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  2. Man Made Global Warming is another casualty of Science.
  3. Longview gets silver in the 200m at UIL state. 4 points shy of 1st place...right behind Fort Bend Marshall.
  4. Wow. Didn't this Lufkin team have members that were on that little league world series a few years back?
  5. Uuuppsssseeeettt!!!! Marshall beats Whitehouse 4-1 in game one. Series switches to Maverick Field tomorrow.
  6. You need to make an effort to be more specific. But we all F-up a post every now & then. At my age, I have to stop & remember which words to use - or, our, are - there, their, they’re. Those used to be automatic, but now, no telling which word I’m liable to stick in. Funny thing, I won’t notice until right after I hit the enter button.
  7. Story on @transcript: Felony charges were filed in Cleveland County against former OU players Trejan Bridges and Seth McGowan: https://t.co/D3OfvGWZcG | #Sooners
  8. Whatever. I wasn't even talking about today. I was referring to a post that said systemic racism ended in 1965. You tried it though.
  9. I was referring to after 1965 to the original post he had that said it all ended after Jim Crow.
  10. Texas High 6 Lufkin 4 (Tigers advance) Tigers jumped out to a 4-1 lead. Lufkin fought back in the top of the 7th to tie the game 4-4. Tigers got a 2 run walk off home run by Halter to win in the bottom half of the inning.
  11. The Science is proving otherwise. Had the experiment with lifting the mask mandate created more contractions of the virus then I would say it failed. It hasn't, and I check the numbers weekly now vs. daily back from March - May. Many said that it would fail, and that put many Texans at risk. So whose hypothesis was correct teacher ? India has a mask mandate, and they are having another surge in contractions. I realize that India's population is only second to China, and they live in close confines, yet they are again experience a crisis. Which makes me wonder if the Wuhan survives extre
  12. Today
  13. Na, none from any of yall... DA's
  14. He's cool with it too, so he doesn't have to answer real, hard questions.
  15. You should take a lot of notes
  16. See #1. Dominion isn't co-equal branch of anything.
  17. So if the renter leased all 12 bedrooms out at $1500 a month he would receive $18000 a month from his tenants. That seems reasonable to me. Why it needs 16 bathrooms is beyond me, but I suppose if each room housed a couple that would be 32 people. I know some apartments still have only one bathroom per floor. At least that was the case when I thought about moving to Honolulu, Hawaii. One such apartment complex had 8 rooms on each floor with only one bathroom for all residents to use, and the rent was $700 a month back in 1996. I wouldn't even pay $1500 a month for a 1 bedroom place. I'm
  18. Kilgore wins game 2 3-2 Game 3 in 30 minutes
  19. Kilgore up on LE 3-2 in top 7th in game 2
  20. What's your logic? The virus decreased because the mask mandate was lifted??? How about vaccines taking hold and continued vigilance playing a role? It's not over, by the way, as people do continue to die daily.
  21. Cool! Just got a new phone and I successfully automatically loaded back and logged into SDC.
  22. Warriors forward Damion Lee was vaccinated and has contracted the Wuhan, but I'm guessing he's part of the 5% that could still be effected. It only has a 95% rate for some, and I believe one of them is only 89%. I'd have to look up which one's have the best effective rate. I told my boss if they'd pay me 50% of the tax break they receive for each employee that is vaccinated that I would get it, and they balked.
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