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  1. I only scratched the surface in my worry about the SP this year. Atrocious is the only word that comes to mind. We keep hearing Verlander and Framber will be back soon. JV wasn't that good last year and Framber is hit and miss. This is a loaded team MINUS starting and middle relievers. How can you not panic.........and I know how early it is. We are NOT going to win this division and I'm putting this in writing as of 4/12/2024. But it was one heck of a run
  2. Exactly !! If he comes up and hits .200 that is over double the production we can expect from Abreau or Singleton.
  3. He definitely did not look like he belonged at the Major League level. That was as bad a debut as I've seen in a long time.
  4. And i hope fans don't start riding Espada. He can't perform for the players. At least I can't really question his starters. He is pretty much stuck with his 1st baseman situation.
  5. Everybody was afraid of the middle pitching. But I don't think anybody expected it to be this bad. The hitting will eventually come around (not including Abreu in this prediction). Despite it being very early I don't have much hope for the SP or the middle relievers...........even the 3 closers have been shaky. You can't win without pitching. The $ spent on Abreu and Monterro is going to haunt us for years. But hey.......it ain't over and regardless you don't get rides like we have had more than once in a lifetime.
  6. Talk to us after you have been to 7 consecutive divisional finals. But the Rangers remind me of the 2016-17 Astros. They just look more talented than the league right now. We will see how long it lasts. Not going to argue they look to be the cream of the division
  7. It was a shrewd move that average fans can't comprehend
  8. I can't complain about Maldonado taking up a wasted roster spot this year so thus far my sights are set on Jon Singleton. I can't come up with a single reason why he made the roster.
  9. UH was done when Shead went down. Actually surprised they kept it as close as they did
  10. walks walks walks. And a wasted PH bat by Singleton. Will never understand their fascination with him
  11. It would make sense provided the schedule worked out with AHS or if played on a Thurs or Sat. No way the game could be played at PG Stadium. There just isn't any room for 1/3rd of the fans.
  12. No Snell......and I really can't blame them. You can't sign that kind of money & give an opt out year after the 1st season. But the Astros are in serious trouble. Their starting pitching is hurt and or coming back from down years. Very disappointing with the lineup they have.
  13. Yeah I have to agree. I knew what he meant right away. Sometimes you can read things and see something that isn't there. Happens to me all the time.
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