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  2. AMERICANS: “Inflation is out of control! We can’t afford groceries! Can you help?” DEMOCRATS: “We can audit you.”
  3. Things happen - We'll see.... DeKalb definitely deserves to be picked #1.
  4. Their gonna be some, trust me. I do hope y'all make it out of it and keep healthy. I know it's going to be tough.
  5. Thats 356. What was the cutoff and they better hope they don't have a big 8th grade coming in next year
  6. That new offense y’all are running may be a game changer for y’all.
  7. Anywhere from 6-4 to 10-0. Harmony, Cooper, Pewitt, & DeKalb will all be tough games. I'll say 8-2 losing to Harmony and Cooper then winning District. Gotta stay healthy!!!
  8. I don’t know. This young team has potential. The schedule will only make them better.
  9. No. He was laughing all the way to the door
  10. You are curious as to the date, but not curious as to why Biden would suspend Trump's EO making it harder on poor people to get their medicine? Then Biden turns around and makes himself look like the one who helped folks get their insulin. You are right, it is a political stunt
  11. Meanwhile, democrats are putting money in Republican primaries to get Trump supporters to win because they think it will be easier to beat them in the general. It's going both ways.
  12. Today
  13. And those that support straight up Democracy support mob rule where the majority always get what they want even if it violates the rights of the minority. Let's be real though, the democrats you vote for want an oligarchy too. That's why there's a bunch of 70+ year old people in charge of the country right now!
  14. I know Sharp has gradually made the schedule tougher as Sabine improved but do you think, knowing he had a young team, he would have made this schedule if was staying at Sabine?
  15. In his defense I talk alot of BS on here as well
  16. Don't tussle with TASO! They are nice fellas and didn't have me removed from the track but twice last year. A new record low! They are simply the best.
  17. Curious as to why the date was set for after biden took office? Sounds fishy and a political stunt
  18. It doesn't necessarily spread just through sexual contact, but that is the primary means. Plus the spread is not asymptomatic, meaning there are lesions present when the spread occurs. Nasty mofos are doing it knowing they are contagious.
  19. So Barry is gone again? Sorry to quote my wife but "that didn't last long!"
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