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  2. I believe so. Canadian Sportsnet will provide audio, and they are really good as well. Unfortunately, the UIL won’t allow them both at the same source. You can play both but there is normally a few second delay between the two.
  3. The GOP has to win the swing votes. Trump will not do that
  4. To be honest, the RNC did not back Herschel Walker. They lightly campaigned for him and he barely lost. Until the RNC gets the Rino’s daughter out of leadership, they will continue to do so. Until the GOP leadership like McConnell grows a pair or gets voted out, we might as well get ready for more inflation and immorality in our country.
  5. All I know is stay away from Glen Rose ER. I went there about two days before Christmas last year after I fell at work and split my head open between the eyes. I never been there. So I get there the lights are turned off, and I can't see the sign that tells you ring the button. So, I'm walking back and forth bleeding all over the place. The ER staff inside is just watching me on camera and calls the cops. Next thing I know a flashlight is shined on me by the sheriff deputy, and he asked if I was alright. He was cool and got me into the ER. I was still bleeding like head wounds do. The clerk inside gave me a clip board to fill out. I signed it in blood literally. The place was just awful. The staff contradicted themselves constantly. My kids did give me crayons and coloring books for Christmas as a gag gift. I did have 3 stitches and a scar shaped as a cross right between the eyes. Wife said it was a failed exorcism.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc... History is kind of hard to follow back too far. Documenting your evil acts for public consumption isn't often done. Unless your name is Hunter.
  8. My senior season, in 1971, Adidas came out with a shoe called the Adidas Superlite .... they had hard rubber cleats and they came in white ... I think they were like soccer shoes ... My coach gave me a pair because I was one of the team captains ... They weighed about 1/3 of what the old black shoes with the long screw in cleats weighed ... There was a lot of criticism because a few of us were wearing white cleats and we looked different .... I liked them because they were very light and were far better than the old black heavy cleats ...
  9. In defense of berries. This account has led us to much Truth debunking everything the account has to say. Thank you Barry!
  10. Cap, blue jeans , polo shirt for coaches.
  11. I always felt good when Doomer was misspelling his words on purpose, it made me feel safe
  12. As Cotton mentioned, having a 90% or better Bell will be very beneficial in slowing down GR’s offense when they go uptempo. It’s all about fresh legs and good reads. For this particular matchup, Hatten is less valuable IMO as Carthage will be able to run the ball like they did vs PG. Having one less WR won’t impact the game plan as much. Basically, I’m saying Carthage can win without Hatten. I’d much rather have a healthy Hatten next week in the big game if it were my choice.
  13. Supreme Court Hears Case That Could Empower State Legislatures, Not Judges, to Regulate Elections NTD News ^ | December 7, 2022 | Matthew Vadu Supreme Court justices on Dec. 7 grilled an attorney for North Carolina Republicans who was arguing the U.S. Constitution gives state legislatures preeminent authority to make the rules for presidential and congressional elections without interference from the courts. The case is important because, if the high court finds for North Carolina, the rules governing how states regulate federal elections could change dramatically. The hearing comes at a time when tensions between Republicans and Democrats over voting procedures have been growing in light of former President Donald Trump’s continuing claims that the 2020 presidential election was marred by massive electoral fraud. At issue is the once-obscure Independent State Legislature Doctrine, under which Republicans argue the Constitution has always directly authorized state legislatures alone to make rules for the conduct of federal elections in their states. Democrats say this doctrine is a fringe conservative legal theory that could endanger voting rights, enable extreme partisan gerrymandering in the redistricting process, and cause upheaval in election administration. Left-wing law professor Richard Hasen has called the doctrine the “800-pound gorilla” of election law. “In its most extreme form, it would not only rework the balance of power in protecting voting rights in states from state supreme courts and executive agencies to state legislatures,” but would “give the Supreme Court a potential excuse to interfere with presidential election results any time a state court or agency has relied on a state constitution to give voters more protections than those afforded by the U.S. Constitution.” Conservatives, on the other hand, say the doctrine is the application of common sense and would restore reasonable rules on the electoral playing field and allow elected state officials, instead of judges, to make election rules. The Supreme Court has not ruled on the doctrine directly but some justices have said it could have been argued in the Bush v. Gore case that resolved the disputed 2000 presidential election. The doctrine, if endorsed by the high court, could in theory allow state legislatures to select presidential electors in disputed elections, something critics decry as a threat to democracy. When he launched the appeal in March, Tim Moore, a Republican who is the speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, said the Constitution is “crystal clear: state legislatures are responsible for drawing congressional maps, not state court judges, and certainly not with the aid of partisan political operatives.” Moore is appealing the Supreme Court of North Carolina’s order redrawing the state’s electoral map against the wishes of the state’s GOP-majority legislature. Two key clauses in the U.S. Constitution lay out the rules governing federal elections in the states. The elections clause in Article 1 states: “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof.” The presidential electors clause in Article 2 states gives each state the power to appoint presidential electors “in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct.” The case is Moore v. Harper, court file 21-1271. During oral arguments on Dec. 7, liberal justices pushed back against the doctrine, while conservative Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito seemed largely receptive to it. Moore’s attorney, David H. Thompson, told the justices that the two constitutional provisions have been misinterpreted for years. “The elections clause requires state legislatures specifically to perform the federal function of prescribing regulations for federal elections,” Thompson said. “States lack the authority to restrict the legislatures’ substantive discretion when performing this federal function … and it is federal law alone that places substantive restrictions on states legislatures’ performing the task assigned them by the federal Constitution.” “For the first 140 years of the republic, there was not a single state court that invalidated on substantive grounds any congressional redistricting plan,” Thompson said. Precedent holds that “the Founders tasked state legislatures with federal functions that transcend any substantive limitation sought to be imposed by the people of the state.” Justice Clarence Thomas wondered aloud if the court had authority to consider this case. Thomas asked Thompson what “the basis of our jurisdiction” was given that “we don’t normally review state supreme courts’ interpretation of state constitutions.” Thompson said that the Supreme Court of North Carolina’s decision reflects the state’s law but is still “a violation of the elections clause and that’s why we’re here.” Justice Sonia Sotomayor told Thompson his argument wasn’t resonating with her. “If judicial review is in the nature of ensuring that someone’s acting within their constitutional limits, I don’t see anything in the words of the Constitution that takes that power away from the state.” Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson asked Thompson if it was his argument “that the state constitution has no role to play—period—in terms of imposing substantive limits on the exercise of that federal function.” Thompson confirmed that was his position, saying a state constitution may require that an election measure be presented to a governor for approval or veto. Justice Elena Kagan told Thompson that Supreme Court rulings present a lot of “problems” for his argument. The doctrine under discussion “gets rid of the normal checks and balances on the way big governmental decisions are made in this country, and then you might think that it gets rid of all those checks and balances at exactly the time when they are needed most.” “Think about consequences because this is a theory with big consequences,” she said. The doctrine would empower state legislatures to carry out the “most extreme form of gerrymandering,” while imposing “all manner of restrictions on voting” and curtailing “all kinds of voter protections.” This is a developing story. This article will be updated. From The Epoch Times
  14. To be honest, DeSantis is not the best shot. The GOP has not got much of a chance unless they learn to get to "vote out", like the democrats do......
  15. What are you doing--throwing facts at a liberal whose only means of communications is listening to the OP-ED overlords of the MSM......you should be tarred and feathered for doing that to a liberal......
  16. Republicans best shot, DeSantis.
  17. There have been some pretty good Indepence Bowls in Shreveport ... I was there the year LSU played Notre Dame ... and the Army vs Auburn game .... Georgia, Ole Miss and other name schools have played there ... I always thought they had some pretty decent match ups ....
  18. Its a deep hole. Wonder how far back the control went even before the WWS. Did a research once on Adam Schiff family. Frank Shiff was a powerful player sent to regulate the world. Not sure if many are ready to search it out.
  19. Stoney wore a neck roll even though he got a neck like a giraffe. Even tucked my sleeves to show off the guns for the ladies in the stands.
  20. He kinda gives off diva vibes. That would give some juice to an already topsy turvy off-season.
  21. I've mention this and I dont really want to bring it up but Aledo has an uphill battle. Yeah LV is ranked #1. Yeah they have an elite running game. Yeah they have a defense that averages giving up less than 10 ppg. Yeah they have a cult following that travels well. Yeah LV has an extra day rest. Yeah the game is outside. Yeah its gonna rain. But the thing I am most concerned with is the Denton Ryan curse. Round 1- Denton Ryan loses Red Oak Round 2- Red Oak loses to Abilene Round 3- Abilene loses to Burleson Centennial Round 4- Burleson Centennial loses to Aledo This trend is very real.
  22. All sports except curling!!!! C'mon Sloppy Doomer Seed, how can you not call them sports???
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