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  1. Wow.. Last game before All Star break and with your 2 best relievers at the ready in a 1 run game you bring in Montero who has given up more runs than any Astros reliever. Dusty Baker like move there. But gotta put all the blame on the offense in the last 2 games. Oh well. Still a good run up to the break.
  2. says the man in 2017 that said “trade the farm or we will lose our only chance" btw.....my wife says I've always been a pessimist
  3. What an unbelievable run they have been on after such a horrific start......even more impressive that it has been without their best "all-around" player Tucker. I'm as shocked as I've ever been with this turn around considering I do not like our SP situation at all. Still remains to be seen if the pitching holds out. Blanco has been heaven sent but he will hit the wall as all pitchers do in their first year. Young pitchers fade in the fall when they first hit the innings total. Seattle always scares me with their pitching but they just don't have the offense so that is a plus. The Rangers don't seem to be anywhere near hitting their magical season of last year when everything clicked. I'm in shock that we are in contention going into the All Star break.
  4. Seattle lead down to 2 games. No Tucker untll after the All-Star break. Who knows about Verlander. How did we get back in this ?????? I still don't see the starting pitching to stay here, but I didn't see this run coming either.
  5. I can't believe we have got back this close without Verlander and Tucker. I still believe SP will keep us from being a contender. Only a blockbluster trade could change that and we can't continue to deal what few good prospects we have left
  6. I agree. It certainly appears that Bagwell is being allowed to make GM decisions. Dana Brown needs to be given control or he needs to find himself a new home before his reputation is ruined. I am NOT a Bagwell fan. I have to mute the station on the nights he enters the booth with the announcers.
  7. Did you wave when the Astros drove by ?????? j/k. The board has been so dead. I don’t like our position either with the pitching and injuries
  8. Astros sweep Baltimore. Who could see that coming ?? There were 4 players on the field today that were playing at Triple A last week. Only 2 games under .500.
  9. Good Lord.......................Bloss goes out with shoulder discomfort in his 1st start. smh
  10. Astros are rolling the dice with a Hail Mary call up of Double AA phenom Jake Bloss who has been dominating in AA pitching only a year after being drafted. I like the move. See what you got and quit trying to fool yourselves with the JP Frances of the world. We will see how this goes. Got nothing to lose with almost every SP hurt.
  11. What an icon he is and will always be.
  12. All the injuries the Astros have avoided for 6-7 years are hitting all at once. I guess we have been lucky up to now. Still no excuse for the lackluster play, but it is evident this is not a Championship level team. Abreu is the new Maldonado and the total meltdown of Pressley have just sealed the fate as far as I'm concerned. Not going to beat a dead horse after the run we've been on but the take-it-for-granted approach of management neglecting the starting pitching this year was almost criminal. Gonna lose Bregman after this year (ehhhhh...not as big a deal as i thought) and almost certainly gonna lose Tucker at the end of next. The loss of Tucker will gut this team.
  13. This is really just surreal. The Front Office has lost the money so I guess you feel obligated to lose games too ? I just don't get it. Logic HAS to enter the equation at some point.........well...guess not
  14. I just don’t see it. Not with this starting rotation
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