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  1. 1 hour ago, DaveTV1 said:

    Watch the You Tube video, and you'll see all the evidence you need.  His father the bystander followed orders and then was just standing there as he stated in the video.  There was no reason to even confront him much less pepper spray him.  The cops were in the wrong for starting the altercation.  He only wanted to film what was happening.  

    Yep, very questionable on father. Would still be good to see entire situation, uninterrupted, for me to give a final opinion. But, he still resisted so pepper spray was reasonable. 

    Son/driver was legit according to what I saw/heard in that short video. Traffic stops are a detainment, so handcuffs can be applied depending on the officer's discretion & situation. 

    All traffic violations can get tickets. In Texas, there are only 3 traffic violations that you CANNOT be arrested for: regular speeding, open container, and texting while driving. 

    Once again, just my biased view of it. 

  2. 1 hour ago, AllGoodNamesRGone said:

    I might use that . I wonder what happened to all those old posters. Some mods I was curious about their status. 

    Yea, he's freshy alright 😂

    We've still got plenty of "old" posters on here. They haven't croaked yet. 😂

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  3. 23 minutes ago, JETT said:

    Seems to me the bystander was on the sidewalk with his phone and got sprayed SMH

    Yep...that's what it SEEMS. I said it was questionable. I'm not agreeing with it. We didn't see the whole incident. 

    Btw...when did the father get pepper sprayed? Meaning, when during the incident? 

  4. Like alot of articles & videos, this was a only a short snippet of the whole story. With that being said...

    The incident with the father is questionable. But, again we don't see or know the whole story. 

    The part with the driver/son...based on short clip shown, I can't disagree with it. Tinted windows, it's an officer safety issue. Most people don't realize that on a traffic stop, you are being detained by that officer. So follow lawful orders. 

    Pedestrians/Bystanders follow lawful orders and there's nothing to worry about. 

    Regarding statements about police power trips...yep, I've seen it happen sometimes. A FEW officers let the badge/gun go to their head and its intoxicating to them and they feed off of it and want more. It's sad & unfortunate. MOST officers don't and are good officers. 

    Just my biased opinion. 

  5. 21 minutes ago, Old49er60 said:

    They were answered in the thread, several multiple times. A for the emojis yes watching a 13 year old give emojis is fun. Seems like I was right when I said you went off unhinged. If a message board causes you these issues makes people wonder about just life. 

    No they weren't. If I have time today, and if I get bored, I'll dig them up from last week and show you. Prove that you're wrong. But if I did that, you'd still make excuses and run away. 

    If you want, I can also go back on all those posts that I "eye rolled" and make comments & observations. Now that I'm able to. 

    😂 Unhinged? 😂. Son, I haven't come close on smoaky to becoming unhinged. I promise ya, you don't wanna be around if I do either. 😉

    Run professor, run!! 

  6. 1 hour ago, JETT said:

    Lmao, someone get under your skin? Can't believe a message board gots you wanting to "whoop" a "libtard".... thats a damn shame, these days ppl don't fight much anymore, they packing so make sure its worth it ✌

    LOL...nope. Libtard was running his mouth and being a keyboard warrior. Had just wanted to meet up with him to "discuss" it like gentlemen. Would of been his choice on the whooping, lol 😁. Btw, I'm always packing too...are Libs? 😉

    Imo, we need more fights...like the old days. Just fist on fist. No weapons. It solved alot of "problems" back then 😂


  7. 3 hours ago, Old49er60 said:

    No it was you 100%, you didnt post for a very long time, only emojis then all of a sudden on about page 3 or 4 of a thread you asked a bunch of questions that had already been answered. Never seen a person just use emojis for over a month then bust out with "questions" that he had already put an emoji on the answers

    I was sentenced to Smoaky vacation (Shawshank) for 30 days for trying to whoop a Smoaky libtard. I would've commented on your asinine posts if I could have. Sounds like you really enjoyed the 🙄 I was giving you. 👍😁

    Wrong! I asked direct questions to things you HAD NOT answered. That's why I asked you to answer to them to begin with. But you got in a tizzy because I confronted you on them and then you made a comment that all i wanted to do was argue. 

    Then you decided to...🎶run, run, run, run away🎶   😂

    Run professor, run!! 

  8. 4 hours ago, Old49er60 said:

    You saved up stuff and then posted 20 items in some kind of rant. All of which had already been answered and you had even put your little emoji on them. You wanted to rehash them for some reason even after you knew they had been answered and you refused to post on them before. You want the answers for all you questions just  look back in the thread they are there. 

    Nah, you're thinking of someone else and another topic. You ran away when you were confronted. Run professor, run!! 

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  9. 12 minutes ago, Old49er60 said:

    I see you posted in an attempt to avoid this. So Powell  told them to file to lawsuit? Not sure where the meltdown is, you posted something and then ran and avoided because it was a very dumb post. 

    Hypocrisy much? 

    You ran from me last week when I called you out on some stuff. Then instead of answering, you said I was being argumentative. I played you at your own game and beat you and you didn't like it. Run professor, run!! 

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