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  2. How about 4 million to the public health facilities in Ukraine. For equity in testing smh
  3. https://www.usaspending.gov/award/CONT_AWD_72012124C00001_7200_-NONE-_-NONE-/ how about 59 million to female farmers in Ukraine. @BarryLaverty
  4. Painting found inside the pyramids of Nubia in Sudan, from 2500 BC. This giant is holding 2 full grown elephants!
  5. Lol..... lightning hit a transformer.....no lights....you get Mr. Spock instead of Hawkeye Pierce til the lights come back on.....
  6. @BarryLaverty, why are you defending this? You do not have to parrot and support every single thing Democrats do. When you are always in lockstep with whatever the Dems do and say and tell you to say via their influential lapdog media you lose credibility.
  7. “Disabled Veteran (Soldier and U.S. War Bond)” by Norman Rockwell (1944) Rockwell's technique of placing a static figure in front of an action scene in this painting won him first prize from the Art Directors' contest in 1944. He later commented that he attributed this technique to the Old Masters, which gave life to an otherwise static setting. His somber palette added gravitas to the nature of war. The front figure holds the focus of the viewer and displays the ultimate reality of being wounded and returning home disabled. Rockwell used his Arlington neighbor, Roy Cole, who actually served in the 1st infantry division (the oldest division in the US Army) and returned home wounded. Roy's name and Arlington address are visible on the painted war bond.
  8. “Road Line Painter's Problem” by Norman Rockwell for The Saturday Evening Post (October 2, 1937)
  9. I noticed that you left a laughing emoji instead of actually addressing what I said and answering my question. Then again I am not surprised. I'd answer yours first, but I don't trust you'd answer mine.
  10. You have to be open to learning. Wouldn't you tell your students that? Or are you taking the Peggy Hill approach?
  11. Ingenious Engineering of Mohenjo-daro! Indus Valley Civilization Mohenjo-daro, a testament to ancient innovation. This major city was not only a cradle of civilization but also a pioneer in urban planning. Its houses boasted wells, sophisticated drainage systems, and even toilets with flushing capabilities – all connected to an elaborate underground network. These archaeological marvels highlight the impressive engineering skills of a civilization that thrived over 5,000 years ago. The people of Mohenjo-daro mastered the art of water management long before modern conveniences, showcasing their forward-thinking approach to city living. #AncientEngineering #MohenjoDaro #IndusValley #ArchaeologyLovers
  12. In the system of logical debate, I don't have to prove you wrong.....you have to prove you are right.....a slanted propaganda piece is FAR from evidentiary........
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