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Week 3 East and Central Texas "Player of the Week" Polls
Wednesday, 16th September 2020 - 10:40AM
Week 3 East and Central Texas "Player of the Week" Polls

East Texas.

Central Texas.

Voting deadline is Wednesday, 12:00pm.

East Texas:


Donovan Adkins, WR, Kilgore, 4-catches for 141-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Alvarado 45-0.

Keizion Ashford, WR/RB, Grapeland, 3-carries for 109-yards, 1-TD, 1-Catch for 44-yards (TD), W/Cayuga 50-6.

Terrell Blanton, WR/RB, Scurry-Rosser, 1-TD Pass (68), 1-TD Run (56), 1-TD Catch (77), W/Kemp 21-14.

Al Burgin, QB, DeKalb, 9-carries for 109-yards, 2-TD’s, 1-Passing TD, W/Linden-Kildare 28-0.

Chris Cade, RB, Canton, 23-carries for 198-yards, 6-TD’s, 2-catches for 6-yards, L/Caddo Mills 57-47.

Tabor Childs, RB, Harleton, 14-carries for 163-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Rivercrest 33-26 (OT).

Trell Devers, RB, Elysian Fields, 17-carries for 169-yards, 1-TD, W/Winona 48-7.

Coy Elton, QB, Palestine Westwood, 10-10 passing for 215-yards, 5-TD’s, 12-carries for 45-yards, 1-TD, W/Eustace 50-28.

Brennan Ferguson, QB, Spring Hill, 12-17 passing for 212-yards, 2-TD’s, 61-yards rushing, 1-TD, W/Community 48-28.

Dylan Fluellen, WR, Gilmer, 3-catches for 102-yards, 1-TD, W/Atlanta 73-26.

Cam Ford, QB, Chapel Hill, 15-21 passing for 218-yards, 3-TD’s, 18-carries for 208-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Terrell 51-42.

Will Grider, QB, Rivercrest, 18-24 passing for 221-yards, 3-TD’s, 19-carries for 59-yards, 1-TD, L/Harleton 33-26 (OT).

Keamodre Horace, RB, Center, 24-carries for 391-yards, 5-TD’s, 1-catch for 3-yards, W/Gladewater 41-40.

Jackson Illingsworth, TE/RB/WR, Elysian Fields, 7-catches for 66-yards, 1-TD, 4-carries for 56-yards, 2-TD’s, 2-Pancake Blocks, W/Winona 48-7.

Nick Lacy, WR, Mount Vernon, 2-catches for 169-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Paul Pewitt 42-14.

Carl Lambrick, RB, Jasper, 16-carries for 320-yards, 6-TD’s, W/Newton 63-20.

Ilonzo “Deuce” McGregor, WR, Chapel Hill, 8-catches for 166-yards, 1-TD, 1-2 passing for 32-yards, W/Terrell 51-42.

Allen Nigreville, RB, Ore City, 8-carries for 98-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Big Sandy 41-14.

Dawson Pendergrass, RB, Mineola, 14-carries for 193-yards (long-93), 3-catches for 89-yards, 1-TD, W/West Rusk 36-14.

Jackson Rainey, QB, Van, 14-25 passing for 190-yards, 1-TD (3-Int), 17-carries for 172-yards, 1-TD, L/Lindale 33-28.

Damir Rascoe, WR, Queen City, 4-catches for 220-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Quitman 65-13.

Cole Ring, RB, Harleton, 17-carries for 197-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Rivercrest 33-26 (OT).

Ryan Shastid, RB, Ore City, 10-carries for 123-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Big Sandy 41-14.

Alex Shelton, QB, Queen City, 5-12 passing for 254-yards, 3-TD’s, 12-carries for 170-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Quitman 65-13.

Brandon Tennison, QB, Gilmer, 16-23 passing for 394-yards, 4-TD’s, 7-carries for 50-yards, 1-TD, W/Atlanta 73-26.

T.J. Townley, QB, Caddo Mills, 15-19 passing for 274-yards, 3-TD’s, 20-carries for 217-yards, 5-TD’s, W/Canton 57-45.

Kayden Upchurch, RB, Hawkins, 18-carries for 201-yards, 1-TD, 1-2XP, 1-catch for 13-yards, W/Boles 35-0.

Jamar Vaughn, RB, DeKalb, 8-carries for 120-yards, W/Linden-Kildare 28-0.

Cadarian Wiley, RB, Grapeland, 7-carries for 202-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Cayuga 50-6.

J’Koby Williams, RB, Beckville, 12-carries for 218-yards, 4-TD’s, 1-catch for 30-yards, W/Maud 75-14.


Grayson Barnett, Union Grove, 13-Tackles, 1-Interception, 1-PBU, W/Alba-Golden 12-8.

Brody Barnhill, LB, Spring Hill, 9-Tackles, one fourth-down stop at 1-yard line, W/Community 48-28.

Brett Byrd, OLB, Ore City, 9-Tackles, 2-TFL, 2-QBP, W/Big Sandy 41-14.

Eli Caruthers, Kilgore, 15-Tackles, ½-TFL, W/Alvarado 45-0.

Alex Chavez, Kilgore, 7-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-Sack, W/Alvarado 45-0.

Tabor Childs, DE, Harleton, 12-Tackles (7-Solo), 5-TFL, 4-Sacksd, 3-QBP, W/Rivercrest 33-26 (OT).

Brack Dyer, MLB, Chapel Hill, 16-Tackles, 1-TFL, W/Terrell 51-42.

Devin Gaffney, DeKalb, 10-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-Sack, W/Linden-Kildare 28-0.

Keshun Hoyt, Center, 15-Tackles, W/Gladewater 41-40.

Ryan Jackson, DE, Alba-Golden, 16-Tackles, 5-TFL, 1-CF, L/Union Grove 12-8.

Jake Liker, Center, 17-Tackles, 2-TFL, W/Gladewater 41-40.

Arie Love, DeKalb, 7-Tacklels, 1-Sack, W/Linden-Kildare 28-0.

T.J. Moreland, Mineola, 1-FR for TD, W/West Rusk 36-14.

Allen Nigreville, FS, Ore City, 9-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-PBU, W/Big Sandy 41-14.

Max Richardson, DE/LB, Chapel Hill 16-Tackles, 2-TFL, W/Terrell 51-42.

D.D. Rodgers, Daingerfield, 2-Interceptions, 1-TD (37), W/Sabine 35-14.

Landon Swank, S, Elysian Fields, 2-Interceptions, 1-CF, 2-PBU, 4-Tackles, W/Winona 48-7.

Ross Tapley, DeKalb, 12-Tackles, 4-TFL, 1-Sack, W/Linden-Kildare 28-0.

Cameron Weekly, NG, Pleasant Grove, 8-Tackles, 2-TFL, 2-Sacks, defense held Paris to 39-yards of total offense, W/Paris 35-7.

Airik Williams, Lindale, 3-Interceptions, W/Van 33-28.

Cade Willis, LB, Cushing, 8 ½-Tackles, 4-TFL, 1-FR for TD in 2 ½-Quarters, W/Burkeville 62-0.

Jaylin Wood, MLB, Ore City, 8-Tackles, 1-CF, W/Big Sandy 41-14.

Special Teams:

D.J. Allen, Gladewater, 83-yard PR and 79-yard KR that setup two TD’s, L/Center 41-40.

Chris Baldazo, K, Kilgore, 6-6 XP’s, 1-FG (43), W/Alvarado 45-0.

Terrell Blanton, P, Scurry-Rosser, 7-punts for 40-yard “net” average, Long-61, W/Kemp 21-14.

Jose Hernandez, K, Gilmer, 5-6 XP’s, 1-FG (28), W/Atlanta 73-26.

Nathan Keller, Gladewater, Blocked Punt Return for TD (26), L/Center 41-40.

Adolfo Tamayo, K, Chapel Hill, 6-6 XP’s, 1-FG (40), 6-Touchbacks, W/Terrell 51-42.


Central Texas:


Emmanuel Abdallah, RB, China Spring, 28-carries for 240-yards, 4-TD’s, 1-catch for 2-yards, W/Brownwood 35-14.

Colby Bailey, QB, Hamilton, 7-9 passing for 277-yards, 4-TD’s, 3-carries for 47-yards, 1-TD, W/Hico 66-0.

Jaray Bledsoe, RB, Bremond, 8-carries for 180-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Milano 43-0.

Major Bowden, ATH, China Spring, 15-carries for 105-yards, 7-10 passing for 82-yards, 1-TD, W/Brownwood 35-14.

Derik Davenport, Morgan, 202-yards passing, 4-TD’s, 133-yards rushing, 3-TD’s, 1-TD Catch, W/Bynum 74-29.

Dillon Denman, WR, Centerville, 8-catches for 131-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Thorndale 30-14.

Kason English, Slot Receiver, Grandview, 7-catches for 157-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Grandview 41-7.

Trapper Ensor, QB, Bruceville-Eddy, 12-26 passing for 231-yards, 1-TD, 11-carries for 44-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Florence 35-21.

John Formba, QB, Methodist Children’s Home, 16-23 passing for 375-yards, 7-TD’s, 2-carries for 37-yards, W/St. Paul’s Prep 75-29.

Josh Gaddy, RB, Parkview Academy, 14-carries for 123-yards, 2-TD’s, 2-catches for 15-yards, W/Aquilla 36-18.

T.J. Grimes, WR, Bremond, 3-catches for 120-yards, 1-TD, W/Milano 43-0.

Mason Hardy, QB, Normangee, 13-14 passing for 229-yards, 2-TD’s, 12-carries for 91-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Chilton 48-15.

Trey Holdman, RB, Mexia, 8-carries for 96-yards, 1-TD, 2-catches for 96-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Navasota 38-14.

Zach Hrbacek, RB, Troy, 20-carries for 250-yards, 6-TD’s, 1-catch for 13-yards, W/Robinson 48-6.

Trey Janek, RB, West, 10-carries for 145-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Blooming Grove 28-7.

Armando Jaurez, QB, Madisonville, 10-18 passing for 89-yards, 2-TD’s, 5-carries for 34-yards, 1-TD, W/Teague 24-7.

Kadyn Johnson, RB, Abbott, 24-carries for 261-yards, 7-TD’s, W/Covington 51-6.

Izaha Jones, WR, Normangee, 7-catches for 132-yards, 2-TD’s, 6-carries for 63-yards, 2-TD’s, 1-1 passing for 9-yards, W/Chilton 48-15.

Seth Kasowski, QB, Bremond, 7-10 passing for 185-yards, 1-TD, 13-carries for 205-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Milano 43-0.

Jared Kerr, RB, Lexington, 25-carries for 231-yards, 3-TD’s, 3-6 passing for 46-yards, 2-TD’s, 1-2XP, W/Rockdale 35-34.

C.J. Lanehart, QB, Parkview Academy, 10-carries for 91-yards, 1-TD, 5-9 passing for 46-yards, 1-TD, W/Aquilla 36-18.

VeAndre McDaniel, QB, McGregor, 6-9 passing for 96-yards, 3-TD’s, 10-carries for 180-yards, 2-TD’s (Long-97), W/Jarrell 56-35.

Jaylin McWilliams, WR, Academy, 1-carry for 68-yards, 1-TD, 3-catches for 28-yards, 1-TD, W/Groesbeck 45-0.

Noah Mescher, RB, Salado, 27-carries for 364-yards, 5-TD’s, W/Stephenville 61-46.

Le’Marion Miller, QB, Mexia, 10-carries for 57-yards, 1-TD, 3-4 passing for 118-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Navasota 38-14.

Denver Poe, WR, Hamilton, 4-catches for 166-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Hico 66-0.

Pablo Rubio, RB, Bruceville-Eddy, 18-carries for 127-yards, 2-TD’s, 2-catches for 67-yards, 1-TD, W/Florence 35-21.

Luis Sierra, WR, Methodist Children’s Home, 3-catches for 165-yards, 3-TD’s, W/St. Paul’s Prep 75-29.

Jar’Quae Walton, RB, La Vega, 27-carries for 192-yards, 1-TD (71), W/Corpus Christi Calallen 21-13.

Ace Whitehead, QB, Lampasas, 10-carries for 218-yards, 3-TD’s, 5-17 passing for 135-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Wimberley 57-28.

Jarrell Wiley, RB, Mexia, 20-carries for 110-yards, 1-catch for 35-yards, W/Navasota 38-14.

Tyler Wilson, RB, Jonesboro, 5-carries for 161-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Joshua Johnson County 76-44.


Jaden Anderson, DE, West, 8-Tackles, 5-TFL, 2-Sacks, 1-QBP, W/Blooming Grove 28-7.

Homer Arizpe, DE, Maypearl, 9-Tackles, 5-TFL, 4-Sacks, 2-QBP, W/Clifton 17-7.

Colton Barbo, LB, Cameron Yoe, 16-Tackles (12-Solo), W/Franklin 37-8.

Jaray Bledsoe, DL, Bremond, 12-Tackles, 3-TFL, W/Milano 43-0.

Dontavious Daniels, DE, Mexia, 6-Tackles, 2-Sacks, W/Navasota 38-14.

Derik Davenport, Morgan, 10-Tackles, 2-CF, 2-FR, W/Bynum 74-29.

Brayden Faulkner, China Spring, 9-Tackles, 1-TFL, W/Brownwood 35-14.

Josh Gaddy, Parkview Academy, 3-Tackles, 1-FR for TD (57), W/Aquilla 36-18.

Jacob Irvin, DL, Parkview Academy, 12-Tackles, 6-TFL, 6-Sacks, 2-CF, 1-FR, W/Aquilla 36-18.

Vincent Henderson, DT, La Vega, 10-Tackles, 1-TFL, W/Corpus Christi Calallen 21-13.

Javon Iglehart, FS, La Vega, 20-Tackles (7-Solo), 1-PBU, W/Corpus Christi Calallen 21-13.

Zamarion Johnson, OLB, La Vega, 11-Tackles, W/Corpus Christi Calallen 21-13.

Jared Kerr, Lexington, 17-Tackles, 1-Interception, W/Rockdale 35-34.

Kane Kluas, Abbott, 12 ½-Tackles, 2 ½-TFL, W/Covington 51-6.

C.J. Lanehart, Parkview Academy, 9-Tackles, 1-FR for TD (20), W/Aquilla 36-18.

Jaylin McWilliams, DB, Academy, 5-Tackles, 2-Interceptions for 118-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Groesbeck 45-0.

Frankie Montoya, CB, Hillsboro, 6-Tackles, 2-Interceptions, W/Bridgeport 23-6.

M.J. Ryman, LB, Hubbard, 18-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-Sack, 2-QB Hits, 3-QBP, W/Moody 20-15.

Jaidyn Sanchez, DB, Cameron Yoe, 10-Tackles, 1-Interception, W/Franklin 37-8.

Owen Seaver, DE, Lampasas, 9-Tackles (7-Solo), 2-Sacks, 2-TFL, 6-QBP, W/Wimberley 57-28.

Frankie Smith III, CB, Mexia, 3-Tackles, 1-Interception, W/Navasota 38-14.

Jace Snook, LB, Madisonville, 12-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-Big Hit, W/Teague 24-7.

Saveon Spencer, MLB, Hillsboro, 12-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-Sack, 1-CF, W/Bridgeport 23-6.

Colby Tolbert, LB, Bruceville-Eddy, 14-Tackles, 1-QBP, 1-PBU, W/Florence 35-21.

Ayden Tomasek, LB, Holland, 6 ½-Tackles, 2-Interceptions, W/Johnson City 41-0.

Brandon Vanek, S, West, 9-Tackles, 3-TFL, 2-Sacks, 1-QBP, W/Blooming Grove 28-7.

Darrion White, OLB, La Vega, 10-Tackles, 1-TFL, W/Corpus Christi Calallen 21-13.

Hunter Wilganowski, LB, Bremond, 15-Tackles, 1-TFL, W/Milano 43-0.

Marcus Willis, CB, La Vega, 13-Tackles, 1-PBU, W/Corpus Christi Calallen 21-13.

Kadin Workman, LB, Troy, 9-Tackles, 2-Sacks, 2-TFL, 1-XP Blocked, 2-FR, W/Robinson 48-6.

Special Teams:

Jared Kerr, PR, Lexington, 1-PR for 50-yards, W/Navasota 35-34.

Vlaadamir Morales, K, Madisonville, 3-3 XP’s, 1-FG (35), W/Teague 24-7.

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