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  1. That isn't exactly true. You have to play your hand. You can't draft a QB high and sit on him for 2 years either. The reality is that Dak is here for another 2 years MINIMUM so you have to get one to groom. I'd say 4th-5th round. I'm not into scouting so you have to trust your talent evaluators. But this team can't spend a 1st thru 3rd for somebody to sit the bench for 2 or more years. It is what it is.
  2. Yes. You can't trade or cut Dak but you better get a QB in the middle rounds. No way he will play by 2nd year but you have to get somebody started. As long as the HC is there ain't nothing changing. And him calling plays ???? He can't manage the clock while doing absolutely nothing else. WTH is this gonna look like ?
  3. McCullers already having arm issues. Just what we don't need. I was kinda hoping we might sign Wacha since he lasted so long. Too late now
  4. The contracts of Zeke and Dak have hamstrung this franchise and there really is no way out. Add to that disaster the hiring of a has been/ never really was head coach and this is as far as this team is going in the near future. On the positive side of things......DirectTV hasn't had Fox in a good while so it has made the temptation to watch them even easier than normal.
  5. Still think they are gonna demote Maldonado ? I didn't think they would and I think it is a huge mistake. Keeping him is one thing. Making him the everyday catcher is gonna catch up with them. I love the guy and glad he is on the team. But if/when he goes down (Father Time always wins) we have nothing but prospects. That is not what you want with a top 3-4 pitching staff.
  6. if healthy this makes the entire lineup (minus catcher) lethal. there will be no soft spots Good signing at a good risk/reward price.
  7. Congrats and good wishes. Thanks for the memories. Would have loved to have him back but not at those numbers. Next man up (Brown)
  8. Got the best pitcher on the market. Rangers are paying big $ and long term contracts for a team that doesn't seem to be a player or 2 away. Be interesting to see how this play out. If deGrom has any durability issues this could really cripple the rebuilding process. If he stays healthy he is definitely a stud.
  9. I hope you are. You gotta put on you big boy business pants and make that move (in my opinion)
  10. That was kinda my point. I dont believe Dusty will allow Maldonado to be expendable. I believe they see him as too valuable for to the pitchers. Maldy and McCullers have been so outspoken about ride or die with the Astros I don't believe that would go over with the fans. I tend to agree with you. This would definitely be a big offensive step forward. I just don't feel like the organization will demote Maldanado. I'm also holding out faint hope that Brantley could be back as a DH as a 1 year deal to test his health. Such a great guy you hate to see him go. I'm not a fan of leaning on McCormick or Meyers are permanent CFs either so I'd like to see something creative there.
  11. This would be an addition almost too good to be true. I don't see him yielding playoff time to Maldanado and splitting position time. I'd sure love the pick up, but it wouldn't make sense unless you plan to use him as your primary catcher......which would not be the case. IMO
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