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  2. We don’t run a lot of wideout sets and we rarely throw the ball. Our “triplets” tend to all line up in the backfield. It could also be said that our offense works best when we have quadruplets, or a really athletic quarterback to go with the three RBs. The 2022 group of QB Gauge Jordan, FB Andre Brown, HB Jericho Newman and TB Malik Stotts was rock solid. The 2019 combo of QB Chandler Pritchett (he wasn’t really athletic but a 215 # QB riding a 290# center is tough to stop in short yardage), HB Connor Bragg, TB Gunner Nelson and FB Boogie Lane was also impressive. The best overall group was probably in 2017 when we had QB Trey Wilkerson, TB Bragg, HB Hunter Gates and FB Kase Yates.
  3. Are you a human being? Or just a mealy mouthed troll? Do happenings to actual human beings matter to you? Or is it in your troll like nature not to understand that concept?
  4. Well start listing the crooked democrats. Or are you just full of hot air? Did you ever finish that Biden Lie list?
  5. I think some did go to TB no? Weren’t they caught recruiting and got out on UIL probation and no playoffs for a year or two? That’s what I was referring to as a mess, heard it’s caused some problems there with parents of kids that have been going there.
  6. I have laid out my solution multiple times in this forum ... the only feasible solution is to use our active duty military to secure our borders and stop the drug and human trafficking .... plain and simple ....
  7. Are you gay? Or do you “identify” as gay? Are the happenings in Uganda directly affecting your life?
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  9. Division championship is just the first step. Last step will be stepping on the stage to hoist up that Lombardi Trophy. Tru up, the magic Red 90 8-ball don't lie.
  10. I’ll post videos for us later but….. QB- Cashas Pollard RB- Lennon Creer WR- Denarius Moore Had another back with this group that went to U of H. Pollard was like 41-3 all time as a QB. Creer played for University of Tennessee. Moore played in the NFL some.
  11. https://bonginoreport.com/economy/hunger-hits-americans-under-bidens-new-economy bet SloJoe doesn’t go hungry…
  12. What’s your proposal for fixing it? Sending them to the border doesn’t seem like it would work, do you think it will?
  13. No one in Uganda knows what LGBTQAH+ is. This is a western made up thing. Homosexuals on the other hand, they are telling them to straighten up I guess.
  14. Seriously...how many epic fails does that make? Incredibly dumb knee jerk reaction...again. TDS at its finest.
  15. So, you here are supportive of laws that could mean imprisonment or even death for LBGTQ Ugandans? You think it's a good thing that relatives are required to tell on those who even identify as gay? That's actually low and despicable.
  16. I'm going with 40% my side until someone shows some data.........
  17. Tatum definitely not ranked atm but lost to Central Heights 4-2 in a tournament. Lost to Orangefield badly, 10-1 in same tournament. Tatum hosted a pretty loaded tournament this year with Central Heights, Orangefield, Spring Hill, Carthage, Sabine, Tatum. Tatum RHP Truitt Anthony has an ERA of 0.00 through 34 innings pitched. Catcher Cam Redwine is tied for 7th in the nation in Homeruns with 5.
  18. None of those corrupt agencies are doing a thing about securing our borders or stopping the drug and human trafficking ... they are also mismanaged, misguided, under manned and hopelessly out gunned ....
  19. I was raised in a poor family, generational poor on one side. Dads dad was a sharecropper. My father cost me 270k 5 years ago by passing on land he couldn’t afford. Well with in his control to come up with the money by calling his son. Land was sold before I ever knew about it. This is the story of how my dad got Mexican neighbors lol Maybe 2% out there is out there poor because of stuff out of their control but that’s on the high end to me. Blah is correct in his 98% assessment.
  20. District should be fun again. Jefferson lost several studs, Kam comes back. Gladewater lost Lewis, brings up solid JV. Atlanta returns a lot. Sabine returns a lot. White Oak gained a solid QB. Tatum returns the whole starting backfield(QB, RB1, RB2, FB) and a lot more, brings up solid JV. Should once again be a competitive district.
  21. 15-5A BASEBALL STANDINGS Hallsville (3-0) Whitehouse (3-0) Longview (2-1) Pine Tree (2-1) Mount Pleasant (1-2) Texas High (1-2) Marshall (0-3) Tyler (0-3) Game 3 on 3/21 Hallsville beat Longview 11-1 Whitehouse beat Mount Pleasant 20-0 Texas High beat Marshall 11-2 Pine Tree beat Tyler 2-0 Hallsville and Whitehouse cruised to big wins to remain unbeaten in district play. PT pulled into a tie for third with Longview with their win. Texas High finally got into the win column, while Marshall and Tyler continue to struggle. ------------------------------- 15-5A SOFTBALL STANDINGS Longview (12-3-1), (5-0) Hallsville (7-8-2), (4-1) Whitehouse (18-5), (4-1) Texas High (8-6), (3-2) Mount Pleasant (8-13), (2-3) Pine Tree (17-8), (2-3) Marshall (8-11-2), (0-5) Tyler (2-18), (0-5) Game 5 on 3/21 Longview beatHallsville 6-0 Texas High beat Marshall 11-6 Pine Tree beat Tyler 16-0 Whitehouse beat Mt. Pleasant 6-2 Longview took sole possession of first place with their win over Hallsville. Hallsville and Whitehouse are knotted up for second place. Texas High is sitting all alone in fourth place with MP and PT tied for fifth. -------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL 15-5A MEN'S SOCCER STANDINGS Whitehouse (12-1-1) 37 points Longview (11-3-0) 33 points Tyler (11-3-0) 33 points Mount Pleasant (10-4-0) 29 points Texas High (5-9-0) 15 points Pine Tree (5-9-0) 15 points Hallsville (2-12-0) 6 points Marshall (0-14-0) 0 points BI-DISTRICT PLAYOFFS Nacogdoches (DC) Vs. Vs. Mount Pleasant (F).........7PM Thursday in Tyler (Rose Stadium) Whitehouse (DC) Vs. Dayton (F).......... 6:30 Friday in Diboll Lufkin (R) Vs. Tyler (T)..........7:30 PM, Thursday in Jacksonville (Tomato Bowl) Longview (R) Vs. Humble Kingwood Park (T) ..........7 PM, Thursday in Diboll -------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL 15-5A LADIES SOCCER STANDINGS Longview (11-2-1) 35 points Hallsville (11-3-0) 33 points Pine Tree (11-3-0) 33 points Mount Pleasant (8-5-1) 25 points Tyler (6-8-0) 18 points Texas High (4-10-0) 12 points Whitehouse (4-10-0) 12 points Marshall (0-14-0) 0 points BI-DISTRICT PLAYOFFS Humble Kingwood Park (DC) Vs. Vs. Mount Pleasant (F)..........6PM, Friday in Athens (Bruce Field) Longview (DC) Vs. New Caney Porter (F)..........6:00 PM, Friday in Lufkin Lufkin (R) Vs. Pine Tree (T)..........5:30 PM, Thursday in Jacksonville (Tomato Bowl) Hallsville(R) Vs. Nacogdoches (T).........7PM, Thursday in Henderson (Lion Stadium)
  22. Things beyond their control.......not learned behavior like your new elitist pal blah blah claims........
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