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General Information
Updated for 2014

Head Football Coach : Whitney Keeling
Office phone number : 903-687-1500
Cell phone number : 903-985-2895
Work e-mail address : Wkeeling@waskomisd.net

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All-Time NFL List
All-Time NFL List

I need your feedback on any additions that need to be made.

A great deal of the following has been through personal memory and a lot of timely research.

*Signifies currently in the NFL. Teams in parenthesis indicate other teams they've played for during their career.

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All-Time All-State Selections

Tim Jackson (DB)- 1977

Justin Spurlin (DT) - 2012
Kevin Johnson (FS) - 2012
Chandrin Amie (LB) - 2012

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Historical Stats, Records, and Program Information
1931 0-2-0 xx- xx
1932 0-2-0 xx- xx
1957 3-6-0 99-202 Guy Mixon
1958 0-10-0 50-290 Guy Mixon
1959 8-2-0 420-153 Mac Reynolds
1960 4-5-1 176-175 Billy Frreeman
1961 8-2-1 358-118 Billy Freeman
1962 9-2-0 312- 88 Billy Freeman

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All-Time All-Smoaky Selections

4th Team Defense:
Winfred Byrd - DT
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