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Coaching Staff Information
Updated for 2014

Head Football Coach : MIKE WOOD
Office phone number : 903-988-3920
Cell phone number : 903-985-1034
Work e-mail address : MWOOD@KISD.ORG
Home e-mail address : MWOOD@KISD.ORG

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All-Time NFL List
I need your feedback on any additions that need to be made.

A great deal of the following has been through personal memory and a lot of timely research.

*Signifies currently in the NFL. Teams in parenthesis indicate other teams they've played for during their career.

Alvin Dee Reed, TE, Oilers
Eddie Hare, P, Patriots
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All-Time All-State Selections
Jack Morgan (Guard)- 1953
Larry Hickman (OL)-1954
Buddy Humphrey (RB)-1954
Jope Foster (RB)-1956
Kenny Thompson (RB)-1957
Lew Sibley (DL)- 1973
Travis Crouch (DL)- 1973
Robert Durham (RB)- 1978
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Historical Stats, Records, and Program Information
1931 5-3-0 104-80
1932 5-3-0 75-56
1933 4-4-1 116-91 Johnny Wright
1934 2-4-2 97-117 Bob Waters
1935 0-8-0 25-243 Bob Waters
1936 4-4-1 104-156 Bob Waters
1937 4-3-1 66-72 Bob Waters
1938 3-5-0 67-113 Bob Waters
1939 7-2-0 97-70 I.B. Hale
1940 6-1-2 156-65 I.B. Hale

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All-Time All-Smoaky Selections

Offensive Newcomer of the Year:
RB-LaDarius Anthony

Honorable Mention:
RB-LaDarius Anthony
FB-Braylon McCarty
TE-Taylor Carter
OT-Blayne Cole
XP/FG-Ryan Bustin
P-Ryan Bustin
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