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  2. If, and I say I-F, the Boyz wins today the Cowboys will be on a win streak and Rush will have, 2 count'em, two more wins than D.P. Just sayin.
  3. Marshall runs a similar scheme as Terrell and they barely came out of that one with the W. if they havnt cleaned that up be a long game.
  4. Harleton smoked Maud and it wasn't even funny,if clay hadn't stomped the brakes we would have hung half a hundred on Harleton...maybe wortham is a rowdy group over there.
  5. One of us will most likely face love lady on the way to mart....really don't see any other rout except the aforementioned..alto is a wash,so that takes another solid team out of the playoffs from our dist..
  6. I thought someone said Shelbyville was good? Won a scrimmage or something like that.Looks like the Rams could have hung 100 on them.
  7. Wow.. must be closer than i am to that date then.. would be nice to get paid what i heard they paid they them. Havnt done a FOIA but if its close thats crazy money at a small school.
  8. Haven’t heard from the retiredfan.
  9. SOS means something when someone actually competes in those ballgames. Other than that it doesn’t really matter. If GW wins our district we will go 0-4 first round of the playoffs. Bet!!
  10. Gonna be interesting garrison tends to get up for this game Garrison will definitely half to play call 60/40 to win
  11. The question again becomes can anyone make it interesting for the bulldogs
  12. They’ll mix in the pass every once in a while
  13. Actually gas prices are going to be lower, because oil is also falling in price. Natural gas prices are still going up, so that's going to be a bigger bill for electricity and heating this winter.
  14. Today
  15. San Diego St Michigan Kansas St Alabama Oklahoma St Wake Forest Clemson Texas Kentucky Mississippi St Tie Breaker: 47
  16. Only possibly in the States that have the mandates. There's no way I would want to be a teacher today, and not because of the pay. The reason would be is the way kids act today in school. Parents are slackers when it comes to discipline.
  17. San Diego State Michigan Kansas State Alabama Oklahoma State Wake Forest Clemson Texas Kentucky Texas A&M *Tiebreaker: 58
  18. I’m going with the Eagles. They are primed up and ready to make a run.
  19. You’re right about that last part. They won’t let him in White Oak.
  20. Think the top 3 in this district can win round 1. Whoever draws Lovelady won't. I got Tenaha, Cushing, and Overton as the last three. Can Cushing or Overton beat Tenaha? And not sure how this district would matchup in round 2? Mart district and the Maud district?
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