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  2. Exactly, the new coaching staff will hopefully fix the problem
  3. CRT studies the impact of laws on POC. That statement is not CRT. Did you see this taught somewhere?
  4. I understand that but the question is why did they quit?
  5. So we're supposed to spend our money on what, exactly? We're supposed to spend more, when there's less to spend it on? Although I do have my eye on a 12 string acoustic guitar that's priced really well. Although I may wait until after Christmas to get it.
  6. Maybe we should post the questions from the article...
  7. I heard a story once of a guy who laminated a little statement, along with the 4th Amendment, and stuck it on his window when he came to these checkpoints. He actually got to go through them. I still believe "no refusal" weekends are constitutional violations, though.
  8. The Tigers don't have to completely shut it down. It works in our favor to give some drives, we just need stops at key times or if game was in doubt. I doubt they will be held scoreless, but that offense can be slowed down. That's bad for them trying to answer scores with our quick strike offense. We'll see
  9. I think they could easily still have the check points, but not in the way that they are currently doing it. All they would have to do is have police cars at various spots from venue exits, and if they see someone driving erratically then pull them over for cause. However to check every driver coming from an event is where I see the problem. I've never encountered one, but I know that they are around from videos and news stories. They make every driver blow to check for intoxication. I think one should have the ability to have representation if they are pulled over for drunk driving, because the penalties are so high for one.
  10. Ok, I guess?!?!? I cannot decipher what the intended point was. I still look forward to watching this game between CS and WOS!
  11. Why do that, it's getting closer to a holiday and they have limited supplies of things, they tell us that more spending is the way, and to top it off, just prior to Christmas they start talking about another varient of the virus (which we all know viruses do) so they can continue to shut down the west coast and make middle America suffer. That has always been their goal.
  12. You had a 50 percent chance at being right. Lol
  13. Just heard Dee Lewis is out and one of our best receivers was complaining of ankle pain in practice today
  14. Daingerfield not shutting down Waskom run game . West rusk figured they could get to Daingerfield edge the second half. Waskom will stay on the edges all night .
  15. They should ban it in all 50 states. If they did it would decrease the congestion with all of the tankers loaded with goods. Biden is just too stupid to not try and ease the inflation that his and his cronies policies have created.
  16. Yesterday
  17. The problem is the courts have ruled again against a mandate. The only genocide that should happen is if someone contracts the virus and passes from it. That won't happen since the survival rate after contracting the virus is so high. Let's say that all people that are unvaxxed are killed. Will that make the virus go away ? As we have seen it will not, because even those that are vaccinated are still contracting the virus. The left is so simpleminded and stupid with their emotional intellect that they want to proclaim is based on Science.
  18. If they would do away with taking 4 teams, it would shorten the weeks, which would not put state games the weekend of release. Personally I prefer the old school - Win your district advance to playoffs, everyone else sits and watches. And I know that will be unpopular.
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