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  2. Like he hasn't already showed it but, he showed his true colors the other day.
  3. Just because I do not pretend the US is the best in EVERYTHING does not mean that I do not think the US is a great country.
  4. Looks like a buncha' Beto voters. These same women hollering bloody murder are the same ones outraged about making abortion illegal.
  5. Did I say I supported those doing nothing? No I didn't. Are you not also a clump of cells?
  6. Too many restrictions ... https://www.publicschoolreview.com/blog/no-more-prayer-at-high-school-graduations-for-texas-schools
  7. Today
  8. So you support the adults standing by doing nothing while innocent lives were slaughtered? Seems that way. Also, there is a striking difference. One topic deals with actual breathing kids with families who will never see them again and the other deals with clumps of cells that have the potential to be kids but are not. You really do a good job of illustrating the notion that “prolifers” only care about cells in a woman’s body but could care less about what happens after a child is born. My rant is over. Back to the actual topic.
  9. Was I the only one that felt sorry for the DPS director during his press conference?
  10. Got to see Sinton play twice now. This team can flat rake the ball.
  11. Because you're the lowlife calling out adults for standing by doing nothing while innocent lives were slaughtered, all the while defending the exact same thing via abortion. You sir are a hypocrite
  12. Why are you trying to apply other topics to this situation as if they have anything to do with each other? You’re approach is no better than the moron claiming this was a false flag event.
  13. There are many questions to unpack there, Does Norway allow boys to identify as girls and pretend that its normal and ok?
  14. Good luck to the Panthers. Pulling for you guys.
  15. Well it looks like Sinton and Calallen (if CC can win game 2 over Bourne) will face off again in the region 4 finals. Picking Sinton of course. SH and Celina will probable the best regional final match up with both pitching staffs being rock solid.
  16. Yes...11 years ago. How many mass shootings has Norway had since then...and how many have we had since then? It is not that these events never happen elsewhere...it is the frequency with which they happen in the US.
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