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  2. It depends on how we are defining blue bloods. What defines a blue blood? Is it titles? Total wins? Combination? Titles Minnesota has 4 titles. Nebraska and Miami have 5. My opinion is the blue bloods are Bama, OU, ND, Ohio st and USC. Those 5 schools have at least 7 titles and make up 5 of the top 6 in total wins. Texas is right on the fence. 5th in win totals but has half the titles of the 5 I mentioned. I lean towards including them in the blue blood discussion but I do think if they are in, Miami and Nebraska should be as well. I also think blue blood is a term for older more historical programs. LSU has the same number of titles as Texas but 3 out 4 came in the last 20 years and I would consider LSU and Clemson to be “new money” rather than traditional powers. Michigan and Penn st also deserve spots somewhere on this list but they are lacking in the trophy case as well.
  3. Good read... If you want to play for Alabama, you might not get your way when it comes to NIL money. According to OutKick, Nick Saban had no problems letting a top recruit and one of his own players go recently after they asked for over $1 million combined from the school. "Someone with one of the best corners in the nation (in high school) came to me and asked if we’d pay them $800,000 for the player to sign here. I told him he can find another place to play," Saban said, according to Baker High School coach Steve Normand. "I’m not paying a kid a bunch of NIL money before he earns it." Normand added that Saban feels the NCAA "needs more ways and means to control it because it’s getting out of hand." Saban later added that he lost 10 players, including a starter, to the portal already. "One of them wanted $500,000 and for us to get his girlfriend into law school at Alabama and pay for it. I showed him the door," Saban reportedly said. It's unknown who Saban was referring to. He did not mention names or schools, but it's possible he was talking about Javion Cohen, who transferred to Miami. Saban has been critical of NIL deals in the past but does support the concept. "I think a couple of things are of concern," Saban said in August. "We allow alumni through collectives to get involved in recruiting and other things. That’s always something we’ve always guarded against in college football. I think what kind of competitive balance are we able to create if we allow that to happen, which is not going to be great for fans. "The best competitive balance you can have is like in the NFL. They have rules to create competitive balance. Whether it’s salary cap, difficulty of schedule, where you draft, where you pick relative to your won-loss record. Those things are important I think in the interest of creating a lot of good matchups on a national basis."
  4. Bad new Right-Wing extremist . Paul Pelosi's attacker is talking. In A Chilling Interview With A Californian Radio Station, Paul Pelosi's Attacker Said He Was Sorry He Didn't Injure More People (yahoo.com)
  5. Some people hate Biden so much they have become deranged.
  6. Today
  7. And before anyone derails this thread, I’m trying to talk about Saban and Bama. If anyone wants to discuss A&M, take it to the A&M thread and bring proof or shut your punk mouths.
  8. What does A&M have to do with this? I’m addressing how Saban brags about NIL and how the reputation of Bama commands 7 figures for certain positions regardless if a player has played a down, then two years later is acting like paying players is beneath him. Look I’m all for the second stance. I do not think college players should be given this much before they even play a down. But Saban essentially bragged about Bryce and his NIL deal using it as a recruiting tool. Then changed his tune when he found out other schools might pay that much too.
  9. Do they just not have the kids or is it the district they are in?
  10. I was just referring to his comments on “before they earn it.” He talks about Bryce Young and implies that the qb position at Bama is the million dollar position, not that the player earned it:
  11. Calling it what it is. Still see spending by the people at great levels.
  12. I realize you don't care for truth but it hurts huh?
  13. I heard they had their man. Who knows what the delay in the announcement is. That admin has had some serious downfalls in the last couple of years. Read the other day where they have been sued in a civil lawsuit for ignoring bulling.
  14. This is what's up, it's Jan 29 2023 and Biden (Plugs) is the worst president in US history!
  15. 1) Its not a poll. Granted on the website the link doesnt work but.... "For more information on how the rankings are put together, please read our explainer on the Texas High School Footballl 6-Year Program Rankings." 2) Carthage has not had equal success- Aledo has made it to state one more time than Carthage 3) You compare Carthage to Aledo not Aledo to Carthage (usually you compare the lower ranked team to the higher, not vice versa)- Carthage has had similar success to Aledo 4) *Can agree 1 and 2- fify 5) Regardless of the competition that is extremely impressive!
  16. Nebraska? College football has a longer list. According to a poll conducted by Pick Six Previews, there are eight "blue blood" programs in college football. They are: Alabama Ohio State Oklahoma Notre Dame Nebraska Michigan USC Texas
  17. "Start at age 3-4" ? 3 year Olds playing football? Come on Man....
  18. The Aggie doesn’t get it. Which is why he denies they paid for a recruiting class last year
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