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5A College Station
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Coaching Staff Information

Updated for 2017
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Basic Info
School Name    : College Station
Head Football Coach    : Steve Huff
Office phone number    : 979-731-6779
Cell phone number    : 979-255-9155
Work e-mail address    : [email protected]
Head Coach Twitter Name    :
Stadium Changes    :

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Pass Attempts, Season:
257-Marquez Perez, 2016

Pass Completions, Season:
173-Marquez Perez, 2016

Passing Yards, Season:
2,220-Marquez Perez, 2016

Passing TD's, Game:
5-Marquez Perez, 2016, vs. Bryan Rudder
5-Ty Brock, 2016, vs. Houston C.E. King

Passing TD's, Season:
27-Marquez, Perez, 2016

Receptions, Game:
8-Braden Tschirhart, 2016, vs. Bryan Rudder

Receiving Yards, Game:
156-Eric Peterson, 2016, vs. Waco High
148-Braden Tschirthart, 2016, vs. Bryan Rudder

Receiving TD's, Game:
3-Eric Peterson, 2016, vs. Waco High
3-Braden Tschirthart, 2016, vs. Bryan Rudder

Tackles, Game:
23-Mark Wagner, 2016, vs. Houston St. Thomas

Tackles, Season:
183-Mark Wagner, 2016

Sacks, Game:
6-Matthew Rusk, 2017, vs. A&M Consolidated
5-Marquis Conchola, 2017, vs. A&M Consolidated

Most Punt Returns for TD:
2-Eric Peterson, 2016, vs. University

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