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  1. Completely agree. We had a very nice team. But the obvious weakest part was OL and WRs. That in NO WAY says they weren't good because they did get us to the 4th round. It was just the weakest part of the chain against upper tier teams. We had to play our absolute best game to play with Crosby. We weren't far off. Tip your hat to them. They are just a little better. Hope they win it all. Would rather lose to a State Champ than anybody else.
  2. Crosby wins 14-7 Congrats to both teams. Defenses dominated and Crosby converted some big 3rd and longs. That was the difference in the game
  3. 100% agree. Give me Springer over Correa all day long
  4. If that is true then I'd say Crosby will win .......you can't lose 4 starters and be effective in the 4th round. I don't have a close inside look into the kids as I did at one time so I'm just assuming the statement is true
  5. Obviously rooting for Texas High but trying to remain somewhat objective I have to give Crosby the favorite. In no way do I mean to infer we can't pull this off. Texas High had me concerned most of the year but looking back the start of the season (play a game off a week, and repeat again) didn't allow us to peak til much later. I think both of these districts were extremely top heavy. TBH I was expecting much more from Texas City & PNG. I had heard the chatter about PNG's big OL and have no idea how that was ever born. Texas High terrorized their QB. IMO this game could go either way. I've got nothing but respect for Crosby. They flat rolled us last year. Hoping for a good game and I think if we can start good and get to halftime about even we will be in good shape. Looking forward to a great game.
  6. I would have liked our chances at full strength. But down 2 best DLs, down #1 receiver, down starting LT, and losing Lamb at half I'm surprised it wasn't worse. Our OL is disappointing to say the least. And something I rarely say.....and it did NOT afffect the outcome of the game at all........the officiating was absolutely atrocious. Like I said, just an observation. It certainly didn't cost us the game. Never seen a penalty called when reviewing something else. And 3 absolutely horrible PI non-calls just jumped off the screen. KC outplayed us hands down. But the KC from the last 2 years would have stuck 40+ on us today
  7. I really haven't seen any Texas High home posters making predictions or singing our praises all year and I'm sure it won't start now. I personally don't know a lot about that district except that Crosby ran us over last year and did the same to Marshall this year. PNG obviously can score but at least on paper I like our defense to hold them to less than they regularly get. Who knows if that will happen or not. I learned a long time ago not to count anything out in high school football. Just excited to be in 3rd round and feel like we have a shot at another week. Hopefully we can stay balanced but run effectively like we have most of the year. Should be an exciting game. Can't wait
  8. This would be great if the Mavs can pull it off. After reading the SETX forums Marshall & Texas High were just considered speed bumps this round. Go Mavs !!!!!
  9. lol I remember that fondly. Highland Park was PO'd. We won coin toss and they kept claiming no East Texas venues had the capacity to handle their crowd. So we took them to Independence Stadium. They were not amused.
  10. You are very correct. The QB has been very good. But my point was they have really REALLY struggled in the passing game and it was trending down. I never blamed it on the QB. They have not had the break-away receivers they have had in the past and the OL has struggled to give him time. And they have struggled with dropped passes. But they came through big time tonight and won the game. Texas City stacked everybody inside and except for 1 play they completely shut the running game down. Texas High played a great game tonight.
  11. I did NOT see this coming. Could be a great sign or could be a bust. It all depends on health, but most signings do. Now just a backup catcher and RPs. Could use a CF or SS or could just pump the money into pitching.
  12. Of course I'm rooting for Texas High all the way. But i don't see any way. They will load the box and we have not proven ONCE this year we can throw effectively. Our passing game has regressed IMO every game this year. I hate to say it but I don't think this will be close.
  13. I think this would be a mistake. MP's lack of depth is their problem.
  14. Radio is saying Stewart had 306 yards rushing. It didn't seem that high
  15. We have NO.. repeat NO passing game. This will be a one and done if we get past this game
  16. Completely agree with the first statement. DON'T go over 5 years. He is gone. We have to accept that Of the 3 OFs I would trade McCormick. I like all 3, but Siri is a BIG boom or BIG bust. Roll the dice. I Like Myers a lot. He is a keeper.
  17. Agree. I want to say MP has a real chance but unfortunately penalties and turnovers seem to bite you guys almost every game. Best of luck though. I'm pulling hard for EVERYBODY is this district
  18. It is all good. I used poor wording and I didn't mean to insult your opinion. I just felt it was gambling the rest of the season to keep him out there.
  19. With all due respect....... I completely reject your response. My worry was him playing a meaningless 1/2 qt coming off an injury. The calf injury had not kept him from throwing the entire week even though he didn't play at Minnesota. He was injured practically all of last year, didn't play ANY preseason games, and came out fine in the opener vs TB. If you rely on playing a half qt with the defense playing prevent to "knock of the rust" that sounds desperate to me. Just try to imagine if he had gotten hurt for the season in a meaningless quarter trying to get "unrusty". The season would be lost and you would be calling for the coach's head. And yes....I watched the game.
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