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  2. Show of hands yes or no ONLY answers (All that irrelevant bs will be ignored): you afraid of money as a teenager?
  3. The wench that runs the CDC can't explain what data she based this decision on .... if the truth were known, it probably came directly from the Plugs administration .... when is the CDC going to lock down the virus riddled southern border? .... Covid panic is all this failed administration can hang their hats on .... they are going to milk masks, lockdowns, vaccinations and panic through the midterm elections .... i saw this coming from a mile away ....
  4. If we bust their #### I'll never let it down
  5. Arkansas versus “Effective Arkansas”
  6. https://www.foxbusiness.com/entertainment/comedian-adam-carolla-blacklisted-by-hollywood-says-its-a-small-price-to-pay-for-free-speech I always respected Carolla...he worked construction for years before making it in comedy...
  7. @BarryLaverty , where do you think it’s coming from then? Which party always questions everything our country has done and always says it is not the greatest country in the world? Which party did Obama belong to when he went on a worldwide apology tour apologizing for America being America? Which party prioritizes illegal immigrants over the citizens of America? Which party fakes their horror about covid, while busing in thousands of possibly covid stricken illegals into the interior of America? (If they were so worried about covid the border would be locked down!) Which party che
  8. Exactly, can you imagine Michael Jordan losing the first two games of a playoff series and sitting out the series bc its just to hard. No way dude was a champion and competitor this new age nonsense is a joke.
  9. Both are selfish if they sit out, football is a team sport and they are proving themselves to be anything but team players. If they are afraid of getting hurt in hs they obviously have no idea whats coming at the next level.
  10. Good show have no complaints about any of those division 2 districts.
  11. Just went back and listened to ZZ Tops First album....my wife asked me why I was wiping my eyes....just the most perfect Texas blues album ever...great job by Robin Hood Studios in Tyler, should be a Texas historical landmark, if not already.....RIP Dusty....
  12. Today
  13. Fine. The biggest thing is familiarity because of moving pieces. De'Qualin Vaughn was one of two returning OL from last year, but he has moved from LT to TE (which better fits him and gives us a big body at the position + a solid extra blocker). So, Jax Norman, who started at RT last year as a sophomore...has moved to LT. That then caused Jesse Fairchild to move from the DL to RT. Blair Williams, who backed up the varsity LG position last season as a sophomore, will start at one of the guard positions (he played both left and right guard in the spring). FBS potential
  14. I’ve been saying it, Democrats loathe their own country; their Democrat parents and Democrat college professors have taught them to.
  15. https://rumble.com/vkhxup-cringe-fauci-diehards-release-cringe-inducing-song.html
  16. Hang in there Mav01, lots of folks in history considered crazy until they were proven right! All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. – Arthur Schopenhauer
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