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  2. SH has a solid pitching staff and plays good defense. But equally important is the fact their lineup can all hit the ball well - 1 through 9.
  3. Yep. Once upon a time Clarksville was in a district with Mt. Pleasant and Sulphur Springs.
  4. Screen print of my post on another forum.
  5. Let’s start by locking the school doors so someone can’t just walk in with a gun. I gotta get buzzed in through two doors at my kids elementary. Some guy Running from the cops can just walk right in?
  6. As the #4 seed, the Hogs will host their own Super Regional, hosting the Longhorns. Could be a bit spicy in Fayetteville. The Horns were just one of two teams to hang a L on the Sooners this season, (in Austin) the other being Okie State.
  7. They need to do something about the drugs that they're prescribing to these kids that make them loose cannons. I've already shown links to almost all of these mass shootings to teens and young adults that have been prescribed these drugs. Of course we never hear about that in the initial reports, it's simply about the guns that were used, and those that are left dead. Somethings setting them off, and it's not a gun. I'm going to show it again : 37 Mass Shooters Who Were On Antidepressants | Thought Catalog .
  8. I saw where Coach Dunaway isn’t coming back to Marshall next year. I’m a little surprised honestly. I know they had a down year this year but last year they went 3 rounds deep. Always felt like Coach Dunaway got the most out of his kids. Is this the new AD wanting to bring his own guy in? Anybody know anyone that might get a look at this job? Marshall is a very tradition rich baseball program and now they have great facilities. Seems like it would attract a lot of great candidates.
  9. I wish you would have contacted me personally. Smoaky.com took it down but had you contacted me like our rules state on a coaching change you would have been given the credit but I would've called Barry Norton myself to confirm. There's a fine line that most coaching change(s) information on this site from members is legit, unfortunately what ruins it for you and others are the nasty, personal vendetta's throwing out, "Is Coach XYZ really out at School XYZ" and then the blank-storm begins.
  10. https://bgr.com/science/nasa-captures-sharkcano-eruption-where-mutant-sharks-swim-near-an-underwater-volcano/
  11. Spring Hill is favored over Melissa but the Cards will put up a fight. Thinking SH has more pitching depth. Melissa has a solid #1 but #2 is a freshman lefty who has decent stuff but very young. Not much after that besides a D1 football recruit that on the mound throws hard but likely only good for a couple innings. The Cards have won 14 of last 15 games with only loss to Celina in a game they trailed 1-0 entering 6th inn. Offensively Melissa has 1 really big bat in their 3rd baseman, but they’re very aggressive running the bases and have successfully stolen home at least 2 times in the playoffs.
  12. L-K maxed out around 360 kids in the 70s and 80s and started dropping enrollment afterwards……Some have said Cville had about 750 in high school years ago. L-K was in the same district with Gilmer, P G, Atlanta some back then, but never had the numbers to be 4A now.
  13. Weren’t Clarksville and LK both in what is now Class 4A back in the 90s?
  14. Rusk has been eliminated. I’m going with Argyle, Celina, China Spring & Sinton
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