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  1. Safety protocols have gutted the Astros so I'm reserving my outlook. But one thing I am 99% sure of is Straw is a liability offensively and defensively. He is fast but has none of the defensive instincts Marisnick had. The sooner ANYBODY is put in CF the better off we will be. And I never understood why the team supposedly missed RP Joe Smith last year and why anybody thought he would be a big boost this year out of the pen. A floating fastball thrown from a sidearm angle is just as easy to hit as a floating fastball thrown overhand. He is useless for anything except mop-up duty
  2. This was a great start. A statement series sweep against the team that won the division and ate their lunch last year. Get at least 1 win vs the Angels and it will be a fantastic kick off to the division race.
  3. Yup Whitley is right up there as the biggest let downs in Astros history. From the #2 MLB overall prospect to a longshot to ever reach the majors. What a letdown. Just 2 years ago him & Tucker were in the top 10 prospects.
  4. Astros resign catcher Jason Castro. I’m not a fan of this move and shows how the Astros have neglected the catcher position in the minors
  5. I agree. Everybody loves Jake. But you have to hit over .200 to be a regular starter in MLB But I for sure want him on the team. Just not as an everyday starter.
  6. In a shocking & very rewarding turn of events Brantley has signed a 2 year extension with the Astros !!!! What an exciting turn of events
  7. I didn't get that anywhere either. Not sure where that came from. Texas High was very good this year. But I was just saying I didn't see any way we could beat Carthage.
  8. Texas High could not have beaten Carthage. Period I don't know of anybody here that even would say that
  9. No doubt Crosby’s win over Huntsville in a dominant performance shows they are a legit contender to win it all. And I hope they take it. Definitely pull for whoever beats us
  10. On 12/11/2020 at 11:45 PM, Mavchamp said: 2. I was a little shocked at how THS struggled with Lake Creek in the first half. But the final score was about what I expected. Tigers are going to have their hands full with Crosby. But it's definitely winnable for them I'm not sure I'd call that much of a pick And I didn't pick this game for my team either. Our secondary was always our weakest point. I was very surprised we couldn't run at all when we needed to. I thought we had a 50:50 shot, but in reality Crosby was much better. It is hard
  11. Always easy to say after the game what you knew would happen
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