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  2. I get ND, but Baylor? Ohio State? They lost 2 games whereas Georgia lost one.
  3. I wish Timpson well, but it will take a miracle for them to beat Shiner. The SA team two years ago was the best out of this region in a while. Timpson is good but not nearly as good as that SA team. Shiner is as good or better than the Refugio team that beat SA.
  4. I had no doubt. You’re the best for doing all the number mashing! We appreciate it. Sometimes I’m hesitant to ask for them, kind of like last year’s against Canadian. Ignorance is bliss, lol! Anyway, thanks for the indulgence!
  5. I seem to remember when MV and Mineola played earlier this season the Tigers had 2 players suspended for the first half for ejections when they played the week before against Commerce…JS
  6. He doesn't need just a whole hell of a long time to put it on a dime and doesn't scare easy.
  7. Sulphur Springs is the best team in East Tx
  8. It’ll be a good game, but I think Michigan gets it done.
  9. Yes, I will be doing these games. Haven't gotten a chance yet.
  10. JAX must be really good because Tatum is usually solid and theyve had few weeks to get ready
  11. Oklahoma wins by 40 points and kicks onside kicks after every score.
  12. Celina's defense causing havoc is what I see happening. If Tennison has time, he can burn you passing and is a very good on design runs. A good defense will beat Gilmer, but you will have to handle Gilmer's speed the entire game. I believe that Celina will win this battle, but it should be one hell of a game!
  13. Oh they will be able to touch some guys, for sure. Just wearing down that Gilmer O-line and causing havoc for Tennison might be enough to cause a turnover or two. And the secondary for Celina ain't nothin' to sneeze at either......they can cover. Those short passes that Gilmer likes so much might get disrupted every now and then by some very active LB's. If it's a shoot-out......it won't be one of those high-scoring ones. Probably either low scoring or midranger game IMO.
  14. I’ll have to figure out where Cristobal is before I can predict this game.
  15. I'm looking forward to a much-needed culture change.
  16. ole' Jack Alvarez keeps on keeping on. (winning wherever he goes)
  17. Very good team. Took us to the cleaners to start the season. Lost to Bullard I believe.
  18. While it’s hard to argue that just wondering if anyones seen Marlin. Them some dudes.
  19. True, I haven't seen anyone other than the MV games. Waskom or Lorena might be better. I have no clue who will win what, but Brock puts up some impressive scoring differentials. Not here to argue for one team talking or not. I think I said MV was talking too. I was on sidelines, I heard and saw more extra action than the refs did and evidently they saw alot. When all of these teams are used to winning all year, and then find themselves losing, it will sure change attitudes and personalities quick. On the flip side, some kids are good winners and some aren't. Definitely not whole team either way.
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