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  2. That ole boy is prolly quadruple vaxed. Has burglar bars on the window of his third story window at his parents house. He has a tracking fob on him and both his service animals. Don't ask how I knows this.
  3. I went to the mail box with a big smile hoping for the magazine. Then smile quickly became a face of sheer terror. I got my Property Appraisal valuation in the mail.
  4. You will click on Drag Racing, and then realize there is no cars.
  5. Pretty soon, ESPN will have transam commentators cheering on transam pedo "athletes" .....
  6. Yep. With my smokin hot wife of almost 24 years. Tru storie!
  7. Today
  8. Someone redoing a sidewalk or some other renovations.
  9. You can get the same stuff at Academy much cheaper.
  10. Remember, they live among us and they vote, some of them multiple times. I would say they may have already reproduced, but I don’t think there’s enough tequila in Mexico to get a chick hammered enough to sleep with that kid.
  11. Yep, every single one. It’s been a fantastic summer for our boys. Even if we lose against Klein Cain in the first round tomorrow, it would be hard to be upset at it. They have played phenomenal the last 2 weeks. If we play remotely similar to this come the fall, man…would be a fun ride however long it goes.
  12. Yeah that pesky Constitution just keeps tripping them up.
  13. The guy that has orangebloods was tweeting to be on the look out for him to UT. He visited TAMU today, and is supposed to go to Ole Miss soon. Some of our former coaches are on the Ole Miss staff. 121 Tackles, 13.5 for loss, and 5.5 sacks. 1st Team All C-USA. He is listed as 6' 230lbs.
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