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  2. I can not wait till this one is over! There's gonna be so much talked for the rest of the year!
  3. Vol.XVIII No.X Pg.8 December 1981 Stuff About Things Robert F. Turner I'm told some preacher, urging the brethren to greater efforts, said "We gotta have more 'Rather' brethren in this church. Those 'Rather' brethren 'gave diligence,' and that gets the work done." He was referring to 2 Pet. 1:10 which reads, "Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to. " Yes sir, we need 'Rather' brethren!! At this writing another semester of college teaching is coming to a close and teaching problems are on my mind. Experience continues to prove it is much easier to indoctrinate the student than it is to teach him to think objectively, and draw his own conclusions; to tell him what to put on the test paper, than to teach him to think for himself and prepare him for useful work. Since my school job is to teach techniques of interpretation, this is an exasperating matter. The student may simply be interested in a grade, and feel he must determine what the teacher wants him to say — a short-sighted goal, but understandable from the student's point of view. But what is the excuse of those who attend church Bible classes and say they look to heaven for a grade? What percentage of church members are more interested in proving what they have "always thought," or their conception of "sound church doctrine," than in digging out just what the inspired writer said in a given verse?? I do not know the percentages, but I know how hard it is to get a church Bible class to study objectively. We are long overdue for higher standards in church Bible classes and furnishing better teaching procedures for those saints who really want to learn. We must take the chip from our shoulder, swallow our pride, and say, "I want truth. Teach me how to dig it out for myself." It is too late for some to make such an effort, but special classes could be provided for those who are willing to try. Of course there will be times one feels like quitting. When I asked for the name of the slave sent back to Philemon, one student (probably joking) answered, "Ferrell Jenkins." I marked his answer "X," deducted the required points, then added this note: "I think you have this confused with the name of the Philippian jailor." (No comment from bro Jenkins!!)
  4. We know how to screen calls in Rusk County.
  5. I saw on Next Door people who just moved to where I live introducing themselves, saying things like "We just moved here from California".
  6. I'm not for piling on or dogging anyone, but an honest analysis of the defense isn't being a fair-weather fan. It's just being honest about the state of the team. I have only seen the Kilgore game on film, and I thought they looked alright. But the point totals don't lie. That's not being a fair-weather fan. That's just fact. I'm a Carthage fan, and if there are areas on the team that need improvement, I don't think it's a problem to point it out. Otherwise, what is this forum for? Just to get on here and say "Our team is gonna win!" every week?
  7. I met him around 97 or 98. He was Qb on our flag team in Longview. Legit NFL Qb arm. We wasn't use to somebody throwing with that velocity
  8. No, you’re confused. This was the deal that he was prepared to offer Henderson if they had answered any of his phone calls.
  9. Gilmer has that Caution Flag Defense this year. Nobody gets stopped, they are just slowed down for a little bit.
  10. They hate the idea that America could get restored again. They work so hard to tear her down, open her to illegals, and to sell her out the back door to the highest bidder.
  11. The Mariners won't go quietly into the night from here on out....they have a very good team. I am definitely pulling for the Astros tonight in this BIG game. I have this feeling that tonight the Astros will get it done....whether by explosion or just grinding for the win. Good Luck to my fellow Astros fans.....it ain't over until the Fat Lady sings.
  12. Hawkins has some good-looking athletes. They aren't slouches.
  13. For such a downer night for the Rangers.....the Astros did lose to the Mariners also, and Toronto did lose to the Yankees. So the only team that made up some ground on this ugly night was the Mariners. Now they move to within 3 games of the Rangers and back into competition for a Wild Card spot. The Rangers still have 4 as their Magic Number to clinch. Both the Astros and the Rangers will be in the Rubber Match tonight against the Mariners and Angels, respectively. It will be decidedly a HUGE night for both clubs as well as the Mariners. Every game is Huge at this point, but IF the Rangers can win tonight, the pressure builds for both the Astros and the Mariners. Getting out of Anaheim 2 and 1 would be considered a successful achievement and meeting the goal the Rangers had in mind before the series began.
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  15. This game is hard to pick. It should be a good game for the fans. I do think NB is improved from last year and I think DK is not as good as last year, so I am picking NB in a slight upset.
  16. Starting slow caught up to us against McKinney north. Can’t go the first half without scoring a TD
  17. He was as accurate throwing the ball as any QB I have ever watched in high school.
  18. Everything is racist and white supremacy to these yahoos.
  19. Again, don't know how to respond to adversity. And NB will be ready for sure, you can count on it! I'll bet this, there won't a DK player nominated for POTW this week!
  20. Some great drone photos of homecoming game last Friday posted on Facebook
  21. Apple Springs New Waverly Woodville Jasper Garrison Grapeland Timpson Palestine Westwood Kountze Newton Oakwood Mexia Rice Consoladated Waskom Pine Tree Lufkin
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