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  2. Word is good out of camp. He’s physically bigger, his arm may be stronger, he’s got the system down. You’re hearing good things about these young WRs. I’m ready for the season to start.
  3. Hagar knows the people quite well. The taxman in that strip always brought his executioner in case Hagar didn't pay up. Heck they can already put us in jail, now will they kill us. If the Democrats are against guns so much why do they want to arm them ? The Nazi's did the same thing with guns in taxing the rich and taking their artwork. While "The Monuments Men" was a movie about retrieving the stolen artwork, maybe one should have been made about them taking it. This sounds like something the U.S.S.R. and Chiner has done as well.
  4. Now Merrick Garland says it was about 15 boxes of "classified information", but have those boxes been found, yet ??? Even if he had them, according to many sources he plans on building his Presidential Library in Florida. Let's say they did find them. They take them back to Washington, and then will have to bring them back to the Presidential Library once they are declassified if any are found. That's a waste of taxpayer money. I still don't know if he did or didn't have anything. All I've seen again are two memes with an empty safe crack with Tucker and Jenny's phone number in the toilet paper. I won't write it to prevent ear worms.
  5. Absolutely agree. Although after the American FSB's... I mean, after the FBI's un-Constitutional raids on Project Veritas and President Trump, not too sure they need to be armed either.
  6. Word is Haynes is starting to separate himself in the QB competition.
  7. I love how people try to blame MSM like CNN. It's 2022. Most people don't even have cable anymore. They did shady stuff and are about to get punished for it
  8. Beanie Boy is the guy with the winter hat on his head all the time that likes to hear himself talk and doesn't get to the point until about 10 minutes of yammering. Was it a shame that Breonna Taylor got caught in the crossfire ? In a way, but she did have a criminal that shot at the cops and she was hit by cross fire. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Women that date criminals should expect something to go wrong sometime. It was the same with Vicky White :
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  10. If it’s the same Stupidintendent, how are they still employed there???
  11. Yep. Back in the day, we had the Freshmen coaches a few weeks and then one week with the entire coaching staff. In that time, we were just scrambling to get ready for the scrimmage in a week. Pretty much starts you off behind the 8 Ball. And yeah, I'll put our coaching staff up against just about all others. More time with them is huge.
  12. Who is the "Beanie Boy" and I am not sure if anyone ever posts anything remotely true in the news anymore. Briebart is news with a hard right lean. MSM is news with a hard left lean. FOX News really is the most "middle" of the news stations and they are almost always misleading with their headlines to make it look like a hard right lean. (I am not referring to Tucker etc.) I miss the show on Sunday mornings where there was a panel of left and right discussing the headlines of the week. It was before the NFL Sunday morning pre-game stuff on FOX. It was before the masses made Chris Wallace and others to choose a side.
  13. The two scrimmages are huge... But the fact that the entire coaching staff now gets 1on1 time for two weeks with the 9th grade squad is even more big.
  14. DOJ was involved because they were investigating a "hate crime." Cops taking down criminals that shoot at them is now a hate crime.
  15. they got a three digit scoreboard?
  16. Christian Heritage might be available.
  17. this would have been one of those times to snag a game with a really good private school (if there is one anywhere looking) like IMG or an out of state like Evangel or one of the Little Rock schools like (Pulaski Academy or Bryant)...playing in a neutral site maybe on Thursday or Saturday to get a decent stadium.
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