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Coaching Staff Information
Updated for 2014

Head Football Coach : Phil Castles
Office phone number : 903655-5033
Cell phone number : 9036549258
Work e-mail address : pcastles@hendersonisd.org

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All-Time NFL List
I need your feedback on any additions that need to be made.
A great deal of the following has been through personal memory and a lot of timely research.

*Signifies currently in the NFL. Teams in parenthesis indicate other teams they've played for during their career.

*Drew Coleman, CB, PR, Jets

Rickey Dudley, TE, Raiders-2005 (Buccaneers, Raiders, Browns)
Joe Wylie, RB/WR, Raiders
Toby Mills, OL, Cowboys
Tommy Wade, QB, Steelers
Dennis Duncan, RB, 49ers (Drafted-NFL), Raiders (Drafted-AFL), Oilers, CFL-Montreal, Ottawa (Led CFL in Rushing, 1969 with 1,069-Yards)
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All-Time All-State Selections
Joe Wylie (Back)- 1967, 1968
Tony Gorman (DL)- 1969
Dan Carroll (DB)- 1969
Billy Wayne Lee (End)- 1971
David Dudley (OG)- 1971
Jimmy Summers (C)- 1971
Joe Paul Paige (RB)- 1973
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Historical Stats, Records, and Program Information
1914 1-1-0 xx- xx
1915 0-1-0 xx- xx
1917 0-1-0 xx- xx
1919 1-2-1 xx- xx
1920 0-2-0 xx- xx
1921 0-3-0 xx- xx
1922 2-3-1 xx- xx
1923 2-6-0 xx- xx R.T. Milner, Jr.

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All-Time All-Smoaky Selections

3rd-Team Defense:
DT-Corey Fletcher

Honorable Mention:
QB-Tyrell Jenkins
FB-Kyron Reese
WR-LaMarcus Brown
DE-Imari Pollard
ILB-Cord Fletcher
S-Trey Vallier
KR/PR-LaMarcus Brown
XP/FG-Dylan Culp
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