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  1. I hope you are. You gotta put on you big boy business pants and make that move (in my opinion)
  2. That was kinda my point. I dont believe Dusty will allow Maldonado to be expendable. I believe they see him as too valuable for to the pitchers. Maldy and McCullers have been so outspoken about ride or die with the Astros I don't believe that would go over with the fans. I tend to agree with you. This would definitely be a big offensive step forward. I just don't feel like the organization will demote Maldanado. I'm also holding out faint hope that Brantley could be back as a DH as a 1 year deal to test his health. Such a great guy you hate to see him go. I'm not a fan of leaning on McCormick or Meyers are permanent CFs either so I'd like to see something creative there.
  3. This would be an addition almost too good to be true. I don't see him yielding playoff time to Maldanado and splitting position time. I'd sure love the pick up, but it wouldn't make sense unless you plan to use him as your primary catcher......which would not be the case. IMO
  4. MAJOR upgrade in consistency and batting average. Probably comparable in defensive scooping ability. This is a great move by the Astros. Will definitely take the everyday job of Yuli. I still see a slight path to keeping Yuli at a much reduced price as a utility guy. He can play 1st and 3rd so if Bregman needs to slide to SS to cover Pena 3rd is covered. I doubt he is versatile enough though. I loved Diaz as a utility guy but way too many injuries to be reliable. I'd much rather extend guys than keep adding at this point.
  5. Was very happy with the Soph QB play. He was forced into service early and he will be a force the next 2 years. But will also say with confidence that if we don't lose the starting QB in the 2nd game of season this team is sitting at 10-1 and still playing. Not saying we would go any farther because of the defensive woes, but our receiving unit was too good to be a non factor in the majority of the games.
  6. Can't really feign surprise here. I thought T High could probably pull out a slight win at Grim but it is undeniable the downward trajectory they have been on for the past 4-5 weeks. False start penalties, the inability to get the ball in the hands of talented receivers, and at times the total breakdown of the defensive backfield was a recipe for disaster. I'm not sure I've ever seen such a regression from week to week. Truly a disappointing end to a once promising season. Congrats to Terrell. They played a better more disciplined game and deserved the win.
  7. Definitely expected he would opt out. I think the Astros will make him a good offer but it won't be the biggest. He is a gamble and I'm ok with him coming back but certainly not breaking the bank for him. If he is all about the biggest offer he will be gone. If he is all about having the best chance to win another ring he stays.
  8. Centerfield and 1st base are the needs. I'm not sure about Verlander. Want him back but SP is a strength. A good case can be made for extending Tucker, Pena, and some of the young pitchers who will take less money now and not have to wait years for good money. It is a tough call. Would love Brantley back but not sure where he would fit in as he has never wanted to be an everyday PH. Interesting decisions ahead. And I won't pretend to know what is best. But I know whichever way we go we still have a nice window for the next few years.
  9. Majority of the Astros fans had it correctly as Astros in 6.
  10. Yordan is an absolute beast. And Pena made Correa disappear quickly. This team still has a 3-4 year window to be one of the favorites. Let us enjoy it while we can. GO ASTROS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Trying not to jinx the Stros LOL Can guarantee you I haven't missed an inning all year. age and a bad back is a lethal combination !!
  12. Very disappointed in how Texas High is limping into the playoffs. 3 straight subpar games. Love the district championship but very concerned with the trajectory right now.
  13. I love the Astros living in everybody's heads that everything they do is cheating. Embrace the hate !!!!
  14. Well no matter what I'm not going to rag on the Astros. I'm quite happy to be competitive and in the run every year. I concur that I haven't agreed with much of anything Dusty has done for the last 2 seasons. He is there to dampen the fallout from the scandal. There is a reason he hasn't been extended. IMO this game turned when Verlander dropped the line drive (not an overly difficult play) and missed the double play he would have had. Cost him 3 runs. And somebody please tell the announcers to quit talking about the greatness of Altuve. He is standing so far off the plate his bat will barely even reach the middle of the plate. At some point he has to change something.
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