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  2. The questions asked in the article were indeed good ones, at least in my opinion.
  3. Hadn't really seen to much on LBJ not many games but I think y'all can beat them but it's one game at a time,my opinion is that El Campo looks tougher than LBJ but that's that tho.
  4. https://www.statesman.com/story/news/politics/politifact/2021/08/02/did-george-washington-mandate-vaccines-smallpox-continental-army-during-revolutionary-war/5456106001/ Here's a random article I just found.
  5. They are going to wish they hadn't quit when they get older.
  6. LBJ looks tough. One game at time. CH looks very athletic.
  7. Lorena just too strong. I can’t see Diboll staying within 14 points.
  8. Story on Kalen DeBoer to Washington: https://t.co/9Lqyc6Z9Bd
  9. Not anymore all do not play. All could be seen every Friday in the student cheer section. Not on the field Rhursday or Friday. Got to get kids like this playing. Then ask why did they all decide not to play.
  10. The team seems to play better when they in the game,LCM looks very good as well, it should be a good game, Im thinking which team wins this game will end up in State, I think both teams would beat LBJ, the state will be hard, Stevenville and Melissa battling it out and both teams beat Argyle, Melissa beat them in the season/ maybe district and Stevenville eliminate Aryle in the playoffs.
  11. Dadgummit Waskom beat us like we stole something from them! I want to watch this game will it be live streamed?
  12. I wouldn't put any big money on Correa long term .... he is way over rated .... the Astros would be crazy to spend the 100s of millions on him it would take to sign him .... I hated it that they lost Springer ...
  13. So basically the Qb and rb run the ball mainly and they throw it under 15 times ?
  14. Yes, but that's when Chapel Hill didn't bring there Freshman QB nor the Freshman RB, i say if the Freshman QB and RB were in there early I think they maybe would of won District, I think they started in the Henderson game and all the way thru now, its a different Chapel Hill team since the Freshman QB and RB duel, it seems to bring the whole team to gel, they gel at right time.
  15. LCM and WOS is in the same city limits. It’s strange a small town has two teams 4 rounds deep in the playoffs. LCM beat Palestine in the bi district and Palestine beat CH. I hear CH had some issues earlier in the year. El Campo offense was averaging 53 points a game LCM held them to 21. LCM defense is allowing 19 points a game. I think it’s going to be a good ball game. Our Qb is banged up but he should be starting. The back up Qb has the better arm imo so you might see us throw more if he is back there.
  16. Hard to explain a 5 point game wasn't close but Vidor didn't score until the 3rd qt.
  17. I just wanna get back to watching a Rangers game in October.
  18. Good read ... the CRT pushers and deniers, yes they exist on SDC, have no rational response other than avoidance and deflection ... absolutely no logical rebutal .....
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