen Memorial 54-26.

Micah Waples, LB, Mart, 13-Tackles, W/Rogers 37-36.

Kalil Washington, DE, Robinson, 8-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-Sack, 2-PBU, W/Whitney 58-7.

Cody Williams, DE, Lorena, 16-Tackles, 3-TFL, 3-Sacks, 6-QBP, 2-CF, W/Grandview 50-29.

Garret Wilson, LB, Axtell, 11-Tackles, 1-FR, 1-Interception, W/Dawson 39-0.

Special Teams:

David Feliciano, China Spring, 70-yard KR for TD, W/Alvarado 33-22.

Samuel Sanches, K, Bosqueville, 41-yard FG with :04 remaining, W/Bosqueville 31-28.

East Texas "Players of the Week" Nominations:


Keith Baldwin, RB, New Boston, 10-carries for 126-yards, 2-TD's, W/North Lamar 41-7.

Laxavier Battee, RB, Kaufman, 19-carries for 190-yards, 2-TD's, W/Van 27-6.

Andrew Black, QB, Chapel Hill, 13-carries for 161-yards, 5-TD's, 9-16 passing, 2-Int's, 131-yards, W/Palestine 62-27.

Blake Bogenschutz, QB, Carthage, 15-28 passing for 278-yards, 5-TD's, W/Nacogdoches 44-40.

Zane Boles, QB, Henderson, 263-yards passing, 3-TD's, 1-Rushing TD, W/Jacksonville 40-20.

JuJu Brown, RB, Kilgore, 23-carries for 144-yards rushing, 2-TD's, W/Mount Pleasant 48-20.

Thomas Brown, RB, Simms Bowie, 15-carries for 122-yards, 1-TD, W/Union Hill 45-6.

Dezmond Chumley, QB, Longview, 12-19 passing for 204-yards, 2-TD's, added 1-Rushing TD, W/Lufkin 55-30.

KeKe Coutee, WR, Lufkin, 7-catches for 189-yards, 2-TD's, L/Longview 55-30.

Jeremiah Crawford, QB, Mineola, 13-carries for 141-yards, 2-TD's, W/Quitman 28-20.

Logan Fuller, RB, Athens, 22-carries for 158-yards, 5-TD's, W/Rusk 49-0.

Tee Goree, WR, Carthage, 5-catches for 116-yards, 3-TD's, W/Nacogdoches 44-40.

Ja'Mycal Hasty, RB, Longview, 24-carries for 204-yards, 3-TD's, W/Lufkin 55-30.

Willy Ivery, RB, Sulphur Springs, 27-carries for 144-yards, 3-TD's, W/Paris 43-9.

Justin Johnson, RB, Mount Enterprise, 12-carries for 150-yards, 3-TD's, W/Cushing 28-20.

Kevrin Justice, RB, Kilgore, 16-carries for 257-yards rushing, 2-TD's, W/Mount Pleasant 48-20.

Riley Lakin, RB, White Oak, 17-carries for 123-yards, 2-TD's, W/Ore City 30-0.

Patrick Mahomes, Jr., QB, Whitehouse, 26-36 passing for 328-yards, 5-TD's, W/Marshall 59-3.

Hunter McClellan, QB, Nacogdoches, 15-30 passing for 243-yards, 4-TD's, 37-yards rushing, 1-TD, L/Carthage 44-40.

Nick McKee, RB, Spring Hill, 29-carries for 229-yards, 3-TD's, W/Brook 35-14.

Justyn Oliphant, RB, Mesquite Horn, 11-carries for 96-yards, 2-TD's, W/John Tyler 47-17.

Jake Parker, WR, Whitehouse, 8-catches for 128-yards, 2-TD's, W/Marshall 59-3.

Collin Parks, WR, T.K. Gorman, 6-catches for 202-yards, 1-TD, 3-carries for 40-yards, 1-TD, W/All Saints 53-12.

Jeremy Patt, QB, Honey Grove, 7-14 passing for 202-yards, 2-TD's, 15-carries for 78-yards, 2-TD's, W/Rivercrest 34-20.

Larry Pryor, QB, Sulphur Springs, 15-carries for 167-yards rushing, 1-TD, 15-21 passing for 139-yards, 2-TD's, W/Paris 43-9.

Shadavian Reed, RB, Mesquite, 9-carries for 163-yards, 1-TD, 1-TD catch for 48-yards, L/Plano West 44-21.

Tristan Saint, QB, T.K. Gorman, 12-23 passing for 307-yards, 2-TD's, and ran for a TD, W/All Saints 53-12.

Colten Searcy, RB, Beckville, 7-carries for 130-yards, 1-TD, W/Maud 30-11.

Macailyn Wilder, RB/QB, Hallsville, 18-carries for 119-yards, 3-TD's, 5-10 passing for 145-yards, 1-TD, W/Lindale 56-28.

Jeffery Wilson, RB, Elkhart, 23-carries for 200-yards, 4-TD's, W/Grapelnd 49-7.


L.D. Anthony, DL, Kilgore, 13-Tackles, 3-Sacks, 2-QBP, 2-TFL, 1-CF, W/Mount Pleasant 48-20.

Garrett Bowery, Union Grove, 6-Tackles, 1-Sack, 1-Blocked Kick, W/Big Sandy 13-6.

Chris Box, Elkhart, 13-Tackles, 1-CF, W/Grapeland 49-7.

Zachary Canary, Simms Bowie, 2-Interceptions and a FR, W/Union Hill 45-6.

Tristan Corman, Elkhart, 13-Tackles, 1-Sacks, W/Grapeland 49-7.

Jacori Crayton, DB, Hallsville, 87-yard Interception return for TD, W/Lindale 56-28.

K.J. Cumby, LB, Athens, 14-Tackles, 1-CF, W/Rusk 49-0.

Cody Defore, DT, Elkhart, 13-Tackles, 5-TFL, 1-Sack, W/Grapeland 49-7.

Brandon Durman, Tyler Lee, 55-yard Interception return for a TD, W/Texas High 38-37.

Garrett Gibson, LB, Union Grove, 16-Tackles, 2-Sacks, 1-Blocked Kick, W/Big Sandy 13-6.

Travin Howard, SS, Longview, 12-Tackles, 1-Interception, W/Lufkin 55-30.

Darreon Jackson, SS, Mesquite Horn, 7-Tackles, 2-Interceptions, 1-TFL, W/John Tyler 47-17.

Blake Maddox, LB, Brook Hill, 12-Tackles, 3-TFL, L/Spring Hill 35-14.

Stephan Maxey, FS, Longview, 14-Tackles, 2-Interceptions, 1-PBU, W/Lufkin 55-30.

Tim McCoy, FS, Harmony, 17-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-CF, W/West Rusk 28-0.

Jalen Montgomery, LB, Mesquite, 14-Tackles, 3-TFL, 1-CF, 1-QBP, L/Plano West 44-21.

JaMarcus Moten, Crockett, 12-Tackles, 1-CF, 1-FR, L/Madisonville 34-14.

Javonte Oliphant, S, Trinity, 3-Interceptions, 1-PBU, 1-FR, 5-Tackles, W/NewWaverly 22-8.

Tony Ratcliff, Waskom, 6-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-Sack, 1-CF, 1-FR for a TD, W/Queen City 49-7.

Michael Spurrier, Spring Hill, returned an interception 41-yards for a TD, W/Brook Hill 35-14.

Special Teams:

K.D. Cannon, Mount Pleasant, 97-yard KR for TD, L/Kilgore 48-20.

Troy Duran, K/P, Spring Hill, 6-punts for 42.2 average (Long-68), 5-5 XP's, W/Brook Hill 35-14.

Rudy Fuentes, K, Nacogdoches, 2-FG's (21, 40), 4-5 XP's, L/Carthage 44-40.

Del'Michael High, PR, Mesquite Horn, 3-PR for 125-yards, including 77-yard TD, W/John Tyler 47-17.

June Bug Johnson, Waskom, 67-yard KR for a TD, W/Queen City 48-7.

Marcus Kincade, Troup, 63-yard PR for TD, W/Arp 28-14.

Gary Roden, Hawkins, 69-yard PR for TD, W/Cumby 48-0.

Michael Spurrier, Spring Hill, 58-yards PR for TD, W/Brook Hill 35-14.

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