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The "Superlatives"

Most Valuable Player

Rohan Fluellen, Jr., WR, Gilmer

88-catches for 1,420-yards, 11-TD's, 11-carries for 60-yards, 2-TD's, 8-Interceptions, 1-Defensive TD, 2-Special Teams Returns for TD's. District Offensive MVP.

Gilmer head coach Alan Metzel, "Rohan Fluellen grew up a "field house rat." With older brothers playing for the Buckeyes, Rohan has been a regular at 2-A-Days for years. Now it is his time to shine as a three-way starter (offense/defense/special teams) where he is a difference maker in each area. His football intelligence is off the charts. His ball skills are tremendous as well."

The Alpha-Dawg!

Dee Lewis, Sr., QB, Daingerfield

133-230 passing for 2,950-yards, 37-TD's, 30-carries for 198-yards, 1-TD, 141-Tackles (88-Solo), 1-Sack, 15-TFL, 5-CF, 1-FR, 3-Interceptions, 2-QBP, 3-PBU, 1-Defensive TD. District Overall MVP.

Daingerfield head coach Davin Nelson, "Dee Lewis has truly been a pleasure to coach. He is one of those kinds of athletes that every coach hopes to work with at some point in their career. Respectful and polite to coaches and patrons, and vicious on either side of the ball against any opponent."

Mr. Relentless

Terry Bussey, 5-11, 175, Soph., QB, Timpson

94-141 passing for 1,708-yards, 22-TD's, 95-carries for 1,445-yards, 28-TD's, 73-Tackles, 3-TFL, 2-CF, 7-Interceptions (17 career Interceptions). District MVP.

Timpson head coach Kerry Therwhanger, "Terry is the kind of athlete that makes coaching enjoyable. Outstanding on the field and in the classroom. One of the best I've ever coached."

The Straw that Stirs the Drink

Ryan Harris, Sr., QB, Beckville

87-143 passing for 1,873-yards, 26-TD's, 133-carries for 1,160-yards (8.7), 26-TD's, 5-catch for 82-yards, 1-TD, 123-Tackles, 2-Interceptions.

Beckville football coach Cody Ross, "As a coach you hope to have a chance to coach kids who love to compete and who are completely coachable and are incredible people. Ryan Harris is a young man that fits all of those things and more. He's a winner, in football and in life and will always find a way to win. He's made me a better coach and what a ride it's been. I could not be prouder of him; I love that kid."

Mr. Iron Man

Dawson Pendergrass, 6-3, 212, Jr., RB, Mineola

195-carries for 2,004-yards, 26-TD's, 17-catches for 356-yards, 4-TD's, 47-Tackles, 3-Interceptions, 1-Defensive TD, (missed 2 1/2-games with injury).

Mineola head coach Luke Blackwell, "Dawson is a special kid and special talent for us. He is a high character kid and unquestioned leader in our athletic program. Dawson is one of the hardest working and most competitive athletes I've ever coached and is so deserving of every special recognition and accolade that he receives!"

Offensive Player of the Year

Brandon Tennison, Sr., QB, Gilmer

262-381 passing for 3,877-yards, 36-TD's, 88-carries for 468-yards, 2-TD's. District Overall MVP.

Gilmer head coach Alan Metzel, "Brandon Tennison was the epitome of a field general for the Gilmer Buckeyes the last two seasons. He led the right way: hard work, selflessness, investing in his teammates and always wanting what was best for the team."

Defensive Player of the Year

Kip Lewis, 6-2, 200, Sr., LB, Carthage

119-Tackles, 22-TFL, 4-QBP, 5-Sacks, 2-PBU, 1-CF, 1-Interception.

Carthage head coach Scott Surratt, "Obviously Kip is a great player with great talent, and we're so proud of him on how he conducts himself not only on the field but off the field. The sky is the limit for him!"

Offensive Lineman of the Year

Keviyan Huddleston, 6-5, 230, Jr., OT, Chapel Hill

Graded-90% for offense that averaged 500-yards and 40-points per game, 58-Knockdowns. District Offensive Lineman of the Year.

Chapel Hill head coach Jeff Riordan, "Keviyan is a rare talent as a 6'5" DE/LT that can run a 4.7 40 and poster dunk a basketball. He is a great kid with all the intangibles you want in an athlete. Hard worker with great character."

Defensive Lineman of the Year

Derrick Brown, 6-4, 215, Sr., DE, Texas High

88-Tackles (63-Solo), 12-Sacks, 30-QBP, 1-CF, 1-FR, 2-Blocked XP's.

Texas High head coach Gerry Stanford, "Over the last 3-years Derrick has played some really high-level football that put himself in position to be one of the top-rated edge rushers in the country. His ceiling to continue to improve is going to allow him to do great things at Texas and he has that unique skill set of height, arm length, speed, and violence."

Special Teams Player of the Year

Jackson Richardson, 6-4, 175, Sr., KR/PR, Tatum

1-KR for TD, 1-PR for TD, 2-Blocked FG's, 2-Blocked Punts and handled 100% of the deep snapping duties for punts, XP's, and FG's. District Utility Player MVP.

Tatum football coach Jason Holman, "Jackson Richardson is a great example of what an outstanding work ethic does for a young man. From the time I arrived at Tatum, he put his head down, went to work, and made himself into the player he is today. Great young man and well deserving of the honor."

Offensive Newcomer of the Year

Demetrius Brisbon, 6-1, 175, Fr., QB, Chapel Hill

69-129 passing for 1,001-yards, 11-TD's, 121-carries for 1,357-yards, 17-TD's. Offensive Newcomer of the Year.

Defensive Newcomer of the Year

Boone Morris, 6-3, 200, Soph., DE, Mount Vernon

141-Tackles, 38-TFL, 8-Sacks, 4-CF, 2-FR, 37-QBP, 1st-Team AD.

Coach of the Year

Jeff Riordan, Head Coach, Chapel Hill

Riordan took over a program with championship pedigree but one that had just six wins over the three previous years when he arrived in 2020. Chapel Hill has two state championships in their history, 1989 and 2011 and a finalist appearance in 2010.

Riordan led the Bulldogs to a magical run to the semifinals before gut-wrenching loss to Austin L.B.J. in the final seconds and Riordan said, "what made this team special was how we rode the waves of emotions and the ups and downs and took on and survived whatever adversity we faced, including the three-game losing streak early in district play. We as a program were so resilient including everyone, coaches and players rising to the occasion when we went with a freshman quarterback during our loss to Palestine. And we found new energy and the ability to raise our level every week and I'm not sure we ever actually reached our peak and still were so close to playing for a state championship."

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First Team Offense

Drop Back/Spread QB

Brandon Tennison, Sr., QB, Gilmer, 262-381 passing for 3,877-yards, 36-TD's, 88-carries for 468-yards, 2-TD's. District Overall MVP.

Dual Threat QB

Terry Bussey, 5-11, 175, Soph., QB, Timpson, 94-141 passing for 1,708-yards, 22-TD's, 95-carries for 1,445-yards, 28-TD's, District MVP.

Option Quarterback

Cole Watson, 6-1, 190, Soph., QB, Waskom, 153-carries for 1,279-yards, 27-TD's, 44-85 passing for 904-yards, 12-TD's, District Co-MVP.

Running Backs

Makenzie McGill, 5-10, 180, Jr., RB, Mount Vernon, 291-carries for 2,152-yards, 35-TD's, 29-catches for 448-yards, 5-TD's, District MVP.

Jamarion Miller, 5-11, 200, Sr., RB, Tyler Legacy, 166-carries for 1,406-yards, 14-TD's, 29-catches for 380-yards, 6-TD's.

Davin Rider, Sr., RB, Kilgore, 235-carries for 2,286-yards, 28-TD's, 10-catches for 145-yards, District Overall MVP.

Braylon Stewart, 5-11, 210, Sr., RB, Texas High, 275-carries for 1,968-yards (7.2), 27-TD's. Career: 431-3,221-43.


D.J. Allen, Athlete, Gladewater, 109-carries for 1,008-yards, 10-TD's, 12-catches for 288-yards, 1-TD, 50-109 passing for 741-yards, 3-TD's, District MVP.

Tight End/H-Back/Fullback

Tesean Hamilton, Jr., FB, Waskom, 134-carries for 1,044-yards, 16-TD's, District Co-Offensive MVP.

Wide Receivers

Caydon Coffman, 5-10, 175, Sr., WR, Mount Vernon, 79-catches for 1,638-yards, 24-TD's. District Offensive Player of the Year.

Rohan Fluellen, Jr., WR, Gilmer, 88-catches for 1,420-yards, 11-TD's, 11-carries for 60-yards, 2-TD's. District Offensive MVP.

Jalen Hale, 6-2, 175, Jr., WR, Longview, 50-catches for 1,154-yds, 14-TD's, 4-carries for 34-yds.

Heston Kelly, 5-10, 180, Sr., WR, Rusk, 119-catches for 1,186-yards, 10-TD's, 11th All-Time in Texas history for single season receptions, led entire state this season.

Jaden Lenamond, 5-11, 175, Sr., WR, Caddo Mills, 55-catches for 1,120-yards, 20-TD's, records for receiving yards/game (237), TD's Season (20), Receiving Yards/Season (1,120).

Offensive Tackles

Clay Fant, Sr., OT, Waskom, Graded-93%, 67-Knockdowns, 41-Pancakes, opened holes specifically for 7-TD's, 11-Blocks made 20+-yards downfield.

Keviyan Huddleston, 6-5, 230, Jr., OT, Chapel Hill, Graded-90% for offense that averaged 500-yards and 40-points per game, 58-Knockdowns. District Offensive Lineman of the Year.

Offensive Guards

Osbaldo Avendano, 6-0, 245, OG, West Rusk, Graded-92%, 56-Pancakes, District Offensive Lineman of the Year.

Ezequiel Vasquez, Sr., OG, Waskom, Graded-92%, 71-Knockdowns, 43-Pancakes, 3-Year Starter, District Offensive Lineman of the Year, 2021 offense averaged 390-yards rushing per games (10.12-yards per carry), 5,858-total yards offense and 92-TD's.


Jarrett Henry, 6-6, 315, C, , Palestine, Graded-97%, 56-Pancakes, started 35-games, TSWA All-State in 2020.

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First Team Defense

Defensive Ends

Derrick Brown, 6-4, 215, Sr., DE, Texas High, 88-Tackles (63-Solo),12-Sacks,30-QBP,1-CF,1-FR,2-Blocked XP's.

Drenon Fite, 6-5, 220, Sr., DE, Tatum, 63-Tackles (40-Solo),11-TFL, 3-Sacks, 1-FR, 6-QB Knockdowns, 7-QBP. Career: 212-Tackles, 27-TFL, 11-Sacks, 2-Time District Defensive Lineman of the Year.

Pass Rush Specialist

Boone Morris, 6-3, 200, Soph., DE, Mount Vernon, 141-Tackles, 38-TFL, 8-Sacks, 4-CF, 2-FR, 37-QBP, 1st-Team AD.

Defensive Tackles

Tre Emory, Sr., DT/NT, Mount Pleasant, 48-Tackles,17-TFL,9-Sacks, 1-Blocked Kick, 5-CF, 4-FR, 4-PBU (all in 7-games after missing non-district with injury). 2020 1st Team TSWA All-State.

Cullen Fite, 6-2, 285, Jr., DT, Tatum, 53-Tackles (37-Solo), 16-TFL, 3-Sacks, 1-CF, 1-Interception for TD, 3-4-QBP. District Defensive MVP.


Dee Lewis, Sr., OLB, Daingerfield, 141-Tackles (88-Solo),1-Sack,15-TFL, 5-CF, 1-FR, 3-Interceptions, 2-QBP, 3-PBU, 1-Defensive TD. District MVP.

Kip Lewis, 6-2, 200, Sr., LB, Carthage, 119-Tackles, 22-TFL, 4-QBP, 5-Sacks, 2-PBU, 1-CF, 1-Interception.

D.K. Rose, 5-8, 190, Sr., Malakoff, 105-Tackles, 16-TFL, 2-FR, 2-CF, 2-Interceptions, 1-Interception for TD. District Defensive MVP.

Jacob Villela, 6-0, 205, LB, Tyler High, 130-Tackles,7-TFL, 10-Sacks, 9-QBP, 3-CF, 4-FR, Team Captain, 2-Year Starter.

Hybrid Linebacker

Taber Childs, 6-2, 216, Sr., DE/LB, Harleton, 116-Tackles, 28-TFL, 4-CF, 3-FR, 1-Interception for TD, 12-Sacks, 23-QBP, 1-Blocked Kick.


Aeryn Hampton, Soph., CB, Daingerfield, 74-Tackles,4-TFL,1-CF, 9-Interceptions, 11-PBU, 6-Defensive TD's.

Michael Thomas, 5-11, 180, CB, Texas High, 65-Tackles (54-Solo),8-Interceptions, 15-PBU.

Dime Defensive Back

Brandon King, 5-8, 160, Jr., CB, Carthage, 24-Tackles, 1-TFL, 8-PBU, 2-Interceptions for TD's, 2-FR for TD's.

Nickel Back

Willie Nelson, 5-9, 160, Soph., CB, Longview, 76-Tackles, 4-TFL, 1-CF, 7-PBU, 8-Interceptions, 2-Defensive TD's, District Defensive POY Nominee, District Newcomer of the Year Nominee.


Rohan Fluellen, Jr., S, Gilmer, 8-Interceptions,1-TD.

Jordan Ford, 6-1, 170, Sr., S, Tyler Legacy, 95-Tackles (37-Solo), 4-TFL, 7-Interceptions, 6-PBU, 1-Blocked Punt, 4-FR, 1-Defensive TD.

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First Team Special Teams

XP/FG Kicker

Adolfo Tamayo, 5-9, 190, Sr., K, Chapel Hill, 58-61 XP's, 7-10 FG's (Long-52), 40-Touchbacks.


Cooper McClure, 5-11, 180, Sr., P, Atlanta, 24-punts for 48.1-average, 3-Inside the 10.

Short/Long Snapper

Jarrett Henry, 6-6, 315, Sr., LS, Palestine, 100% success rate on every snap for XP's, FG's and Punts, including .75 second snap time on punts, "best deep snapper I've had during my entire coaching career."

Kick/Punt Returners

Jackson Richardson, 6-4, 175, Sr., KR/PR, Tatum, 1-KR for TD, 1-PR for TD, 2-Blocked FG's, 2-Blocked Punts and handled 100% of all deep snapping duties on punts, XP's, and FG's. District Utility Player MVP.

Zay Thomas, Sr., PR, Waskom, 15-PR for 21.2-, 4-TD's, District Defensive MVP.

Coverage Man

Dakota Bonner, 6-0, 185, Jr., LB, Chape Hill, 16-Special Teams Tackles (11-Solo), Team MVP of Kick and Punt Return coverage teams.

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Second Team Offense

Drop Back/Spread QB:

Dee Lewis, Sr., QB, Daingerfield, 133-230 passing for 2,950-yards, 37-TD's, 30-carries for 198-yards, 1-TD. District MVP.

Dual Threat QB

Ryan Harris, Sr., QB, Beckville, 87-143 passing for 1,873-yards, 26-TD's, 133-carries for 1,160-yards (8.7), 26-TD's, 5-catch for 82-yards, 1-TD.

Running Backs

D.J. Feaster, Sr., RB, Waskom, 84-carries for 1,408-yards (16.8), 22-TD's, 11-catches for 151-yards, 2-TD's, District Co-MVP.

Duce Hart, 5-9, 170, Sr., RB, Malakoff, 229-carries for 1,704-yards, 25-TDs', 1-1 passing for 30-yards, 15-catches for 112-yards, 1-TD. District MVP.

James Johnson, 6-0, 200, Sr., RB, Diboll, 257-carries for 1,942-yards, 17-TD's, 5-catches for 68-yards, 2-Year Starter, District Offensive MVP.

Dawson Pendergrass, 6-3, 212, Jr., RB, Mineola, 195-carries for 2,004-yards, 26-TD's, 17-catches for 356-yards, 4-TD's, (missed 2 1/2-games with injury).


Derrick McFall, 5-10, 170, Soph, QB/RB/WR, Tyler High, 65-carries for 538-yards, 8-TD's, 26-catches for 531-yards, 4-TD's, 42-78 passing for 482-yards, 2-TD's. Team Captain, 2-Year Starter.

Tight End/H-Back/Fullback

G'Braylon Polley, FB, Gladewater, 109-carries for 558-yards, 14-TD's. 1st-Team AD.

Wide Receivers

Brennan Ferguson, 4-Jun, 175, Sr., WR, Spring Hill, 60-catches for 1,142-yards (19.0), 17-TD's, school record for receiving yards in a single season.

C.J. Gilbert, Jr., WR, Daingerfield, 63-catches for 1,167-yards, 17-TD's.

Montrell Hatten, 6-1, 185, Jr., WR, Carthage, 61-catches for 1,054-yards, 14-TD's, 1st-Team AD.

Luca Kozhev, 6-5, 195, Sr., WR, Van, 64-catches for 1,087-yards, 21-TD's (school record), 27-career TD catches (2nd in school history).

Kendall Williams, 5-9, 170, Sr., Slot WR, Tatum, 56-catches for 1,056-yards, 15-TD's. Career: 96-1,824-22. 1st-Team AD (2x's), school record-holder for receiving yards in a season, career, receiving TD's season and career and single-season receptions.

Offensive Tackles

Donavan Jordan, 6-3, 275, Sr., OT, Tyler Legacy, Graded-96%, 28-Pancakes, 37-Knockdowns, 4-Sacks Allowed.

Jax Norman, 6-0, 240, Jr, OL, Longview, Graded-90%, 65-Knockdowns/started 3 positions.

Offensive Guards

John Hester, Sr., G, Hawkins, Graded-97%, 24-Pancakes, 72-Knockdowns, 1st-Team AD on both sides of the ball.

Ethan Lott, 6-5, 285, Jr., OG, Newton, Graded-96%, 0-Sacks Allowed, 26-Pancake Blocks. District Offensive Lineman of the Year.


Taton Hicks, 6-3, 275, Jr., C, Kaufman, 34-Pancakes, 1-Sack Allowed, Graded-92% led offense averaged 464-yards/34-points per game. 3-Year Starter, Captain, 1st-Team AD (Unanimous).

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Second Team Defense

Defensive Ends

Matthew Burton, Sr., DE/DT, Gilmer, 131-Tackles (74-Solo),28-TFL,15-Sacks, District Co-Defensive MVP.

Jeremiah Gums, 5-10, 290, Sr., DE, Diboll, 91-Tackles, 18-TFL, 6-Sacks.3-PBU, 12-QBP, 2-FR, 2-CF, District MVP.

Pass Rush Specialist

Tomari Dixon, 6-4, 240, Sr., DE, West Rusk, 103-Tackles, 18-TFL, 4-Sacks, 5-CF, 55-QBP, 2-FR, 1-Defensive TD, District Defensive MVP.

Jeremiah Rougley, 6-1, 210, Jr., LB, Longview, 66-Tackles, 10-Sacks, 15-TFL, 4-CF, 1-Blocked Kick.

Defensive Tackles

Coltyn Foster, 6-1, 215, Sr., DT, Newton, 107-Tackles, 16-TFL, 8-Sacks, 12-QBP, 3-CF. District Defensive Player of the Year.

Payton Yandle, 5-11, 210, Sr., DT, DeKalb, 152-Tackles, 33-TFL, 6-CF, 1-Interception.


Coy Anderson, 5-9, 160, Sr., ILB, Mineola, 183-Tackles (118-Solo), 2-Sacks, 26-TFL, 1-Defensive TD. (missed 1 1/2-games with injury). 1st-Team AD.

Brack Dyer, 5-11, 215, Sr., ILB, Chapel Hill, 185-Tackles (121-Solo), 6-TFL, 2-Sacks, 4-QBP, 2-PBU.

Leighton Foster, 6-1, 195, Jr., MLB, Newton, 168-Tackles, 15-TFL, 3-Sacks, 1-CF, 3-FR, District MVP.

Devean Isaac, 5-10, 205, Sr., LB, Longview, 111-Tackles, 3-Sacks, 10-TFL, 3-CF, 2-Interceptions, 1-Blocked Kick.


Terry Bussey, 5-11, 175, Soph., CB, Timpson, 73-Tackles, 3-TFL, 2-CF, 7-Interceptions (17 career Interceptions).

Chantson Prox, 5-10, 155, Jr., CB, Canton, 57-Tackles, 4-Interceptions, 239-return yards, 3-Blocked Kick, 2-FR, 2-CF.

Dime Defensive Back

Jakevian Rodgers, Jr., CB, Daingerfield, 35-Tackles,11-PBU,2-Interceptions, 1-Defensive TD and opponents rarely ever threw his direction because of his coverage skills.

Nickel Defensive Back

Mar Mar Evans, Jr., S, Center, 70-Tackles,1-CF,1-FR, 9-PBU, 6-Interceptions.


Jackson Richardson, 6-4, 175, Sr., S, Tatum, 118-Tackles (79-Solo), 1-TFL, 6-PBU, 2-FR, 1-QBP, 2-Blocked FG's, 2-Blocked Punts. District Utility Player MVP.

C.J. Gilbert, Jr., S, Daingerfield, 83-Tackles,3-TFL,2-FR, 8-Interceptions, 7-PBU.

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Second Team Special Teams

XP/FG Kicker

Buck Buchanan, 5-11, 175, Sr., K, Marshall, 31-33 XP's, 10-16 FG's (Long-49), 43-Touchbacks. District Special Teams Player of the Year.


Buck Buchanan, 5-11, 175, P, Marshall, 41-punts for 41.0-average (NET). District Special Teams Player of the Year.

Short/Long Snapper

Kannon Poteete, 5-10, 190, Sr., LS, Malakoff, Never had one bad snap cause a missed kick or a blocked punt, 22-punts, 54-XP's and 14-FG attempts, overall flawless on 89 of 90 snaps, holder helped on one snap and will be attending college as a deep snapper.

Kick/Punt Returners

Domar Roberson, 6-0, 177, KR/PR, Marshall, 6-KR for 148-yards, 2-TD's, 7-PR for 133-yards, 1-TD.

J'Koby Williams, PR, Beckville, 7-PR for 272-yards (38.89), 3-TD's.

Coverage Man

Rick Carlton, 5-10, 155, Jr., Chester, 8-Special Teams Tackles and was the snapper.

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Third Team Offense

Drop Back/Spread QB:

Braden Bennett, 5-9, 165, Jr., QB, Mount Vernon, 212-333 passing for 3,798-yards, 41-TD's, 108-carries for 634-yards, 5-TD's, 1st-Team AD.

Owen McCown, 6-1, 170, Sr., QB, Rusk, 262-388 passing for 3,366-yards, 36-TD's, 88-carries for 377-yards, 11-TD's.

Dual Threat QB

Jace Burns, 6-1, 200, Sr., QB, Sabine, 185-carries for 1,643-yards, 26-TD's, 102-222 passing for 1,569-yards, 13-TD's. 3-Year Starter.

Running Backs

Taber Childs, 6-2, 210, Sr., RB, Harleton, 212-carries for 1,609-yards, 21-TD's, 15-catches for 176-yards, 1-TD.

Bryson Donnell, 5-11, 205, Sr., RB, Tyler Legacy, 142-carries for 868-yards, 15-TD's, 35-catches for 412-yards, 3-TD's.

DeAnthony Gatson, 6-0, 220, Sr., RB, Newton, 207-carries for 1,554-yards, 19-TD's, 3-Year Starter, Beaumont Super Gold RB.

Winky Williams, 6-3, 180, Soph., RB, DeKalb, 196-carries for 1,875-yards, 22-TD's, 5-2XP, 17-Pancake Blocks and Cut Blocks. District Offensive MVP.

D'Corian Wright, Jr., RB, Daingerfield, 189-carries for 1,678-yards, 19-TD's, 10-catches for 175-yards, 1-TD.


Aeryn Hampton, Soph., ATH, Daingerfield, 22-carries for 303-yards, 6-TD's, 44-catches for 1,029-yards (23.4), 12-TD's, 12-33 passing for 124-yards, 1-TD, District Utility Player of the Year.

Tight End/H-Back/Fullback

Tyler Bryan, 5-11, 165, Sr., TE, Beckville, 12-catches for 221-yards, 3-TD's, Graded 87% and 83-Pancakes.

Wide Receivers

Evan Alford, 6-4, 175, Sr., WR, Lindale, 66-catches for 972-yards, 8-TD's.

Christopher Evans, Jr., WR, Center, 73-catches for 1,011-yards, 10-TD's, 2-2 passing for 28-yards, 1-TD.

Devin McCuin, 6-0, 175, Jr., WR, Jacksonville, 63-catches (school record) for 890-yards. 9-TD's in 8-Games. 1st-Team AD, 2020 District Newcomer of the Year.

Ilonzo 'Deuce' McGregor, 5-10, 160, Jr., WR, Chapel Hill, 53-catches for 1,003-yards, 9-TD's, 4-5 passing for 168-yards, 3-TD's, 3-carries for 46-yards.

Montrell Wade, 6-1, 175, Jr., WR, Tyler High, 39-catches for 808-yards, 13-TD's, 3-carries for 27-yards. 2-Year Starter.

Offensive Tackles

Will Braswell, 6-3, 245, Sr., OT, Van, Graded-92%, 1-Sack Allowed out of 229 pass attempts, 25-pancakes, anchored OL for a team that averaged 450-yards/46.2-points per game.

Brayden Clinton, Sr., OT, Gilmer, Graded-91%, 55-Pancakes.

Zach Shipp, OT, Gladewater, Graded-92% for offense that rushed for 3,391-yards and passed for 1,137-yards. District Offensive Line MVP.

Offensive Guards

Zack Carlisle, 6-3, 225, Sr., OG, Carthage, Graded 92-%, 35-Knockdowns, 1st-Team AD.

Lance Robertson, 6-0, 260, Sr., LG, Malakoff, 18-Pancakes, 37-Knockdowns, Graded-96%, 1st Team AD. District Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year.


Trey Mazratian, 5-11, 250, Jr., C, Lindale, Graded-92%, 53-Knockdowns, 31-Pancakes for offense that averaged 40.4-points and 451-yards per game.

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Third Team Defense

Defensive Ends

Alex Chavez, Sr., DE, Kilgore, 45-Tackles,8-TFL,7-Sacks. District Defensive Lineman of the Year.

Jordan Renaud, 6-4, 255, Sr., DE, Tyler Legacy, 66-Tackles (41-Solo), 8-TFL, 2-Sacks, 1-CF, 13-QBP, 3-PBU, 1-Interception, 1-Blocked Punt, 1-Blocked Field Goal.

Pass Rush Specialist

Zykerrian Tatum, 5-11, 195, Sr., DE, Carthage, 56-Tackles, 16-TFL, 16-QBP, 8-Sacks, 8-QB Hits, 1-Interception for TD.

Kadarius Taye, 6-2, 245, Sr., DE, Tyler High, 48-Tackles, 12-TFL, 12-Sacks, 1-CF, 2-FR, 1-Blocked Punt, 4-Blocked FG's. 3-Year Starter.

Defensive Tackles

K.D. Erskine, 6-2, 240, Sr., DT, Van, 63-T, 20-TFL, 8-Sacks, 2-CF, 1-Def TD, 18-QBP.

Victor Shaw, 6-4, 265, Jr., DT, Pleasant Grove, 69-Tackles, 9-TFL, 3-Sacks, 2-CF. District Defensive Lineman of the Year.


Christian Bates, 6-1, 230, Sr., ILB, Pittsburg, 116-Tackles, 6-TFL, 2-Inteceptions, 2-CF, 6-PBU, 2-FR.

Zay Cartwright, 5-11, 190, Jr., ILB, Shelbyville, 117-Tackles, 3-CF, 1-FR, 1-Interception, 9-Sacks.

Braden Courtney, 5-9 1/2, 195, Sr., ILB, Timpson, 108-Tackles, 2-Sacks, 19-TFL, 1-CF, 8-QBP, 1-Interception.

Trey Stevenson, 5-11, 170, Jr., ILB, Waskom, 153-Tackles, 28-TFL, 8-Sacks.


Cayden Fortson, 6-0, 178, Jr., CB, Sabine, 62-Tackles, 6-Interceptions, 2-TD's, 4-PBU, 1-CF, 2-TFL. 3-Year Starter.

Corey Rider, Sr., CB, Kilgore, 37-Tackles,8-PBU,2-Interceptions.

Nickel Defensive Back

Zachaun Williams, 6-1, 180, Soph., CB, Tyler High, 38-Tackles, 3-TFL, 5-Interceptions, 19-PBU, 2-Blocked FG's. 2-Year Starter.

Dime Defensive Back

Rick Carlton, 5-11, 160, Jr., CB, Chester, 94-Tackles, 15-PBU, 8-Interceptions, 9-CF, 4-FR, 1-Defenisve TD, 3-Blocked Kicks.

Jacoby Watts, 6-0, 168, Sr., SS, Diboll, 96-Tackles, 13-TFL, 1-Sack, 7-PBU, 4-Interceptions, 3-FR, 1-CF, 1-Defensive TD. 1st-Team AD.


Kaden McFadden, 5-10, 175, Soph., SS, Pleasant Grove, 83-Tackles, 7-TFL, 2-FR, 2-Interceptions, 4-Defensive TD's. District Defensive Newcomer of the Year.

Zach Phipps, 6-2, 175, Jr., FS, Diboll, 102-Tackles, 4-TFL, 1-Sack, 3-CF, 1-FR, 5-Interceptions, 1-QBP, 6-PBU. 1st Team AD.

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Third Team Special Teams

XP/FG Kicker

Chris Baldazo, Sr., K, Kilgore, 63-68 XP's,6-12 FG's (Long-45).


Luke James, 5-11, 190, P, Palestine, 42.0-average, 8-Inside 10, ranked by Kohl's Kicking as #40 punter in the nation.

Short/Long Snapper

Nathaniel Ruiz, 6-0, 215, Sr., C/LS, Chapel Hill, 3-year starter, but became Bulldogs snapper starting in week 6 and was perfect on 28-XP's, 8-FG's and 18-Punts during a run to the state semifinals.

Kick/Punt Returners

Rohan Fluellen, Jr., KR/PR, Gilmer, 2-Return TD's.

Cayden Fortson, KR/PR, Sabine, 400 return yards this season, 1-KR for TD.

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Honorable Mention Offense


Ty Arroyo, 5-11, 175, Jr., QB, Athens, 108-carries for 773-yards, 12-TD's, 148-259 passing for 2,111-yards, 21-TD's.

Chris Bowman, Jr., QB, Jefferson, 70-carries for 194-yards, 7-TD's, 57-127 passing for 1,056-yards, 9-TD's, 9-catches for 171-yards, 2-TD's. 1st-Team AD.

Jason Brisbois, 5-10, 155, Sr., QB, Canton, 2,016-yards passing, 27-TD's, 529-yards rushing.

Demetrius Brisbon, 6-1, 175, Fr., QB, Chapel Hill, 69-129 passing for 1,001-yards, 11-TD's, 121-carries for 1,357-yards, 17-TD's. Offensive Newcomer of the Year.

Emonte Cross, Soph, QB, Center, 126-214 passing for 1,787-yards, 17-TD's, 90-carries for 418-yards, 7-TD's, 2-catches for 10-yards.

Connor Cuff, 6-4, 195, Jr., QB, Carthage, 161-287 passing for 2,203-yards, 29-TD's, 129-yards rushing, 1-TD. 1st-Team AD.

Jud Driskell, 5-7, 130, Sr., QB, Malakoff, 129-229 passing for 1,623-yards, 18-TD's, 41-carries for 91-yards, 1-TD. 1st Team AD.

Fernando Espinoza, Soph, QB, Carlisle, 115-203 passing for 1,752-yards, 11-TD's, 91QBR, 2-Rushing TD's.

Kyler Finney, 6-1, 180, Soph., QB, Winnsboro, 72-139 passing for 1,114-yards, 11-TD's, 89-carries for 544-yards, 16-TD's.

Eli Holt, 6-1, 185, Sr., QB, Tyler High, 103-195 passing for 2,032-yards, 21-TD's, 76-carries for 394-yards, 4-TD's (only played in 8-games due to injury).

Levi Hopper, 6-4, 200, Sr., QB, Blooming Grove, 79-175 passing for 1,361-yards, 15-TD's, 108-carries for 645-yards, 9-TD's, Team Captain, 1st-Team AD.

Colin Ingram, 6-0, 175, Jr., QB, Cooper, 114-carries for 1,106-yards, 17-TD's, 25-36 passing for 482-yards, 6-TD's. 3-Year Starter.

Andon Mata, 6-2, 175, Jr., QB, West Rusk, 145-245 passing for 2,599-yards, 35-TD's, 40-carries for 420-yards, 13-TD's, District MVP.

Jase Melton, 6-0, 205, Sr., QB, Grand Saline, 96-195 passing for 1,580-yards, 15-TD's, 73-carries for 564-yards, 6-TD's, Unanimous 1st-Team AD, 3-Year Starter.

Kendric Malone, 6-0, 185, Sr., QB, Tatum, 2,299-yards passing, 29-TD's, 648-yards rushing, 17-TD's. Career: Passing 4,721-yards, 52-TD's, Rushing 1,056-yards, 28-TD's. School record for passing yards in a season and career, Passing TD's in a season and career, rushing TD's in a game and total career TD's (81). Also Pass attempts, completions and TD's in a single game. 1st-Team AD (2x's).

Will Morgan, Sr., QB, (Tyler) All Saints, 754-yards passing, 7-TD's, 427-yards rushing, 2-TD's.

Jace Moseley, QB, Hallsville, 574-yards rushing, 9-TD's, 2,056-yards passing, 17-TD's.

Sam Peterson, 6-4, 190, Sr., QB, Lindale, 190-320 passing for 2,770-yards, 26-TD's, 136-carries for 882-yards, 9-TD's. District Offensive MVP.

Jackson Rainey, 6-1, 180, Sr., QB, Van, 173-276 passing for 2,782-yards (3rd all-time in school history, 41-TD's (school record), 113-carries for 1,325-yards, 14-TD's.

Jacobe Robinson, 6-4, 215, Jr., QB, Henderson, 126-204 passing for 2,123-yards, 22-TD's, 26-carries for 280-yards, 2-TD's. 1st-Team AD.

Jaxyn Rogers, 5-10, 185, Jr., QB, Brownsboro, 204-344 passing for 2,491-yards, 21-TD's.

Cayson Siegley, QB, White Oak, 1,580-yards passing, 14-TD's, 369-yards rushing, 6-TD's, 1-TD catch.

Jason Thomason, 5-10, 185, Sr., QB, Caddo Mills, 211-396 passing for 3,405-yards, 39-TD's, 60-carries for 255-yards, 4-TD's. Week 3 Texas Built Ford Tough POW. School Records: (Pass Attempts-396, Pass Completions-211, Passing Yards/Game 464, Passing TD's/Game-6, Passing Yards/Season, 3,387. Tied for Passing TD's, Season-39.

Jeramy Torres, Sr., QB, Hawkins, 1,195-yards rushing, 17-TD's, 8-2XP, 427-yards passing, 3-TD's. 1st-Team AD.

Da'Marion Van Zandt, Jr, QB, Kilgore, 130-222 passing for 2,148-yards, 22-TD's, 5-Rushing TD's, QBR-112.97. 1st-Team AD.

Tanner Vaughn, 6-0, 190, QB, Scurry-Rosser, 157-257 passing for 2,400-yards, 29-TD's, 6-Rushing TD's. Career: 255-431 passing for 3,752-yards, 46-TD's. Passed for 366-yards and school-record 7-TD's vs. Mildred. 2-Time AD.

Hayden Wilcoxson, 6-0, 180, Jr., QB, Edgewood, 115-202 passing for 1,630-yards, 13-TD's, 149-carries for 1,286-yards, 14-TD's.

Maliek Woods, Jr., QB, Newton, 65-carries for 674-yards, 5-TD's, 53-105 passing for 824-yards, 13-TD's.

Jalen Woodside, QB, Hooks, 1,630-yards passing, 16-TD's, 353-yards rushing, 4-TD's.


Kelton Bell, 6-1, 175, Jr., ATH, Blooming Grove, 43-carries for 525-yards (12.2), 9-TD's, 17-catches for 314-yards (18.5), 4-TD's. District Utility Player of the Year. 2-Year Starter, Team Captain.

Tyson Berry, 5-8, 175, Jr., ATH, Chapel Hill, 46-catches for 902-yards, 9-TD's, 18-carries for 225-yards, 3-TD's, 1-Passing TD.

Aeryn Hampton, Soph., ATH, Daingerfield, 22-carries for 303-yards, 6-TD's, 44-catches for 1,029-yards (23.4), 12-TD's, 12-33 passing for 124-yards, 1-TD, District Utility Player of the Year.

Tobias Jackson, 5-11, 180, ATH, Henderson, 15-catches for 250-yards, 4-TD's, 52-carries for 213-yards, 3-TD's.

Cayden Mitcham, Sr., Athlete, (Tyler) All Saints, 17-catches for 178-yards, 1-TD, 50-carries for 357-yards, 3-TD's.

Domar Roberson, 6-0, 177, ATH, Marshall, 39-catches for 759-yards, 11-TD's, 6-KR for 148-yards, 2-TD's, 7-PR for 133-yards, 1-TD.

Aaron Sears, 5-11, 180, Sr., Utility, Tyler Legacy, 26-carries for 338-yards, 3-TD's, 2-5 passing for 42-yards, 74-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-Sack, 3-CF, 1-FR, 12-PBU, 1-Interception.

JaKory Standley, 5-10, 185, Sr., QB/Athlete, Shelbyville, 73-125 passing for 1,104-yards, 8-TD's, 155-carries for 1,121-yards, 11-TD's, 29-catches for 537-yards, 5-TD's.

Jermny Walker, 5-10, 165, Sr., Utility, Palestine, 1-1 passing for 11-yards, 66-carries for 569-yards, 5-TD's, 8-catches for 249-yards (31.1), 3-TD's.

Running Back

Jaylen Boardley, 6-1, 195, Soph., RB/Utility, Pleasant Grove, 180-carries for 1,219-yards, 20-TD's, 23-catches for 428-yards, 4-TD's, Unanimous AD, #1 ranked RB prospect in Texas.

Braden Bolton, 5-9, 170, Sr., RB, Pittsburg, 155-carries for 1,375-yards, 19-TD's, 3-Year Starter.

Zay Cartwright, 5-11, 190, Jr., RB, Shelbyville, 173-carries for 1,549-yards, 20-TD's, 17-catches for 248-yards, 1-TD.

J.Q. Davis, 5-7, 183, Jr., RB, Marshall, 232-carries for 1,502-yards, 11-TD's, 20-catches for 211-yards, 2-TD's, District Offensive Player of the Year.

Brody Eaves, 5-8, 140, Jr., RB, Carlisle, 156-carries for 1,350-yards, 21-TD's, 13-catches for 213-yards, 1-TD.

Shaun Easterling, 6-1, 210, Jr., RB, Lovelady, 172-carries for 1,288-yards, 20-TD's, 10-2XP, played in 10-games due to injury. District Offensive MVP, ran for 134-yards, 2-TD's vs. #1 Mart in playoffs.

Braxton Garmon, 6-1, 185, Jr., RB, Kaufman, 194-carries for 1,316-yards, 15-TD's, 13-catches for 213-yards, 2-TD's, 12-20 passing for 262-yards, 3-TD's, 2-Year Starter, 2-Year Captain, 1st-Team AD.

Caleb Goforth, 6-1, 215, Sr., RB, Mabank, 96-carries for 703-yards, 11-TD's.

Ashton Haynes, Jr., RB, Gilmer, 168-carries for 1,261-yards (7.5), 25-TD's, 32-catches for 414-yards, 3-TD's.

Crayton Klika, 6-2, 180, Sr., RB, Winnsboro, 123-carries for 1,120-yards, 9-TD's, 5-catches for 68-yards, 3-Year Starter.

Yacorus Porter, 5-8, 175, Sr., RB, Henderson, 84-carries for 517-yards, 5-TD's, 11-catches for 200-yards, 3-TD's.

Jecorey Roberts, 5-9, 225, Sr., RB, Athens, 152-carries for 924-yards, 8-TD's, 7-catches for 141-yards.

Markell Smith, 5-10, 160, Soph., RB, Cooper, 110-carries for 850-yards, 13-TD's, 5-catches for 71-yards, 2-TD's. 2-Year Starter.

Rickey Stewart, 6-0, 190, Fr., RB, Chapel Hill, 123-carries for 981-yards, 6-TD's, 1-catch for 30-yards.

Malik Stotts, 6-3, 180, Jr., RB, Joaquin, 118-carries for 1,129-yards, 14-TD's, 6-catches for 111-yards, 5-TD's.

Kayden Upchurch, Sr., RB, Hawkins, 1,349-yards, 10-TD's, 8-catches for 117-yards, 2-TD's, 9-2XP. 1st-Team AD. Career: 543-3,942-27.

Keyshawn Walls, Soph, RB, Hooks, 275-carries for 1,707-yards, 24-TD's, 12-catches for 202-yards, 1-TD.

J'Koby Williams, Soph., RB, Beckville, 114-carries for 1,385-yards, 21-TD's, 3-4 passing for 31-yards, 1-TD, 25-catches for 524-yards, 8-TD's.

Kamran Williams, Fr., RB, Jefferson, 188-carries for 1,179-yards, 7-TD's. District Newcomer of the Year.

Chris Worthy, 6-0, 210, Sr., RB, Paris Chisum, 132-carries for 1,566-yards, 14-TD's (8-games and averaged 195.0-yards rushing per game and 12.0-yards per carry.


Andre Brown, 5-9, 192, Jr., FB, Joaquin, 104-carries for 769-yards, 6-TD's in 8-games.

Victor Bush, 5-11, 205, Sr., TE, Longview, no stats.

Dealyn Evans, Soph., TE, Pine Tree, 4-catches for 42-yards, 1-TD.

Ethan Fanous, Sr., TE/H-Back, (Tyler) All Saints, 19-catches for 281-yards, 3-TD's.

Jeremiah Gums, 5-10, 290, Sr., FB, Diboll, 11-carries for 92-yards, 2-TD's. District MVP.

Wide Receivers

Gekyle Baker, 6-3, 170, Soph., WR, Brownsboro, 51-catches for 1,081-yards (21.2), 12-TD's.

Matt Barr, Jr., WR, Beckville, 22-catches for 667-yards (30.0), 10-TD's (school record).

Ayden Colbert, 6-0, 150, Sr., WR, Huntington, 35-catches for 652-yards (18.6), 9-TD's, 19-carries for 153-yards, 2-TD's.

Jaden Crane, 6-2, 190, Jr., WR, Athens, 54-catches for 590-yds, 9TD, 1-1 pass for 75-yds, 1TD.

Westin Gipson, 6-3, 185, Jr., WR, Newton, 17-catches for 489-yards, 8-TD's.

Parker Gilow, Sr., WR, Gilmer, 43-catches for 725-yards, 9-TD's.

Hudson Griffin, 6-2, 195, Jr., WR, Grand Saline, 24-catches for 523-yds/21.8, 5TD. 2-Yr Starter.

Will Jackson, 6-0, 175, Jr., Slot Rec, West Rusk, 44-catches for 734-yds, 9-TD's. 1st Team AD.

Brett Kindly, 5-10, 165, Jr., WR, Grand Saline, 37-catches for 675-yards, 3-TD's. 24-carries for 109-yards, 2-Year Starter. 1st-Team Unanimous A-D.

Harlee Kirbis, 6-0, 185, Sr., WR, Union Grove, 37-catches for 471-yards, 4-TD's.

Caden Lemmon, 5-8, 170, Jr., WR, Caddo Mills, 52-catches for 905-yards, 9-TD's, Receiving Yards Game (216 eventually broken by Lenamond).

Bradan Manning, 6-4, 190, Soph., WR, Tenaha, 45-catches for 745-yards, 11-TD's.

Austin Massingill, 6-0, 145, Jr., WR, Malakoff, 23-catches for 502-yds, 8-TD's, 1st-AD.

Hunter Murphy, 6-0, 160, Jr., WR, West Sabine, 41-catches for 835-yards, 12-TD's, 20-carries for 91-yards, 1-TD, 266-yards passing, 4-TD's. Forced to play 2-g at QB due to injury.

Cory Phillips, 5-9, 155, Jr., WR, Malakoff, 46-catches for 420-yards, 4-TD's, 1st Team AD.

Jabraylon Pickens, 6-3, 205, Sr., WR, Canton, 30-catches for 766-yards, 10-TD's.

Jorien Ray, 6-0, 170, So., WR, Athens, 40-catches for 609-yds, 8-TD, 9-carries for 81-yds.

Corey Rider, Sr., WR, Kilgore, 17-catches for 415-yards, 5-TD's.

Jay Rockwell, Sr., WR, Gilmer, 43-catches for 671-yards, 9-TD's.

Jakevian Rodgers, Jr., WR, Daingerfield, 28-catches for 580-yards (20.7), 5-TD's.

Jamal Robinson, 5-8, 165, Jr., WR, Henderson, 33-catches for 774-yards (23.5), 6-TD's.

Jemaine Roney, Sr., WR, Kilgore, 46-catches for 802-yards, 12-TD's.

Lathan Sauceda, Sr., WR, Daingerfield, 27-catches for 534-yards, 7-TD's.

Jacob Seekford, 5-9, 165, Sr., Slot Rec., Lindale, 45-catches for 865-yards, 3-TD's.

Geremiah Smith, 5-11, 165, Jr., WR, West Rusk, 35-catches for 833-yards (23.8), 15-TD's. 1st-Team AD.

Offensive Tackle

Alessandro Carati, 6-4, 290, Sr., OT, Brook Hill, Graded-91%.

Bryce Clark, OT, Jefferson, Graded-85% or higher in each game, 10-Pancake Blocks.

Joel Fraser, 6-0, 205, Sr., OT, Carlisle, Graded-93%, 40-Pancakes, leader up front for an offense that averaged 415-yards and 39-points per game.

Jacob Hall, 6-03, 260, OT, Caddo Mills, Graded-93%, 46-Pancake Blocks, allowed 1 1/2-Sacks on 396-passing attempts.

John Hayes, 6-5, 250, Sr., OT, Athens, Graded-82%, 42-Pancakes.

Will Hutchens, 6-3, 260, Jr., OT, Lindale, Graded-90%, 53-Knockdowns, 31-Pancakes for offense that averaged 40.4-points and 451-yards per game.

Collin Lloyd, 6-3, 260, Jr., OT, Shelbyville, Graded-88%, 25-Pancakes.

Mason Mitchell, 6-4, 285, OT, Palestine, Graded-98%, 54-Pancakes, started 35-games.

Spencer Murphy, 6-1, 325, Soph, OT, Harmony, Graded-88%, 32-Pancakes.

Rafael Ramirez, 5-10, 245, Sr., OT, Cooper, 15-Pancakes, 26-Cut Blocks, allowed 0-Sacks, led offense that averaged 338-yards and 40-points per game. 3-Year Starter.

Adam Tovar, 6-1, 220, Sr., OT, Blooming Grove, Graded-92%, 42-Pancakes, 1-Sack Allowed, 2-Year Starter, 2x All-District.

Hunter Williams, 6-1, 260, Fresh, OT, Newton, Graded-95%, 0-Sacks Allowed, 22-Pancake Blocks.

Preston Yarber, 6-5, 265, Sr., OT, Canton, 3-Year Starter.

Offensive Guard

Dyllan Drummond, 6-3, 220, Soph., OT, Chapel Hill, Graded 86% for offense that averaged 500-yards and 40-points per game, 65-Knockdowns.

Slade Haresnape, 6-4, 285, Sr., OG, Athens, Graded-85%, 51-Pancakes.

Andrew Parker, 5-10, 220, Jr., OG, Garrison, 55-Knockdowns, Graded-85%, 1st Year starting in varsity football.

Casey Poe, 6-5, 260, Soph., G, Lindale, Graded-90%, 52-Knockdowns, 21-Pancakes for offense 40.4-points and 451-yards per game.


Cason Curbow, 5-10, 320, Sr., C, Garrison, 69-Knockdowns, Graded-90%, Great team leader and 2-Year Starter.

Brady Davis, Soph., C, Beckville, Graded-83%, 1-Bad Snap in 13-games, 22-Pancakes.

Eli Taylor, 6-1, 250, Sr., C, Shelbyville, Graded-92%, 32-Pancakes, missed 5-games with shoulder injury and was a student-coach for remainder of the season.

Lance Welch, Jr., C, Waskom, Graded-88%, 74-Knockdowns, 47-Pancakes, faced Nose in all but one of 15-games, 2-Year Starter.

Defensive End

Al Arrington, 6-0, 205, Sr., DE, Arp, 55-Tackles (38-Solo), FR-3, FR-1, Sacks-3, TFL-3, QBP-3.

Brayden Brown, 6-3, 235, Jr., DE, Paris Chisum, 84-Tackles, 6-Sacks, 3-CF, 18-TFL.

Michael Carillo, 6-3, 220, Sr., DE, Shelbyville, 45-Tackles, 3-Sacks, 6-TFL.

Jacob Elliott, 6-2, 210, Sr., DE, Canton, 41-Tackles, 6-Sacks, 15-TFL, 2-FR, 2-CF.

Elijah Freeman, 6-0, 286, Jr., DE, Diboll, 76-T, 1PBU, 5QBP, 2FR, 3-Sacks, 14TFL,

Carter Grant, 6-3, 200, Sr., DE/OLB, Blooming Grove, 55-Tackles, 10-TFL, 4-Sacks, 4-Interceptions, 3-PBU, 4-CF, 4-FR, 2x All-District, Team Captain.

Keviyan Huddleston, 6-5, 230, Jr., DE, Chapel Hill, 33-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-Defensive TD.

JeKerrick Johnson, 5-9, 175, Jr., DE/OLB, Carthage, 47-Tackles, 14-TFL, 12-QBP, 4-Sacks, 1-PBU.

Ladante Johnson, Sr., DE, Daingerfield, 113-Tackles (74-Solo), 9-Sacks, 24-TFL, 5-CF, 1-FR, 15-QBP, 4-PBU, 2-Defensive TD's.

Coy Martin, 5-10, 190, Jr., DE, Pleasant Grove, 53-Tackles, 15-TFL, 8-Sacks, 3-FR.

Calvin Mason, 6-1, 235, Jr., DE, West Rusk, 89-Tackles, 15-TFL, 24-QBP, 1-Sack, 1st Team AD.

Decallier McClure, 5-11, 175, Sr., DE, Garrison, 78-Tackles, 24-TFL, 2-CF, 2-FR, 7-Sacks, 1-Blocked Punt.

Andrew Mullins, 6-1, 245, Sr., DE, Harmony, 23-Tackles, 3-Sacks, 2-CF, 6-QBP, 1-PBU, 9-TFL.

Rylie Redden, DE, White Oak, 83-Tackles (42-Solo), 10-TFL, 2-Sacks, 2-CF, 1-Interception for TD, 2-PBU.

Austin Reed, 6-4, 215, Sr., DE, Mount Vernon, 138-Tackles, 51-TFL, 10-Sacks, 1-CF, 4-FR, 39-QBP, 1-Defensive TD, District Defensive Player of the Year.

Lequenetin Searcy, Sr., DE, Daingerfield, 96-Tackles (57-Solo), 2-Sacks, 12-TFL, 1-CF, 15-QBP, 1-Defensive TD.

Carter Watson, 6-1, 190, Sr., DE, Waskom, 85-Tackles, 30-TFL.

Jatavion Watson, 6-2, 240, Sr., DE, Chapel Hill, 107-Tackles, 9-TFL, 6-Sacks, 8-QBP, 2-CF.

Antjuan Weaver, 6-2, 190, Sr., DE, Newton, 78-Tackles, 9-TFL, 7-Sacks, 12-QBP, 3-FR, 2-Blocked Punts, District Defensive Utility Player of the Year.

Colton Widemon, 6-1, 215, Sr., DE, Lindale, 69-Tackles, 9-Sacks, 13-TFL.

Defensive Tackle

Dereck Borda, Sr., DT, Gilmer, 96-Tackles (47-Solo), 10-TFL, 6-Sacks.

Alessandro Carati, 6-4, 290, Sr., DT, Brook Hill, 38-Tackles, 14-TFL, 6-Sacks.

Trey Cartwright, 6-1, 305, Sr., NG, Shelbyville, 31-Tackles, 5-TFL.

Peyton Christian, Sr., DT, Kilgore, 62-Tackles, 9-TFL, 3-Sacks.

Bubba Coleman, 5-10, 230, Sr., NG, Waskom, 45-Tackles, 12-TFL.

Bobby Cooks, 6-0, 270, Sr., DT, Carthage, 72-Tackles, 12-TFL, 9-QBP, 3-Sacks, 1-PBU.

Dealyn Evans, Soph., DE, Pine Tree, 35-Tackles, 3-TFL, 4-QBP, 2-PBU, 1-Sack.

Jessie Fairchild, 6-2, 265, DT, Longview, 41-Tackles, 2-Sacks, 5-TFL.

Clay Fant, 5-10, 235, Sr., DT, Waskom, 45-Tackles, 7-TFL.

Carson Fisher, 6-4, 300, DT, Grand Saline, 47-T, 1-TFL, 1-CF, 1st-Team Unanimous AD.M

Aidan Hardin, 6-3, 230, Sr., DT, Brownsboro, 82-Tackles, 9-TFL, 4-Sacks, 4-CF, 2-FR.

Jayden Johnson, 6-2, 250, Soph., DT, Harleton, 76-Tackles, 24 1/2-TFL, 2-FR (1-TD), 2-CF, 8 1/2-Sacks, 16-QBP.

Jonathan Kenebrew, 5-11, 195, Soph., DT, Newton, 89-Tackles, 11-TFL, 7-Sacks, 9-QBP, 3-CF, 1-FR.

Alex Oxford, 5-11, 265, Sr., DT, Frankston, 98-Tackles, 38-TFL, 3-Sacks, 3-CF, District Defensive MVP.

Giancarlos Riascos, 5-9, 245, Sr., DT, Carthage, 72-Tackles, 12-TFL, 15-QBP, 8-QB Hits, 8-Sacks.

Lance Robertson, 6-0, 260, Sr., DT, Malakoff, 57-Tackles, 11-TFL, 3-FR, 2-CF, 2-Sacks, 5-QBP. 1st-Team AD.

alik Tatum, Sr., DT, Daingerfield, 73-Tackles, 9-TFL, 2-CF, 2-FR, 8-QBP.

Knox Tomlinson, Jr., DT, Jefferson, 40-Tackles, 11-TFL, 4-Sacks, 2-CF, 2-FR, 7-QBP.


Isaiah Aymond, 5-10, 175, OLB, Winnsboro, 54-Tackles, 4-TFL, 2-Sacks, 2-FR, 2-CF, 1-Interception, 1-Blocked Kick, 2-Year Starter.

Logan Baker, LB, Hooks, 94-Tackles, 2-Sacks, 1-FR, 2-CF, 12-TFL.

Beau Barton, 6-3, 195, Jr., MLB, Van, 118-Tackles, 28-TFL, 9-Sacks, 1-Interception, 14-QBP.

Ben Baumgartner, 6-0, 200, Soph., LB, Blooming Grove, 130-Tackles, 10-TFL, 1-Interception, 2-PBU, 1-CF, 1-FR. 1st-Team All-District.

Javien Black, 6-1, 205, Soph., LB, Garrison, 75-Tackles, 18-TFL, 1-CF, 4-FR, 5-Sacks.

Za Campbell, LB, Gladewater, 83-Tackles (57-Solo), 5-TFL. 1st-Team AD LB.

Jake Curbow, 6-0, 195, Soph., LB, Lindale, 82-Tackles (21-Solo), 9-TFL, 1-Sack, 1-FR. District Defensive Newcomer of the Year.

Brayden Davidson, 6-0, 187, Soph., LB, Garrison, 68-Tackles, 17-TFL, 3-CF, 2-FR, 3-Sacks.

Dallas Dixon, Sr., LB, Pine Tree, 100-Tackles, 7-TFL, 8_QBP, 1-Sack, 3-CF. 1st-Team AD.

Sam Dusek, ILB, White Oak, 114-Tackles, 12-TFL, 1-Sack, 2-CF, 1-Interception, 1-PBU.

Jeremiah Edwards, 5-11, 185, Sr., OLB, West Rusk, 140-Tackles, 11-TFL, 7-QBP, 1-CF, 1st-Team AD.

Brian Elizalde, 5-10, 165, Soph., OLB, Grand Saline, 49-Tackles, 10-TFL, 4-Sacks, 3-FR, 1-Interception, 1-PBU, District Defensive Newcomer of the Year.

Reese Elrod, 5-9, 182, Sr., LB, Pleasant Grove, 129-Tackles, 14 1/2-TFL, 5-CF, 2 1/2-Sacks. Unanimous AD.

Camden Foster, 5-10, 190, Sr., LB, Carthage, 104-Tackles, 16-TFL, 3-Sacks, 1-FR, 1-Interception.

Brandon Fry, 6-1, 170, Jr., OLB, Lovelady, 115-Tackles, 10-TFL, 3-Sacks, 1-FR, 1-CF, 2-Interceptions.

Caleb Goforth, 6-1, 215, Sr, LB, Mabank High School, 115-Tackles, 11-TFL, 3 Sacks, 4-year Starter. District Defensive MVP.

Eric Gonzalez, Sr., LB, Ennis, 150-Tackles, 11-TFL, 2-QBP, 2-Sacks, 1-FR,, 2-PBU, 1-Interceptioon, Unanimous 1st-Team AD. Leading tackler last 2-years.

Markus Gonzalez, 5-9, 155, Sr., ILB, Waskom, 88-Tackles, 13-TFL.

Adam Gregory, Sr., OLB, Beckville, 105-Tackles, 19-TFL, 8-Sacks.

Bo Hammons, Jr., LB, Beckville, 103-Tackles, 14-TFL, 2-Sacks, 3-CF.

Jimmie Harper, 6-0, 215, Jr., ILB, West Rusk, 109-Tackles, 17-TFL, 11-QBP, 1-Interception, 3-CF, 1st-Team AD.

Quin Hawkins, 6-0, 246, Jr., ILB, Marshall, 87-Tackles (55-Solo), 4-TFL, 2-Sacks, 4-Interceptions, 11-PBU, 1-CF, 2-Defensive TD's.

Jadan Henry, 5-9, 200, Sr., MLB, Cayuga, 118-Tackles, 17-TFL, 2-CF, 2-FR.

Jose Hernandez, Sr., ILB, Gilmer, 123-Tackles (79-Solo), 4-TFL, 3-Sacks.

Jalin Jones, Sr., OLB, Daingerfield, 107-Tackles (57-Solo), 2-Sacks, 10-TFL, 6-CF, 5-FR, 11-QBP, 3-PBU, 1-Defensive TD.

Jesse Jones, Jr., MLB, Winona, 115-Tackles, 2-CF, 5-TFL.

Traveon Jones, Sr., LB, Hooks, 133-Tackles, 3-FR, 3-CF, 2-PBU.

Tyrese Jones, Sr., OLB, Pine Tree, 75-Tackles, 6-TFL, 4-QBP, 2-CF, 3-FR, 1-PBU, 1-Interception, 1-Sack, 1st-Team AD.

Landen LeBlanc, 5-8, 150, Jr., OLB, Lovelady, 115-Tackles, 12-TFL, 3-Sacks, 6-FR, 3-CF.

Freddy Lynch, 5-09, 165, Sr., OLB, Carthage, 64-Tackles, 6-TFL, 15-QBP, 4-Sacks, 2-PBU, 1FR for TD.

Conner Martinez, 5-11, 180, Sr., MLB, Lovelady, 63-Tackles, 16-TFL, 2-Sacks, missed non-district with torn rotator cuff, decided to play final 6-games with the injury. District Defensive MVP.

Bryant Mason, 5-10, 187, Sr., ILB, West Rusk, 108-Tackles, 9-TFL, 1-Sack, 1-Interception, 4-QBP.

Cayden Mitcham, Sr., LB, (Tyler) All Saints, 52-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-Sack, 3-QBP, 4-CF, 1-FR, 3-PBU.

Blake Moore, 5-8, 175, Jr., ILB, Union Grove, 103-Tackles (75-Solo), 9-TFL, 3-CF, 3-FR, 11.4/Tackles per game.

Esteban Munoz, OLB, Winona, 69-Tackles, 1-CF, 3-FR, 3-TFL, 3-PBU.

Noah Ramos, 5-8, 165, Sr., LB, Cooper, 80-Tackles, 8-TFL, 3-Interceptions, 1-CF, 1-FR, 2-Year Starter.

Omero Orona, Jr., OLB, Gilmer, 130-Tackles (74-Solo), 6-TFL, 3-Sacks.

Cameron Reid, Sr., LB, (Tyler) All Saints, 71-Tackles, 4-TFL, 3-FR, 1-CF, 2-PBU, 2-QBP.

Haden Reiff, 6-0, 200, Sr., LB, Caddo Mills, 135-Tackles (87-Solo), 13-TFL, 4-CF, 1-Interception, 6-QBP.

Van Ring, 5-11, 185, Sr., LB, Harleton, 125 Tackles, 19 TFL, 2 Fumble recoveries, 5.5 sacks 1 blocked kick

Alan Rocha, 5-8, 188, Jr., LB, Carlisle, 96-Tackles, 14-TFL, 1-Sack, 3-QBP, 2-FR, 4-CF, 1-Defensive TD.

Diego Smith, 6-1, 180, Soph., OLB, Waskom, 101-Tackles, 11-TFL.

JaKory Standley, 5-10, 185, Sr., OLB, Shelbyville, 123-Tackles, 1-CF, 4-Sacks.

Zach Studley, 6-0, 185, Jr., OLB, Malakoff, 100-Tackles, 9-TFL, 3-Interceptions, 1-CF, 5-PBU. 1st Team AD.

Felipe Tristan, 6-3, 230, Sr., LB, Brook Hill, 113-Tackles, 19-TFL, 5-Sacks, 2-CF, 1-Interception, District Defensive MVP, 1st-Team All-State.

Quin Webb, Soph., LB, Daingerfield, 143-Tackles (81-Solo), 1-Sack, 7-TFL, 2-CF, 1-FR, 5-QBP, District Defensive Newcomer of the Year.

Daveon Williams, 6-3, 215, Sr., OLB, Waskom, 87-Tackles, 17-TFL, 4 1/2-Sacks.

Kadaylon Williams, 5-9, 215, Sr., ILB, Arp, 116-Tackles (76-Solo), 18-TFL, 7-QBP, 3-FR.

Ryan Yeater, Sr., ILB, Jefferson, 122-Tackles, 6-TFL.


Preston Anderson, 5-10, 160, Jr., CB, Grand Saline, 34-Tackles, 1-CF, 3-Interception, 9-PBU, 1st-Team AD.

Jace Burns, 6-1, 200, Sr., CB, Sabine, 4-Interceptions. 3-Year Starter.

Hunter Carter, 5-8, 170, S, Caddo Mills, 101-Tackles (60-Solo), 9-TFL, 5-Interceptions, 3-CF, 1-FR, 5-QBP, 11-PBU.

Ked Harper, 6-0, 160, Jr., CB, Carthage, 26-Tackles, 10-PBU, 2-Interceptions (1-TD).

Clayton Hart, 6-1, 175, Soph, CB, Carlisle, 48-Tackles, 3-TFL, 2-Sacks, 4-Interceptions, 5-PBU, 1-FR, 1-Defensive TD.

Hunter Murphy, 6-0, 160, Jr., CB, West Sabine, 54-Tackles, 6-Interceptions, 1-TD.

Jae'Dyn Slaughter, Sr., CB, Beckville, 30-Tackles, 5-Interceptions, 14-PBU.

Zay Thomas, 5-8, 135, Sr., CB, Waskom, 72-Tackles, 8-TFL, 11-PBU, 4-Interceptions.

Davion Tolliver, 5-11, 160, Sr., CB, Malakoff, 24-Tackles, 1-TFL, 2-Interceptions, 6-PBU. "Best tackling CB we've had in 13-years."


Chris Bowman, Jr., SS, Jefferson, 58-Tackles, 4-TFL.

Buck Buchanan, 5-11, 175, Sr., S, Marshall, 71-Tackles (53-Solo), 1-TFL, 2-Interceptions, 4-PBU.

Judsen Carter, Soph., FS, Jefferson, 120-Tackles, 2-TFL.

Chris Ervin, Sr., S, Kilgore, 95-Tackles, 5-PBU, 3-Interceptions.

Garrett Florey, 5-8, 185, Jr., S, Van, 71-Tackles, 1-Sack, 1-Interception, 4-PBU.

Ty Harper, 5-9, 160, Soph., S, West Rusk, 36-Tackles, 4-Interceptions, 11-PBU, 1-FR. 1st Team AD.

Ryan Harris, Sr., S, Beckville, 123-Tackles, 2-Interceptions.

Colin Ingram, 6-0, 175, Jr., FS, Cooper, 51-Tackles, 2-TFL, 4-PBU, 4-Interceptions, 2-CF, 1-FR, 1-Defensive TD, 3-Year Starter.

Jayvis Jones, 5-11, 165, Sr., S, Waskom, 66-Tackles, 5-TFL.

Brett Kindly, 5-10, 165, Jr., S, Grand Saline, 44-Tackles, 3-TFL, 2-CF, 1-Inteception, 4-PBU.

Solomon Macfoy, 6-0, 170, Sr., S, Chapel Hill, 104-Tackles, 4-Interceptions, 1-TD, 21-PBU.

Tylur Neal, Sr., S, Pine Tree, 88-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-QBP, 1-CF, 1-FR, 6-PBU, 1-Interception.

Dawson Pendergrass, 6-3, 212, Jr., FS, Mineola, 47-Tackles, 3-Interceptions, 1-Defensive TD (missed 2 1/2 games with injury).

Yacorus Porter, 5-8, 175, Sr., SS, Henderson, 22-Tackles, 2-TFL, 2-Sacks, 2-Interceptions, 1-TD.

Davin Rider, Sr., S, Kilgore, 45-Tackles, 2-Interceptions, 3-PBU.

Jakerrian Roquemore, 6-0, 165, Jr., S, Carthage, 54-Tackles, 1-TFL, 5-PBU, 1-Interception for TD.

Aaron Sears, 5-11, 180, Sr., S, Tyler Legacy, 74-Tackles, 2-TFL, 1-Sack, 3-CF, 1-FR, 12-PBU, 1-Interception.

Braeden Wade, 5-11, 180, Sr., S, Carthage, 36-Tackles, 1-FR, 9-PBU.

Winky Williams, 6-3, 180, Soph., S, DeKalb, 116-Tackles, 3-Interceptions, 5-CF.

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Honorable Mention Defense

XP/FG Kickers

Christian Baxter, Jr., K, Tyler Legacy, 45-46 XP's, 3-4 FG's (Long-42).

Ayden Colbert, 6-0, 150, Sr., K, Huntington, 21-24 XP's 5-6 FG's (Long-37), 4-Touchbacks, 6-Onside Kicks Recovered.

Juan Gonzalez, 5-7, 155, Jr., K, Malakoff, 63-65 XP's, 7-12 FG's (Long-38), 84-points scored, 15-Touchbacks, 21-Fair Catches.

Alexis Magallanes, 5-10, 165, Sr., K, West Rusk, 95% XP's, 85% Touchbacks.

Domonik, Rivers, Soph., K, Jefferson, 22-26 XP's, 3-5 FG's.


Jace Burns, 6-1, 200, Sr., P, Sabine, 44.0-yards per punt.

Ayden Colbert, 6-0, 150, Sr., P, Huntington, 23-punts for 43.25-average (Long-62), 6-Inside 10.

Ethan Fanous, Sr., P, (Tyler) All Saints, 40-punts for 37.15-average, 12-Inside 20.

Jose Jaime, Sr., P, Kilgore, 27-punts for 37.2-average.

Bradan Manning, 6-4, 190, Soph., P, Elysian Fields, 16-punts for 43.1-average.

Domonik, Rivers, Soph., P, Jefferson, 38-punts for 36.2-average.

Alex Scheuer, 6-2, 190, Sr., P, Harmony, 29-punts for 42.1-average, Long-62, 9-Inside 20.

Carson Thomson, 6-3, 180, Sr., P, Chester, 18-punts for 41.2-average, 15-Inside 20, 8-Inside 5-yard.

Kick/Punt Returners

Tyson Berry, 5-8, 175, Jr., PR, Chapel Hill, 9-PR for 26.1-average.

Christopher Evans, KR, Center, 18.3 average per kick return.

Brett Maya, 5-10, 175, Jr., KR, Lindale, 10-KR for 33.8-average, 1-TD.

Makenzie McGill, 5-10, 180, Jr., KR, Mount Vernon, 4-KR for 168-yards (42.0), 1-TD, District MVP.

Ilonzo "Deuce" McGregor, KR, Chapel Hill, 1-KR for TD.

Cayden Mitcham, Sr., KR/PR, (Tyler) All Saints, 1-PR for 63-yards (TD), 8-KR for 27.1-average, 2-Blocked XP's.

Jermaine Roney, Sr., KR, Kilgore, 14-KR for 34.3-average, 1-TD.

Malik Stotts, 6-3, 180, Jr., PR, Joaquin, 1-PR for TD.

Short/Long Snappers

Rick Carlton, 5-10, 155, Jr., LS, Chester, 100% Snap Rate on 42-XP's, 2-FG's, 18-Punts, every snap hit the holder or punter in the hands every single time.

Carson Fisher, 6-4, 300, Sr., LS, Grand Saline, zero bad snaps on punts and coach added, "believe me we punted too often!"

Landon Huggins, Sr., LS, Pittsburg, no stats.

Clayton Keith, LS, West Rusk, stats coming.

Canyon Minter, 6-4, 248, Jr., LS, Big Sandy, 100% on every snap during season, average FG snap .28-.33 seconds, punt snap average .80-.87.

Ty Price, Sr., Short Snapper, Pittsburg, no stats.

Cameron Webb, 5-11, 235, LS, Spring Hill, 45-45 XP's, 12-12 punt snaps, 100%.

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Honorable Mention Special Teams

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