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Week 6 "Player of the Week" Polls
Sunday, 13th October 2019 - 1:51PM
Please vote for your Week 6 "Players of the Week" in East and Central Texas.

East Texas.

Central Texas.

Voting deadline is Wednesday, 2:00pm.

East Texas:


Dominique Allen, RB, Winnsboro, 10-carries for 214-yards, W/White Oak 37-20.

Braydon Bolton, RB, Pittsburg, 24-carries for 155-yards, 1-TD, 4-catches for 28-yards, W/Rusk 20-8.

Kitan Crawford, RB, John Tyler, 9-carries for 75-yards, 2-catches for 60-yards, 1-TD, W/McKinney East 48-7.

Michael Everett, RB, Harmony, 13-carries for 117-yards, 1-TD, 5-catches for 70-yards, 1-TD, W/Troup 44-30.

Cameron Ford, QB, John Tyler, 13-19 passing for 252-yards, 3-TD’s, W/McKinney East 48-7.

D.J. Freeman, QB, Pine Tree, 305-yards passing, 2-TD’s, 123-yards rushing, 2-TD’s, W/Mount Pleasant 56-25.

Gage Goddard, QB, Harmony, 10-16 passing for 203-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Troup 44-30.

Dimauntrez Haggerty, Jefferson, 18-Tackles, L/Hughes Springs 29-28.

JaMarrious Hall, RB, Hemphill, 11-carries for 199-yards, 4-TD’s, W/West Sabine 54-40.

Ryan Harris, QB, Beckville, 21-carries for 130-yards, 4-8 passing for 91-yards, 3-TD’s, 1-catch for 18-yards, 1-TD, W/Tenaha 35-28.

Keamodre Horace, RB, Center, 15-carries for 267-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Brownsboro 59-48.

Mason Hurt, QB, Gilmer, 10-17 passing for 227-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Bullard 43-7.

Joe Jordan, RB, Marshall, 11-carries for 122-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Hallsville 47-15.

Trayvon Kennedy, RB, Hughes Springs, 27-carries for 138-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Jefferson 29-28.

Jayden Limbaugh, Slot Back, Cooper, 2-catches for 136-yards, 2-TD’s, 3-carries for 19-yards, 1-TD, W/Chisum 55-12.

Kemarian McCain, QB, Pittsburg, 17-23 passing for 171-yards, 2-TD’s, 13-carries for 64-yards, W/Rusk 20-8.

Landon McKinney, QB, Sabine, 27-carries for 212-yards, 4-TD’s, 117-yards passing, 1-TD, W/Tatum 52-41.

D’aris McMillan, RB, Diboll, 33-carries for 220-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Crockett 43-10.

Promous Morrison, WR, Pittsburg, 6-catches for 70-yards, 1-TD, W/Rusk 20-8.

Brantley Murray, RB, Union Hill, 159-yards rushing, 4-TD’s, W/Oakwood 52-6.

Eddie Ray, WR, Gilmer, 2-catches for 98-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Bullard 43-7.

Jay Rockwell, WR, Spring Hill, 6-catches for 174-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Silsbee 41-27.

Connor Sessums, QB, Prairiland, 11-17 passing for 185-yards, 3-TD’s, 20-carries for 145-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Leonard 48-29.

Conner Smith, WR, Commerce, 7-catches for 204-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Lone Oak 40-12.

J.J. Sparkman, WR, Pine Tree, 11-catches for 175-yards, 1-TD, W/Mount Pleasant 56-25.

Kylan Thomas, QB, Jefferson, 12-17 passing for 197-yards, 1-TD, 13-carries for 123-yards, 1-TD, L/Hughes Springs 29-28.

Ja’Quez Thompson, QB, Wills Point, 15-carries for 48-yards, 1-TD (Game Winner in OT), 2-catches for 43-yards including two critical 1st-Downs, 2-3 passing for 46-yards, 1-TD, W/Hillsboro 27-21 (OT).

Lester Turner, RB, Greenville, 20-carries for 220-yards, 3-TD’s, W/North Forney 49-38.

Gage White, QB, Spring Hill, 20-27 passing for 461-yards, 6-TD’s, W/Silsbee 41-27.

Devin Womack, QB, Rivercrest, 20-carries for 228-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Big Sandy 34-21.

Savion Williams, QB, Marshall, 107-yards passing, 60-yards rushing, 3-TD’s, W/Hallsville 47-15.

Devin Womack, QB, Rivercrest, 20-carries for 228-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Big Sandy 34-21.


Angus Aldridge, S, Caddo Mills, 9-Tackles, 2-Interceptions for 116-yards, 1-TD School Record 97-yards), W/Ferris 36-15.

Travion Ates, DB, John Tyler, 13-Tackles, W/McKinney East 48-7.

Robert Breeden, OLB, Cooper, 7-Tackles, 1-CF, 1-PBU, W/Chisum 55-12.

Kitan Crawford, DB, John Tyler, 56-yard Interception for TD, W/McKinney East 48-7.

Tyson Daigle, Hughes Springs, 5-Tackles including stopping Jefferson’s Dee Black at the 5-yard line after a 60-yard reception and Mustangs finished with a goal-line stand to win the game and never left the field on offense or defense after starting QB went out, W/Jefferson 29-28.

Isaac Edwards, Harmony, 13-Tackles, 2-TFL, W/Troup 44-30.

Lawton Flinn, Union Hill, 6-Tackles, 2-Sacks, 1-CF, 1-FR, W/Oakwood 52-6.

Brylee Galloway, LB, Prairiland, 9-Tackles (7-Solo), 1-TFL, 1-FR, 1-Interception, W/Leonard 48-29.

LaTravion Hawkins, DL, John Tyler, 6-Tackles, 1-Sack, 1-QBP, W/McKinnet East 48-7.

Casey Irons, Gilmer, 9-Tackles, 5-TFL, 5-Sacks, 3-QBP, W/Bullard 43-7.

Jack Janis, Tyler Lee, 9-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-CF, W/North Mesquite 35-17.

Brycen Jimmerson, Gilmer, 6-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-Sack, 2-QBP, 1-FR, 1-Defensive TD, W/Bullard 43-7.

Clay Joyner, Union Hill, 9-Tackles, 2-Sacks, 1-CF, 1-Blocked XP, W/Oakwood 52-6.

Jamal Ligon, Tyler Lee, 5-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-CF, 1-Sack, W/North Mesquite 35-17.

Jake Liker, Center, 17-Tackles (9-Solo), W/Brownsboro 59-48.

Cody Ross, Beckville, 3-Tackles, 1-Interception (sealed the win at The Pit), W/Tenaha 35-28.

Lincoln Smith, DT, Prairiland, 9-Tackles, 2-TFL, W/Leonard 48-29.

Donavan Tennison, Spring Hill, 12-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-PBU, W/Silsbee 41-27.

Zach Villareal, Gladewater, 13-Tackles, 1-Interception, W/West Rusk 22-19.

Devin Womack, Rivercrest, 11-Tackles, W/Big Sandy 34-21.

Special Teams:

Jose Hernandez, K, Gilmer, 4-4 XP’s, 1-FG (27), W/Bullard 43-7.

Chris Jones, K/KR, Cooper, 7-8 XP’s, 56-yard KR, W/Chisum 55-12.

Jayden Limbaugh, KR, Cooper, 75-yard KR for TD, W/Chisum 55-12.

Alexis Lopez, K, Center, 8-8 XP’s, 1-FG (27), W/Brownsboro 59-48.


Central Texas:


Dremon Bible, ATH, Methodist Children’s Home, 5-catches for 126-yards, 2-TD’s, 4-carries for 58-yards, 4-6 passing for 14-yards, 1-TD, W/Abbott 74-59.

Donovan Blakes, RB, Riesel, 14-carries for 233-yards, 5-TD’s, W/Moody 64-48.

Jake Boozer, QB, Reicher, 10-20 passing for 126-yards, 1-TD, 13-carries for 210-yards, 5-TD’s, W/T.K. Gorman 61-7.

Mason Brandenberger, QB, Clifton, 9-15 passing for 229-yards, 5-TD’s, 3-carries for 48-yards, W/Venus 73-6.

Braden Brashear, QB, Cameron Yoe, 14-19 passing for 256-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Katy St. John XXIII 44-7.

Roderick Brown, RB, College Station, 131-yards rushing, 1-TD, 50-yards receiving, 1-TD, W/Waller 38-7.

Tyrese Brown, RB, Madisonville, 12-carries for 98-yards, 1-TD, L/Fairfield 31-15.

DeAndre Exford, RB, Shoemaker, 10-carries for 132-yards, 2-TD’s, 4-catches for 105-yards, W/Killeen 52-28.

T.J. Fertsch, WR, Clifton, 6-catches for 202-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Venus 73-6.

Kevin Gaither, QB, Connally, 22-carries for 165-yards, 2-TD’s, 1-3 passing for 2-yards, W/Lorena 34-24.

Aric Grimm, RB, Florence, 18-carries for 229-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Chilton 42-34.

Solomon Harvey, QB, Methodist Children’s Home, 11-20 passing for 268-yards, 6-TD’s, 6-carries for 94-yards, 1-TD, W/Abbott 74-59.

Anthony Jackson, RB, Temple, 112-yards rushing, 2-TD’s, 1-TD catch (26), W/Belton 66-34.

Kaydyn Johnson, QB, Abbott, 30-carries for 208-yards, 4-TD’s, 3-8 passing for 83-yards, 1-TD, L/Methodist Children’s Home 74-59.

Sam Jones, FB, Troy, 6-carries for 146-yards, 2-TD’s, 4-catches for 62-yards, W/Jarrell 49-13.

Sir Charleston Lee, RB, Marlin, 17-carries for 230-yards, 5-TD’s, W/Rosebud-Lott 33-0.

Dakota Mynarcik, RB, Bynum, 28-carries for 278-yards, 5-TD’s, 2-catches for 23-yards, 1-TD, W/Iredell 46-44.

Nathan Quattlebaum, RB, Bruceville-Eddy, 19-carries for 191-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Itasca 49-6.

Riley Perry, RB, Clifton, 6-carries for 152-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Venus 73-6.

Jerome Ratliff, WR, Waco High, 5-catches for 124-yards, L/Copperas Cove 41-24.

Austin Searcy, RB, Riesel, 10-carries for 166-yards, 1-TD, W/Moody 64-48.

Micah Smith, QB, Hearne, 21-31 passing for 467-yards, 6-TD’s, W/Thrall 48-25.

Zakorian Spikes, WR, Cameron Yoe, 4-catches for 126-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Katy St. John XXIII 44-7.

Jeremiah Stroupe, RB, University, 29-carries for 222-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Joshua 30-27.

Jay’Veon Sunday, RB, Connally, 19-carries for 245-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Lorena 34-24.

Isael (E-Sci-L) Uribe, RB, Oglesby, 14-carries for 122-yards, 2-TD’s, 3-catches for 85-yards, 1-TD, W/Prairie Lea 80-39.

Reggie Williams, RB, Methodist Children’s Home, 6-carries for 62-yards, 1-TD, 6-catches for 96-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Abbott 74-59.

Vance Willis, QB, Temple, 15-19 passing for 291-yards, 4-TD’s, 72-yards rushing, 1-TD, W/Belton 66-34.


Joseph Cardiel (Car-Dee-El), DE, Methodist Children’s Home, 13-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-Sack, 2-CF, 2-FR, W/Abbott 74-59.

Datron Dixon, DB, Franklin, 2-Interceptions, one returned 75-yards, both setup TD’s, W/Elkhart 48-22.

T.J. Fertsch, DB, Clifton, 1-Interception, 1-Blocked Punt, W/Venus 73-6.

Billy Gann, LB, West, 12-Tackles, 2-TFL, W/Groesbeck 33-14.

Eduardo Gil, DL, Cameron Yoe, 9-Tackles, 4-TFL, W/Katy St. John XXIII 44-7.

Ramon Jackson, Temple, 2-Interceptions, one that he lateraled for a TD, W/Belton 66-34.

Tyler Jarolik, CB, Troy, 2-Interceptions, 1-PBU, 3-Tackles, W/Jarrell 49-13.

Sir Charleston Lee, OLB, Marlin, 17-Tackles, 2-TFL, W/Rosebud-Lott 33-0.

Tydae Mayes, Marlin, 2-Interceptions, 6-Tackles, W/Rosebud-Lott 33-0.

Jordan Nichols, LB/DB, Connally, 10-Tackles, 1-Sack, 1-PBU, W/Lorena 34-24.

Tristyn Pechacek, LB, China Spring, 7-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-CF, L/Houston St. Thomas 14-13.

Griffin Phillips, DE, Clifton, 8-Tackles, 4-TFL, W/Venus 73-6.

Isael (E-Sci-L) Uribe, LB, Oglesby, 14-Tackles, 1-CF, 1-FR, 2-Blocked FG’s, W/Prairie Lea 80-39.

Reece Vazquez, MLB, Harker Heights, 8-Tackles, 1-Sack, 1-FR to end the game in OT, W/Ellison 24-21 (OT).

Special Teams:

Hector Aviles, K, McGregor, 2-FG’s (23, 37) with last one the game-winner with :03.6 left, 2-2 XP’s, 3-punts for 33.0-average, W/Maypearl 20-17.

Ethan Fuentes, KR, Reicher, 87-yard KR for TD, W/T.K. Gorman 60-14.

Zakorian Spikes, Cameron Yoe, 76-yard PR for TD, W/Katy St. John XXIII 44-7.

Isael Uribe, KR, Oglesby, 2-KR for 105-yards, 1-TD (60), 2-Blocked FG’s, W/Prairie Lea 80-39.

Jaime Vargas, K, Harker Heights, 1-1 XP, 3-FG’s (18, 35, 33) including what proved to be the game winning FG in OT, W/Ellison 24-21 (OT).

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